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March 31, 2020


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  Innovative fabrics from Schoeller Switzerland
Innovative Fabrics from Scholler Switerland
Schoeller fabrics in a wide variety of weights and colors
Schoeller develops and produces award-winning, high tech, innovative functional wovens, knits and innovative textile technologies. The Swiss materials can be found in apparel for sport, bike, work, urban, lifestyle,
fashion, workwear, as well as bedding and upholstery. Founded in 1868, comfort and protection have been at the heart of developments that are inspired by the natural world.
Zoom 1Maria Bogner in the first soft-shell stretch ski pants. Photo credit: Bogner

Schoeller textiles are developed, produced, and finished using only high quality and ecologically safe materials in accordance with the best available practices and the Bluesign System in Sevelen, Switzerland.

The award-winning textiles can be found in such diverse applications as mountaineering pants, soft-shell jackets, equestrian and golf apparel, protective clothing, high-fashion and business apparel.

Pioneering new textile trends and many decades of know-how keeps Schoeller at the forefront of the industry.

Schoeller Soft-Shell Fabrics:

WB-400 – bonded, performance oriented, Wind/water resistant, Good breathability, Highly elastic

Benefits/Uses:  Year round perfect weather protection in jackets and pants for outdoor, leisure/casual wear with cozy/comfortable inside.

aeroshell – light/airy bonded soft-shell        

Benefits/Uses:  Highly breathable/air permeable jackets and trousers for highly aerobic activities (i.e. running/skiing). Extremely lightweight, highly elastic, water repellent, comfortable.

corkshell – combines the naturally insulating function of cork with the benefits of high-performance fabrics.        

Benefits/Uses:  Offers up to 50% higher thermal regulation and breathability in 2- and 4-way stretch.

dryskin – the performance double weave soft-shell

Benefits/Uses:  Functional, breathable jackets/pants for high-movement, high-tech outdoor sports. Wind/water repellent, permanent elasticity, abrasion-resistant, durable, fast-drying, comfortable.

naturetec – natural fibers such as wool, cotton, or linens in combination with synthetics to provide practical function and natural comfort. All wool is Tasmanian Merino wool and is museling-free.

Benefits/Uses:  Highly breathable/air permeable jackets and trousers for highly aerobic activities (i.e. running/skiing). Extremely lightweight, highly elastic, water repellent, comfortable.

Schoeller® - corkshell     
Credit: Schoeller Textil AG
naturetec with merino Schoeller® - naturetec with merino    
Credit: Schoeller Textil AG
Schoeller® - aeroshell   
Credit: Schoeller Textil AG

Schoeller Protection Fabrics (available in both stretch and non-stretch):

Keprotec® - maximum protection with Kevlar® in combination with functional fibers

Benefits/Uses: Abrasion/tear resistant, comfortable protective material or trim for motorcycle wear, workwear, active sportswear, gloves, and shoes.

dynatec – high-tensile durability

Benefits/Uses: Abrasion proof materil or trim for motorcycle wear, active sportswear, shoes, luggage, office seating, and urban wear. Available with c_change, the biomimicing, air permeable wind and waterproof membrane.

styltec – lifestyle and function combined

Benefits/Uses: Fashionable, luxurious, functional jackets and trousers for winter sports/outdoor/urban wear. Available with c_change for wind and waterproof qualities.

reflex – extensive reflection

Benefits/Uses:  Visible retro-reflective, durable, attractive trim material for motorcycle wear, workwear, sport and leisure wear, equestrian wear, accessories, shoes.

Ceraspace™ – protection fabric technology that offers a new dimension in abrasion and heat resistance.

Benefits/Uses:  Offers maximum protective properties for motorcycle wear, workwear, military apparel, footwear, or protective trim for ski and outdoor apparel.

Pyroshell™ – Combines permanent flame protection with polyamide and polyester fabrics for comfort and performance.

Benefits/Uses:  Ideal protection in case of possible contact with fire and sparks, but can also offers the familiar wearing-comfort in wearing synthetic functional fabrics. Breathability, tear-out force, abrasion resistance, lightness, elasticity or ease of care that make work infinitely more comfortable and will have a positive impact on performance capacity.

Fabric Test
Credit: Schoeller Textil AG
Schoeller® - reflex
Credit: Schoeller Textil AG
Keprotec Fabric
Credit: Schoeller Textil AG

Waterproof / BreathableFabrics (available in both stretch and non-stretch):

c-change - award winning biomimicing air-permeable water and windproof membrane

Benefits/Uses:  maintain a perfect interior climate while staying dry, thanks to a dynamic membrane that reacts to changing temps and moisture.

WB-formula – waterproof/windproof, breathable comfort with c_change membrane

Benefits/Uses:  Windproof/waterproof/breathable jackets, ski pants, active sports, and outdoor apparel with comfort and permanent elasticity.

prestige Schoeller® - prestige
Credit: Schoeller Textil AG

Double printed fabric
Credit: Schoeller Textil AG
c-change shoe fabric
Credit: Schoeller Textil AG

Schoeller Lifestyle Fabrics:

shape – Combine fashion and function

Benefits/Uses:  High fashion, sports, urban, industrial, lifestyle, office furnishings that are functional, natural looking, durable, protective, and easy-care.

spirit – uncompromising fabric design

Benefits/Uses:  Innovative combination of raw materials for fashionable pants/jackets, sportswear, shoes, accessories with functional properties

waterproofing up close Waterproof up close
Credit: Schoeller Textil AG

Schoeller plant
Credit: Schoeller Textil AG

Performance Stretch:

dynamic – Provides year-round comfort 

Benefits/Uses:  Comfortable base or trim material with durable, protective, abrasion proof properties for motorcycle wear, active sportswear, shoes, luggage, office seating, and urban wear

prestige – highest durability for riding

Benefits/Uses:  Comfortable, hard-wearing riding pants, casual wear, corporate wear with shape retentive, bi-elastic, and breathable properties.

fabric finishing at Schoeller mill
Credit: Schoeller Textil AG
Eschler with ceramic print
Credit: Schoeller Textil AG
F14 Equilimbrium Schoeller® - eschler e3
Credit: Schoeller Textil AG

Schoeller Knits:

e1 Absorption – Can be single or multi-layer knit structure using spun and textured yarns. This use of different yarns ensures that moisture is transferred from the first layer to the outer layer where it can evaporate.

Benefits/Uses:  : absorb and transport sweat without drying out the skin. Perfect for functional sports underwear, Ieisure or everyday workwear.

e2 Insulation – : absorb and transport sweat without drying out the skin. Perfect for functional sports underwear, Ieisure or everyday workwear. e2 Insulation- Climate-regulation that ideally supports the body's own temperature balance. Different fiber technologies enables different styles: from the sporty/rustic look to ultra-fine brushed microfibers. e2 textiles are available in different weights.

Benefits/Uses:  Perfectly balanced warmth. Suited for Mid-layers, sweatshirts.

e3 Protection – Very popular breathable and highly elastic knitwear offering excellent comfort and breathability with a wind and water-repellent finish.

Benefits/Uses:  perfect for outerwear for high-output sports.

e3+ Protection Plus – a modern membrane technology provides optimal protection in adverse conditions. The e3 range includes elastic and non-elastic qualities.

Benefits/Uses:  fashion/ski jackets and pants.

Almost all Schoeller fabrics are available with 3XDRY, NanoSphere, coldblack, ecorepel and/or energear technologies for specialized end uses. For in depth information on Schoeller Technologies please visit: http://www.schoeller-tech.com

Credit: Schoeller Textil AG
Fluro Free finishing production
Credit: Schoeller textil AG

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