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July 20, 2024


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Technology/Finish Trademark and Brand Name Index

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  3XDRY® - Schoeller Textil USA's trademark for it multi- functional high-tech finish, which repels moisture on the outside and transports moisture quickly from the inside. 3XDRY® is highly breathable, less susceptible to soiling and dries very fast.
A.P.T. (Advanced Performance Textiles) - Developed by Texollini Inc., A.P.T. (Advanced Performance Textiles) family of knitted fabrics include proprietary constructed textiles to meet specific requirements. From yarn to finishes to the newest technologies, Texollini's relationships with creative yarn spinners, fiber suppliers, and advanced finishing technologists, as well as its superior in-house technicians, Texollini is a top choice for creating new performance and technical apparel fabrics. A.P.T. properties include: moisture management, antimicrobial nano-technology, water repellency, and properties including FR in multi-blends for military applications, as well as aloe/vitamin E treatments for medical uses. The collection is available in a variety of constructions including fleeces, meshes, and jerseys.
  ABMT Textile Australia - As home to MerinoEdge, and a recognized global leader in natural fiber circular knit manufacturing services, ABMT offers its diverse customer base of fashion retailers a hub for Research and Development, as well as a broad manufacturing resource for ABMT's Merino Wool, Organic Cotton, and Fashion Fabric programs for major global sports and outdoor brands. ABMT provides a limitless scope in circular knits including single jerseys, double knits, and jacquards, combined with the latest in dyeing and finishing capabilities.
  Adhesive Films Products - Adhesive Films, Inc. offers numerous heat-activated adhesives and seam tapes based on polyamide, polyester, polyolefin and polyurethane chemistries, all made in the USA. The products are available in film form, or supplied on rolls. These products are used to bond fabric, foam, foil, plastic film, wood, metal, plastics and many more. Adhesive Films services the following markets: Apparel, Automotive, Ballistics, Electronics, Filtration, Fire Gear, Footwear, Furniture Industrial Fabrics, Laminates, Medical, Military, Outdoor Apparel, Packaging, Performance Wear, Protective Wear, Rain Wear, and Tents.
  AEGIS® - Offered by Microban International, this is a durable moisture management system that improves the wicking properties and drying time of fabrics. Moisture is quickly wicked in all directions providing greater surface area coverage for rapid evaporation. The benefits of the AEGIS® goes beyond the ability help prevent the growth of stains and odors caused by bacteria, mold and mildew. This durable technology equals less time spent doing laundry, less detergent released into the environment and less water used.
  AeroFlate TM - This fabric construction is made of high tenacity polyester with an exceedingly dense weave to provide a dimensionally stable product. The highly engineered PVC wet coating is applied in multiple processes to provide long lasting color and fabric protection from UV-A and UV-B, and mildew/fungi. It takes the combination of elements to craft this highly engineered quality product. The PVC is formulated to provide increased durability by increasing abrasion, oil, and sea water resistance. The fabrication is easily weldable through high frequency hot air welding, has increased peel and shear strength, and can be easily cleaned using mild soap and water.
  Agiene™ - an innovative product developed and marketed by Anovotek LLC that utilizes the natural performance of silver to impart extended freshness & hygiene properties to textiles. Silver has long been recognized as one of nature's safest, best bacteria fighters. Combining nature's power with modern science and technology has resulted in this environmentally safe, effective treatment system for textile and polymer materials.
  Agion® Antimicrobial - Developed by Sciessent, Agion branded antimicrobial technology makes products cleaner and longer lasting with silver, copper and zinc, beneficial elements proven in use throughout history. Agion’s antimicrobial technology provides built-in protection by continuously resisting the growth of microbes. Agion Antimicrobial can be applied to virtually any material or surface. The technology operates at the surface of a product through the controlled release of elemental ions, which attack microbes and inhibit their growth in three different ways. Agion's zeolite carrier is mineral-based and allows for a "smart" release of the protection. The Agion element-based technologies suit various manufacturing and product requirements.
  AgUARDIAN® - Developed by Sommers Plastics, AgUARDIAN (pronounced A Guardian) is a silver ion-exchange antimirobial solution for polyurethane fabrics that is available in many designer colors and grains ideal for uses in contract upholstery. Introduced in 2007, AgUARDIAN won "Best of Neocon" gold for Healthcare Fabrics and also the "Nightingale Award" for Advancement in Healthcare, a first for a material of any kind. The product reduces bacteria and viruses on polyurethane by 99.9999%. AgUARDIAN is used in many end-use applications, such as protective lead X-ray aprons, table placemats, diaper bag linings, and odor-free Orthotic shoe inserts.
  Airskin - This comprehensive line of spacer fabrics have applications as temperature regulating comfort fabrics in the medical, seating, footwear, mattress, and high-end apparel markets. Based on a three layer fabric, Airskin provides a unique channel in its middle area that draws heat and moisture away from the body. With up to 20 times the air permeability compared to normal fabrics, this channel serves as a temperature-regulating medium, as well as offering additional cushion and support.
  AIRWEB - This innovative product represents an entirely new support technology for the mattress industry. Used for years in the construction business as an air layer, this unique substrate has been redesigned for the needs of the mattress industry. AIRWEB" provides a support layer that allows maximum airflow when added to the overall mattress construction. Based on a totally unique method of construction, AIRWEB" offers design and function. Rigidity and flex are all controlled by fiber diameter and design construction, which can be varied according to need. AIRWEB" is an affordable alternative to spacer fabrics, because it has a much simpler manufacturing method.
  Alandale Knitted Fabrics - As a subsidiary of Coville, Inc., Alandale Knitting Company utilizes state-of-the-art knitting equipment across its fabric operations to produce a broad array of circular knitted fabrics, which include jerseys, French terries, thermals, ribs, fleeces, and interlocks. Additional fabric production services include fabric development, design and sampling, contract knitting, and more. The company's fabrics can be found in underwear, activewear, and sportswear for the private label apparel market. Alandale also provides Berry Amendment certified protective and performance fabrics for military uniforms, as well as fire retardant, arc flash, high visibility, and ballistic fabrics for the personal protection market.
  Altopel F³ - This advanced Fluorine-Free green alternative in water-repellent technology. Textiles treated with F³ exhibit a high degree of durable water repellency. Using environmentally friendly chemistry, F³ provides a green alternative without sacrificing performance. This fluorocarbon-free aqueous product, based on a hydrophobe- fortified polymer and propriety additives, provides a high level of durable repellency. Altopel F³ products use a novel crosslinking system for promoting excellent laundering durability on a variety of fiber types and constructions.
  Amersil® - Amersil® is Venture Textiles' proprietary fire-retardant silicone coating, which provides tear-resistance characteristics when applied to the fabric, along with superior waterprofness and flame retardancy. This finish is cuurently being used as a protective coating in tents, sleeping bags, outerwear, and backpacks.
  Anso-tex® - Anso-tex® Nylon is a high-tenacity, textured nylon and registered trademark of Allied Signal Performance Fibers. It provides high strength and superior abrasion resistance, and dyes and prints bright clean colors for footwear, outerwear, accessories, soft sided luggage, duffle bags, computer bags, sports bags, and webbing.
  Aquabreath® - Developed by the Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI), this modified nylon fiber actively responds to the moisture of skin microclimate. It is intrinsically equipped with high hydrophilicity and moisture exhaustion function to quickly absorb and evaporate the sweat. The fabric demonstrates visual changes with the structure design and creates deformation called air chambers. AquaBreath® delivers quick-drying and high air permeability effects, providing coolness and comfort. Aquabreath® comprises 100% single modified Nylon. Unlike other products using polyester and other materials in the market to achieve the stretching and deformation effect, AquaBreath® uses single material, which is conducive to the next step of recycling after consumption.
  AquaFuse - Developed by CMF Global, Inc., the AquaFuse Piping System is a world-class green piping system. AquaFuse Piping System qualifies for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. Many AquaFuse projects and installations are to replace all the rusting metal components on the golf course that are wasting precious water. AquaFuse stops the leaks, conserves water, saves expenses, and improves the golf course’s playability. This High- Density Polyethylene (HDPE) high-performance proprietary piping system is a line of heat-fused components that provide a ZERO leakage rate with no breaks, comes with a service life of more than one hundred years, and is protected with a 25-year warranty.
  Armor Guys - A division of Graphene-One, Armor Guys is Graphene-One's manufacturing arm for developing KYORENE® graphene fibered products. Being a vertically integrated, Armor Guys sources the raw materials, upwinds its proprietary yarns, knits the liners, applies the coating, washes the gloves prior to packaging and provides a final inspection to ensure quality of the products. Because of this, Armor Guys products meet and exceed the most stringent quality standards, while doing so at the most competitive prices in the market.
  Arselon Flame Retardant Yarn - Developed by the state company Khimvolokno Svetlogorsk in the Republic of Belarus and exclusively distributed in North America by ICF Mercantile, LLC, Arselon is an aramid yarn with excellent physical properties. The low friction aramid yarn is chemically resistant to solvents and alkalis, and has a moisture-retention equal to cotton. Arselon has no drip/no melt qualities, and a working temperature of 250o330o C / 482o-626o F. The yarn is also more cost-effective than other aramid fibers, and can be used in a variety of applications for the industrial and home furnishings markets.
  Asher Fabric Concepts (AFC) Textiles - AFC differentiates itself from its competitors by offering proprietary textiles, and by continually updating and innovating every aspect of textile design and production. In the past 20 years, Asher has become known as a leader in innovation and quality in knitted textile fabrications, with and without spandex, as well as in creativity of print design and application. Some of the exquisite blended yarns used by ACF in the production of its high-end quality knitted fabrics include: angora, bamboo, cashmere, cotton, cupro, hemp, linen, metallics, Modal®, nylon, organic cotton, polyester, rayon, silk, Sorona®, space dyed, Supima®, Tencel®, viscose, and wool. AFC's knit constructions include: terry knits, jerseys, rib knits, stripes, thermals, meshes, and sweater knits.
  Avra™ - Developed by Eastman, Avra™ is a revolutionary fiber technology made with 100% post-consumer recycled PET. When Avra™ is incorporated into fabrics and activewear, it keeps waste plastics out of waterways, while showing a commitment toward a circular economy. In knit fabrics of similar construction and weight, Avra™'s performance fibers provide excellent drape and softness. Fabrics made with Avra™ start cool and help keep the body remain cool during a workout. With no additional chemistry needed, Avra™'s lightness, flexibility, and breathability provides performance that can be felt by the wearer.
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