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July 20, 2024


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Visit the Halloween Costume Closet

Does it Growl? Or Quack? Maybe it might breathe fire...
Find the perfect match to your animal appetite and craft skill level with our featured costumes from Velcro USA!

We have found some other animal
resources to help you make this Halloween
the best ever! Looking for something more,
explore the entire Halloween Costume Closet,


Quick & Easy Animal Costumes

LadyBug Costume
Frog Costume

Puppy Costume

Bunny Costume
Owl Costume


These costumes require a bit of sewing but are still quite easy and so much fun to make, you can start a zoo!

Lion Costume

Duck Costume

Dinosaur Costume


Ready for a challenge? And a day to spare? Make this mythical animal come alive this Halloween

Dragon Costume

  More Animal Costume Resources  

What Kind of Animal do you want to be? Visit National Geographic Kids and you can learn all about your animal - by kind or by habitat, NGK can make your animal choice come alive with all the knowledge of it's habits.

Still Don't Know Your Animal Type? Take a quiz at The Wilderness Society to help you decide in only 8 questions.

What Kind of Sound Does Your Animal Make? Listen to sound clips courtesy of Sea World and then learn more about that animal as well.

More Animal Costumes from Kaboose Clownfish, Pig, Bear, Cat and an Octopus in these easy to make costumes.


ZYIA - Item 201 - BlackAll-Star Bra
For high-impact sports and long workouts, nothing beats the functionality and support of our All Star. The high-fit neckline lets you focus on your workout while the mesh panel keeps you cool. A wide, ventilated back panel and zippered racer back construction offer additional stay-in-place support and a touch of style that makes this bra worth wearing solo.

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ZYIA - Item 320 - Black Twist Tank
A stylish, and highly functional top, our twist tank features a twisting strap that layers well with all your sports bras while keeping you cool. Four-way stretch fabric and flat-serged interior seaming offer maximum comfort without chafing. The versatile design features a slightly scooped hemline and medium-high neckline, making it a go-to choice for any activity.

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