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July 1, 2022


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The Metallic Yarn manufacturing process begins by using micro widths of metallic film rolled onto spools. The film is available in a variety of brilliant reflective colors and gold and silver. Supportive two-end single slit yarns (nylon or polyester) are then used as wrapping yarns with one end of the supporting yarn being wrapped clockwise and the other end being wrapped counterclockwise around the metallic yarn. The wrapped yarns are then wound onto cones. The finished metallic yarns can then be twisted with other fibers such as wool, nylon, cotton and synthetic blends to produce yarns which add novelty effects and sparkle to the finished fabrics. Thanks to a coating treatment, these yarns resist tarnishing. And although today’s metallic yarns are fairly durable, special care must be taken in the cleaning and ironing of these fabrics.

Metallic YarnMetallic Yarn


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