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July 1, 2022


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Fabriclink Stain Guide

Stain Guide | Washable Fabrics | Pine Resin

Stain Guide for Washable Fabrics

PINE RESIN (Sap from Christmas Trees, wreathes)

Always read and follow the care instructions and any warnings on the garment label. And, follow the General Rules for washable fabric stain removal.

  • Saturate the area with a pretreatment stain remover. Wait several minutes for the product to penetrate. Rub the stain with a heavy-duty kiquid detergent. Launder immediately.
  • Rub with detergent paste and launder as usual.
  • For extra heavy stains lay the stain face down on folded absorbent paper towels and apply dry cleaning fluid to the back of the stain. Let dry, rinse, and proceed as above.
  • If color stain remains, treat as a "Dye Stain."



ZYIA - Item 882 - Black Light N Tight Hi-Rise Crop 17
Our most popular leggings. This high-performance design offers a firm compression that feels oh-so-supportive whether you plan to run a marathon or just run the day. The fitted design and high quality fabric contours to your shape & stay in place for a frictionless, effortlessly flattering look.

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ZYIA - Item 1197 - Dark Gray Peak Zipper Jogger (Long) 31
Inspired by classic athletic warm-up pants, these joggers offer the super-smooth feel and performance of our four-way stretch legging fabric, but in the casual cut of a jogger. The elastic cuffs have stylish vertical zippers to make it easy to take off without removing your shoes.

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