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June 21, 2024


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Knitted fabric is produced by a knitting process of intersecting loops of yarn in a horizontal (weft) direction or in a vertical (weft) direction. Therefore, all knitted fabrics can be divided into two primary classes—weft knits , and warp knits . Generally, warp knit fabrics tend to be stretchier in the width, while weft knit fabrics tend to have more spring back in both width and length.

A row of knitted loops is called a course. A column of loops is known as a wale. The number of courses and wales per inch or unit length, and the total number of loops per unit area are directly related to the fabric quality. The higher the number in each group, the better the fabric.

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ZYIA - Item 605 - Black Adjustable Mesh Bra
For high-impact sports and long workouts, nothing beats the functionality and support of our All Star. The high-fit neckline lets you focus on your workout while the mesh panel keeps you cool. A wide, ventilated back panel and zippered racer back construction offer additional stay-in-place support and a touch of style that makes this bra worth wearing solo.

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ZYIA - Item 916 - Black Twist Slouch Tank
Elegance meets comfort in this graceful, slouchy tank with a twisted surprise. You'll never tire of the velvety soft feel of its fabric or the flirty design of its open back. For hot and humid workouts—or late nights on the dance floor—nothing beats the effortless feel of this highly breathable top.

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