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May 21, 2024


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Sustainable cotton

What is Sustainable Fashion? - Sustainable Fashion, also called eco-fashion and ethical fashion, involves the design and manufacturing of clothing, home furnishings and other textile products in a sustainable manner that takes into account any environmental and socio-economic impacts. The goal is a system that protects the environment, causing minimal to no harm, and promotes social responsibility and ethical treatment of workers.

Sustainable Fashion involves all stages of the product's life cycle from design; selection & production of raw materials; manufacturing;

dyeing/finishing; sewing/assembling; packaging/storing and transportation, and disposal. It may include the use of recycled materials and components; reuse of wastage; and, the careful use of natural resources, such as water, land, soil, plants and animals. From a socio-economic perspective, there is a responsibility to maintain ethical working conditions for workers in the field, the factory and the office, including complying with best practice methods and applicable codes of conduct.

The consumer also has responsibilities: to stay educated and maintain awareness of sustainability issues when making purchases; avoid short-term fads that drive fast fashion; properly caring for and repairing clothing to extend its life; and, recycling, repurposing and donating old garments. You can also let companies and manufacturers know that stainability is important to you, and join organizations that promote sustainability.


Learn terms such as carbon footprint, fast fashion, transparency, recycled & upcycling. Glossary Link

Read below about university research programs involving advances in sustainability, cutting edge textile products & technologies.

Find other recent and ongoing research articles here.

University of Georgia - Research Advances Sustainable Dyeing of Denim

University of Rochester - Research on Bio-Based Fabric Made from Living Algae

Cornel University - Upcycling Discarded Polyester Provides Fabric Coatings for New Fabrics



PGA Show Recap - Highlights of Sustainable Performance Fabrics.

Neolast™ - Celanese and UnderArmour announce the development of a more sustainable alternative to spandex/elastane stretch fabrics.


FABRICLINK NETWORK TOP 10 TEXTILE INNOVATION AWARDS - These awards recognize technical & sustainability advancements that advance performance or expand product applications. Review Award Winners Here


NEWS RELEASES - Read recent press releases on sustainable products & technologies, an learn what's new in apparel & textiles. Read the News




Learn what textile and apparel companies are doing to improve sustainability.

Be educated about the problems facing the textile industry & what is being done.

Learn about the various Eco-Certifications & Standards for textiles.


Do your part: stay educated and be aware of sustainability issues when making purchases; avoid short-term fads that drive fast fashion; properly care for and repair clothing to extend its life; repurpose and donate old garments. You can also join organizations that promote sustainability & environmental protection.

Helpful Hints & Connections:

How to be a Smart Shopper - Be educated; read labels, know who's making your clothes & what they're made of; avoid buying clothes you may only wear a couple of times.

10 Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer - Learn: What to look for in well-made clothes; How to sort, wash & dry items, Remove stains; and, hang & store clothes.

25 Environmental Organizations & Agencies
Get involved and sign up with one of the active notable environmental organizations currently working for green causes, including wildlife preservation, land conservation and climate change prevention.

Materials from public art display upcycled for Olympic tents Recycled materials from L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped, 1961–2021, a former public art installation, will be used to make shade structures and tents for the 2024 Olympics and Paralympic Games. Read more… This fabric recycling company was going to change fashion. Why did it suddenly go bankrupt? Renewcell created tech to turn old cotton clothing into pulp for new fabric. But shortly after opening its first large factory, it has already stopped operating. Read more…
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The US is auditing chemicals that make your rain jacket waterproof. Restrictions and full-out bans on the use of these chemicals are expected to follow the audit. Read more… Anthropologie collaborates with Cotton Inc. denim recycling program Anthropologie announced their collaboration with Cotton Incorporated’s Blue Jeans Go Green™ program: an initiative at the forefront of denim recycling. Read more…
11 Eco Upholstery Textiles Revolutionizing the Global Market The 11 textiles below are some of the greenest and smartest now available to the residential and contract furnishings market. Read more… Biodegradable pads from sisal to combat period poverty Researchers at Stanford University, in partnership with a Kenyan engineer, have developed a method to obtain high-quality, fluffy cellulose pulp out of sisal fibers to be used for pads. Read more…
Dole Makes Sustainability Sweeter by Turning Pineapple Waste Into Textiles Instead of animal hide, the vegan leather known as Piñatex is made from discarded pineapple leaves. Read more… These startups have a plan to end Shein’s fast-fashion dominance One way resale platforms like ThredUp and Vestiaire Collective entice consumers to shop with them is by highlighting how much more sustainable it is to buy used products rather than new ones. Read more…
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