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January 28, 2023


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Gift Costume

Level: Average for Adults. No sewing required. Project requires ability to measure,
cut, glue and fuse shapes from foam core, felt and ribbon. A large number of "polka dot" circles make up the gift wrap decoration and many ribbon pieces top the costume off with a gala headpiece.

Completion Time: About three hours

So cute! Attention to detail makes this Gift Costume a special treat for girls of all ages. It comes with a special bow to complement any hairstyle. Match with purple leotard and tights

Gift CostumeMaterials:
1 inch Paper Fastener
2 sheets foam core, 20 inches X 20 inches
2 1/4 yards white, orange, or colored felt for gift wrapping
1/4 yard each turquoise and magenta felt
10 yard mega roll of turquoise wire ribbon, 2 1/2 inches width
1 five yard package Heat n' Bond® ultra Hold
Permanent fabric glue
3 1/2 feet of VELCRO® Brand Fabric Fusion fasteners
1 plastic headband
Turquoise thread
Purple leotard and tights



  1. Cut foam core into two 20 inch squares
  2. Cut two 25 inches squares of white/orange/colored felt
  3. Place foam core in the center on the 25 inches square of felt
  4. Wrap the foam core with felt, pulling it taut and glue excess to the back.
  5. Draw 64 1 5/8 inch circles onto paper side of Heat n' Bond® fusible web. Iron to each color of felt. Then, cut 21 circles of the magenta felt, 21 of purple felt, and 22 of turquoise felt. Cut and press the assorted circles of felt onto the white/orange/colored felt in a polka dot design.
  6. Measure and cut 4 pieces of wire ribbon 28 inches each long.
  7. To attach the ribbon to the gift: beginning on the wrong side of the back of each piece of wrapped gift (foam core). Glue 4 inches of one end of the ribbon (horizontally), in the center of the foam core at the back. Wrap around across the front of the gift, and glue the remaining 4 inches to the back of the board on the other side. Repeat for the vertical side of the gift, And, repeat this procedure for second square panel (foam core board) to make the back of the gift.
  8. Backing: cut two 19 inch squares of white or orange felt backed with Heat n’ Bond fusible material. To cover the back sides of each foam core board, iron the white or orange felt onto the wrong side of each foam core board, to completely cover the gift front and gift back board sections.


  1. Cut two 22 inch x 1 1/2 inch purple felt strips
  2. Waist straps: Cut two 17 inch x 1 1/2 inch strips of purple felt
  3. Shoulder Straps: Glue 4 inches of the 22 inches purple felt strip to the wrong side of top back foam core board piece. Iron on 12 inches of hook side of VELCRO® Brand Fabric Fusion fastener to the other end of the felt strap. Repeat for the second shoulder strap.
  4. Waist straps: Glue 4 inches of the 17 inches purple felt strip (at waist level) to the wrong side of the back foam core board piece.
  5. To Attach the Gift to Child: For the front of gift, place loop side of VELCRO® fastener on the wrong side of front of gift, 12 inches at the shoulder straps at each side, and 9 inches on each side for the waist


  1. Bow Hat: Cover a headband with ribbon. Sew or glue in place. Glue a piece of ribbon to cover the underside of the headband.
  2. Cut ten 20 inch pieces of wide wire ribbon. Glue each piece to form a 9 inch loop, allowing some overlap. 13. Poke a small hole in the center of each loop and attach them all together with a paper fastener.
  3. Arrange loops by fanning them out and shape the wire into loops.
  4. Glue the bow to the headband.

Designed by Robin Tarnoff for Velcro USA Inc.

VELCRO® and other marks are owned by
Velcro Industries, B.V.
©2011 Velcro USA Inc.
Velcro U.S.A.

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