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June 25, 2019


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Halloween Costume Closet

FabricLink, your educational resource for fabric, apparel, home furnishings and care, has created this Halloween Costume Closet to provide great ideas and resources for Halloween costumes and decorations.

You are also invited to visit FabricLink's Fabric Univeristy, the Brand Recognition, and our popular Stain Removal Guides.

*Costume Ideas & Decorations for Kids from Velcro USA Inc.
Directions for making some wonderfully easy costumes & decorations. Easy instructions...great costumes!!

Folkwear At Birch Street
Folkwear Patterns with timeless style to make your own clothes from the 20´s, 30´s, 40´s, 50´s, 60´s, 70´s, 80´s & Disco. Also, Romantic, Glamour, Asian/Oriental, prairie/Frontier, Old Europe, Americas, Caravan...and more! Pattern available: American Indian Collection; Asian/Oriental Collection; Caravn/Ethnic Collection; Childrens Collection; Olde Europe Collection; Pairie/Frontier Collection; Retro/Glamour Collection and Vintage/Romantic Collection.
The Historical Pattern Company
Dedicated to accuracy. Offers a wide variety of historical patterns, including Federal, Jacksonian, Civil War, Gilded Age, Edwardian, WWI through WWII clothing patterns for men, women and children.
Act One Costumes Etc
A costume supply shop for designers with the theatre in mind. Wide selectin of theatrical and period costumes and accessories for adults and children, including Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Medievil/Renaissance, Ethnic, Bibical, Capes, Cloaks, Coats, Beards, Mustaches, Sideburns, and Theatrical Makeup.
Sewing Central
Your source for historic patterns and fabrics. Sewing Central provides patterns for historic clothing dating from Middle Ages, Renaissance, Tudor, Elizabethan, Medievil, Non-Western European Cultures, Native American, Pioneer, Civil War, Bustle Era, 1920's.Medieval times and the Renaissance to pioneer patterns through the 1900s. Order on-line or via phone.
Halloween Fright Site
Online Family Fun. Find 100 easy-to-make costume ideas. Classics for little kids. From fairies & sunflowers to spaghetti and meatballs to a slime bucket! Provides pictured steps, and time required.

Over 200 Free Halloween costume ideas for kids.Free Costume Ideas and patterns for kids

Creepy Halloween Creatures Crafts
Try these free Halloween craft patterns and projects. Spook your friends and neighbors with these homemade witches, ghosts, scarecrows and other Halloween creatures.Fun Halloween craft ideas

Fun Halloween Craft Ideas for the Family
Try these Halloween craft ideas for Family Fun. Find a variety of Free Halloween themed ideas, such as costumes, ghosts, pumkins, spiders, coloring books and more.fun halloween craft ideas

The Costume Site
Great online Sources for Costume Materials, Accessories, Books, Etc. Shoes, hats, wigs, jewerly, masks, make-up and ready made costumes.
The Scream Team
The true costume & makeup enthusiast will find movie-quality foam latex masks and prosthetics. Easy-to-follow instructions to add make-up you can achieve the look you've only seen in films! The ultimate in scarewear!

Monster Makers One stop shop for all monster making needs, latex mask making kits, fangs and theatrical teeth making kits, and deluxe latex prop making kits. Supplies for the do-it-yourself monster maker; how-to books and videos; haunted house supplies and quality props.

Special Effect Supply
Started in 1993 to provide a source of hard to find information and materials to amateurs and professional special effects people, Special Effects Supply now provides help to haunted house operators, filmakers and artists. Great site if you're looking for blood/scares, skulls/bones, eyeballs, teeth/fangs or molds/casts. Books, videos, makeup, latex, mask kits, vacuum forming equipment, and new materials & how-to information.

Class Act Fabrics
Fabrics for couture sewing, re-enactor clothing, period appropriate garb, doll fashions and just nice clothes! halloween fabrics

Fright Catalog
Everything you need for a truly haunted house, Gothic Archway, Moss, Large Spider Web, Graystone Warap, & much more.

Monster Makers

One stop shop for all monster making needs, latex mask making kits, fangs and theatrical teeth making kits, and deluxe latex prop making kits. Supplies for the do-it-yourself monster maker; how-to books and videos; haunted house supplies and quality props.

All Dressed Up - Halloween
Make Halloween Unique! Rent a one-of-a-kind award winning theatrical quality costume. No two costume rentals are alike. Completely Wow everyone at the parties you attend. Also, special effects make up.. Csutom mascots

Clown Antics
Your one stop clown shop. Serving the Clown Community since 1988. Costumes, wigs, clown noses, ears, mini hats, magic tricks and instructions for making balloon dogs! Find it all here! Csutom mascots

Over 10,000 costumes and masks for kids and adults. Find masks, wigs and hats. Anime & Cosplay.

The American Cleaning Institute® invites you to keep germs away during the Halloween Season!
Trick or treat is a prime time to reinforce the importance of clean hands. It's a season filled with tempting treats like candy apples, cupcakes, popcorn balls and lots of candy. Take a few moments to talk to your children about the ways that they can scare away germs with good hygiene before trick or treating begins! To reinforce our handwashing messages, the American Cleaning Institute® has created a new handwashing flyer. The front of the flyer reminds you when you should wash your hands. The back has a coloring sheet. Download the flyer then color, scan and send your finished coloring sheet to nbock@cleaninginstitute.org so that they can add it to our art gallery.

Make sure your costume is flame resistant with reading this handy article from EMCSecurity.

Halloween SafetyResources
Great ideas and products to keep even the spookiest evening safe.

How To Carve a Pumpkin
Have fun with this Halloween tradition. Step by step instructions.

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