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March 1, 2024


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  Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids from Velcro

Basic Cape with Collar for Queen/King
Vampire or Rock Star

(for 5 - 8 Year Olds)

Basic CapeMaterials:

43" X 34" piece each of fabric and lining ,
(see instructions for individual costumes),
chalk pencil for marking matching thread, pins, scissors, iron,
1 VELCRO® brand STICKY BACK® or SEW-ON coin,
sewing machine, hand-sewing needle,
15" strip of 3/8"-wide ribbon



Pin fabric to lining with right sides together and raw edges even. Make 2 marks on each short edge (the 34" side) of the fabric, placing marks 5-1/4" and 6-1/4" down from one long edge (the 43" side). (The narrow area above these markings will form the collar.) Stitch edges of the two fabrics together in 1/4" seams, leaving open the l" space between marks on each side for casing, and leaving a 5" opening along the lower long edge for turning. Turn right side out; press. Make two rows of stitching across the long side (top) of the cape at the 5-1/4" and 6-1/4" casing marks, to form casing for ribbon. Insert ribbon through casing, gathering cape along ribbon so ends of ribbon are even with ends of cape. Stitch across ends to secure ribbon and form collar above ribbon. Separate halves of STICKY BACK® coin. Attach hook half to right side of cape at one end over gathers. Attach loop half to wrong side of cape at other end over gathers.

Queen/King Cape

Additional Material:
craft glue,
satin ribbon

Make basic cape with collar from desired fabric. Hand-sew/glue sequins along all edges of cape. Tie ribbon in bow; hand stitch at front over gathers.

Vampire Costume
Vampire Cape

Additional Material:
4" X 42-1/2" piece of fusible black interfacing.

Make the basic cape using a silky sheer black fabric but leave long lower edge unstitched. Before inserting ribbon, fuse interfacing to collar portion of cape. Trim lower edge of cape into jagged points.

Looking for a complete Vampire Costume?

60's Rock Star Cape

Additional Material:
Craft Glue

Make a basic cape with collar using metallic fabric for outer fabric and contrasting satin for lining. Glue sequins to cape as desired.

Designed by Robin Tarnoff for Velcro USA Inc.

VELCRO® and other marks are owned by
Velcro Industries, B.V.
©2011 Velcro USA Inc.
Velcro U.S.A.

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