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December 7, 2022


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A separate knitted trim that is attached (either sewn or linked) to the edge of a sweater knit fabric to form a finished trim or edging. The separate trim utilizes a 1 X1 rib construction. However, in which the last few courses (rows of loops) on one side of the trim (about ½ inch) the construction is changed from a 1 X 1 rib to a plain stitch knit construction. The curled edge occurs on the plain stitch side of the trim, and stops curling when the construction changes from the plain stitch to the 1 X 1 rib construction. When the trim is linked or sewn to the edge of the knitted fabric that is to be trimmed, the rollover or curled edge of the trim creates a finished edging on the knitted fabric. This type of finished edge can be used in such areas of a garment as the front panels of a cardigan sweater.

curl edge trimCurl Edge Trim

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