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March 31, 2020


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What is Sustainable Fashion? Be Educated
  CHROMUCH: Color Without Compromise
CHROMUCH - Color without Compromise

 What is CHROMUCH?  

CHROMUCH brand fiber is solution-dyed fiber that reinvents color at the fiber level. Through ChromShield™ Technology, a new standard in sustainable color design becomes a reality. The CHROMUCH fiber uses absolutely no water for sustainable dyeing. CHROMUCH Recycled Fiber is made of recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.

As the most reliable and most eco-certified synthetic fiber available on the market, CHROMUCH fibers are rich in color, fade-resistant and earth-friendly. It's the best choice in developer-friendly performance textiles, so designers no longer need to compromise their creative vision or the planet for textile excellence.

ChromShield™ Technology is a new yarn structure, incorporating a shield layer that wraps around the core solution-dyed yarn. This 'shield' gives the fiber additional color, protection, and the ability to add functional technology.

ChromeShield Technology

CHROMUCH is "Color without Compromise."

Introducing chromuch now
Historically, it's been difficult to adopt solution-dyed fibers, due to higher MOQ (minimum order quantity), longer lead-times and unattainable pricing. CHROMUCH Now removes barriers by offering a turnkey program of trend-right colors that are in-stock, competitively priced with low MOQ. CHROMUCH Now puts developers' needs first, making solution-dye fiber adoption easier than ever before.

Conscious Performance Fibers + Trend-right Colors + Low MOQ = Design Made Easy

Chromuch - Color Without Compromise


  • ChromShield™ for vibrant, lasting color
    Our patented ChromShield™ Technology offers the deepest blacks, richest reds and the brightest blues, and protects its vibrant color wash after wash, hike after hike.
    Finally, a solution dyed fiber program that you can actually design with and adopt. CHROMUCH Now offers a selection of competitively priced colors that are always in-stock for better lead-times and low MOQ.
  • Water-Free Dyeing
    Solution-dyeing saves 3 gallons of water per yard of fabric, so designers no longer need to compromise their vision or the planet for textile excellence.
  • CHROMUCH Recycled Fiber
    CHROMUCH solution-dye fibers are not only waterless, they are made of recycled PET bottles and are GRS 4.0 certified. For every kilogram of CHROMUCH fiber, 77 plastic bottles are removed from our landfills and seas.
  • Performance On-Demand
    Patented ChromShield™ Technology allows for a variety of customizable functional options for developers. Whether your design demands quick-dry, antibacterial, UV blocking or heat-retention properties, you can have superior textile performance and be eco-conscious too.
  • Confidence & Conscious Design
    CHROMUCH is the most reliable and most eco-certified synthetic fiber available on the market. Bluesign, recycled PET, Higg Index Certified, Oeko Tex, ISO-14001 and more!

CHROMUCH Target Markets

  • Technical Sports Textiles
  • Apparel
  • Home Furnishings
  • Safety & Protective
  • Industrial
  • Medical

What Is Solution Dyeing?
Today, most synthetic yarns and fabrics are traditionally dyed by dipping in a dye bath. In this method, the dye/color only penetrates the outer surface of the yarn/fabric. Therefore, the color is prone to fading over time from exposure to sunlight, abrasion and washings. This traditional dyeing method requires a lot of water, results in chemical waste, and adds time and expense to the fiber production process.

The World Bank reports that traditional dyeing processes use 5.8 trillion liters of water annually. Dyeing 8,000 kg (8.8 tons) of fabric requires approximately 1.6 million liters (422,700 gallons) of water. It is also estimated that energy used during the dyeing process to heat, dry, and operate the dye/finishing machines is nearly the cost of the dyestuff itself.

In addition, the wastewater from dyeing textiles is considered to be the most polluting of all industries, based on its volume and composition. According to World Bank estimates, textile dyeing and finishing operations account for 17-20% of industrial water pollution. Annually, more than 50,000 tons of dyes are discharged in the form of liquid waste or sewage into our rivers and the sea.

As a comparison — In solution dyeing, the dye is added to the liquid fiber solution BEFORE the fibers are extruded. As a result, no additional water is used, energy requirements are greatly reduced, and pollution waste is minimized. Since the color is part of the initial liquid solution, this process permeates the color through the entire fiber. The color is therefore inherent, permanent, fade-resistant, and sustainable.

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For more information on CHROMUCH Fiber Solutions visit us at www.chromuch.com

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