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April 13, 2024


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  Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids from Velcro

No-Sew Pirate Costume


Pirate CostumeMaterials:

½ yd black felt for hat
5” square white felt for skull and cross bones
¾ yd print fabric for head scarf or purchase scarf
1 yd print purple felt for vest
¼ yd gold fabric for vest detail
¼ yd green felt for belt
Fabric-tac® glue by Beacon
1 yd no-sew VELCRO® brand
Fabric Fusion (check package for application instructions)
Pajama bottom or sweatpants, white shirt or sweat shirt, eye patch

Optional:  plastic sword, gold earring




  1. Cut out 2 pieces (front & back) of black felt from hat pattern (see below)
  2. Cut out skull and crossbones in white felt and glue to front of hat
  3. Iron on VELCRO® brand Fabric Fusion to inside of front and hat pieces on sides as marked on pattern
  4. Tie scarf on head then add hat

Pirate Hat Pattern


  1. Cut a rectangle of purple felt 40” x 12”
  2. Fold in half so that dimensions are 20” x 12”
  3. Neck opening - Find center of fold and cut a slit about 6” wide.  Cut a neck-like shape at collar
  4. Cut an opening from the slit down the front from the fold to the bottom. This will be the front of vest
  5. Iron on VELCRO® brand Fabric Fusion – 8” lengths to front and back of each side of vest to create a closure.  Start Fabric Fusion from the bottom
  6. Cut out eight 2” x 2” squares of gold fabric and glue to each side of front of vest as appears on costume drawing


  1. Cut a piece of felt 3” x 24”
  2. Use three 4” pieces of VELCRO® brand Fabric Fusion for belt closure.  Iron on three loop pieces to one end of belt.  Iron on corresponding hook pieces of Fabric Fusion to other end of belt, for an adjustable closure.

Complete costume with plastic sword, sweat pants or pajama bottoms (cutting ragged edges on pant bottoms) and shirt or sweatshirt.  Add purchased eye patch.


Designed by Robin Tarnoff for Velcro USA Inc.

VELCRO® and other marks are owned by
Velcro Industries, B.V.
©2011 Velcro USA Inc.
Velcro U.S.A.

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