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May 21, 2024


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No-Sew Owl Costume

Skill Level: No experience necessary| Crafting Time: 2-3 hours


owl1 brown hoodie - pre-washed to remove sizing
48 inches VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics
11" x 18" craft foam (2mm thick):
      • 2 Brown (feathers and head)
      • 1 Cocoa (feathers)
      • 1 Royal Blue (feathers)

9" x 12" craft foam (2 mm thick):
      • 1 White (eyes and collar)
      • 1 Light Blue (feathers)
      • 1 Orange (feathers, tie, and beak)
      • 1 Yellow (feathers)
      • 1 Aqua (eyes and tie)
      • 1 Black (eyes)
Craft Foam Glue Patterns (included at end of these instructions)

Tools Needed:
Scissors - we recommend Westcott Brand Cutting Tools
Disappearing Ink Marking Pen for tracing patterns on craft foam

Project Tip:
Use color suggestions, below, or choose your favorite color scheme.


  1. Cut out printed patterns that follow these instructions
  2. Torso feathers – Determine color layout. There are 2 patterns with different feather counts. (This will make the feather sections much more interesting.) Alternate feather counts and trace around patterns with disappearing ink pen onto craft foam. You will need a total of 6 torso feather sections. Cut out each feather section.
  3. Wing feathers - Again, 2 patterns with different feather counts. Trace and then cut out 1 of each pattern from the bottom 3 colors of the torso feathers. This will give you a total of 6 feather sections (2 of each color) for one wing. Repeat for second wing.
  4. Following craft foam glue instructions, glue feather sections together for torso and wings. Start with the bottom section and overlapped each layer about 2".
  5. Round off corners of top feather section on wings and torso with scissors. Lay torso section on front of hoodie with top overlapping hoodie hat center by about 2". Draw approximate neckline on top section of torso feathers. Cut out neckline.
  6. Head — Trace pattern pieces on appropriate colors of craft foam and cut out. Following craft foam glue instructions, glue eye sections and beak to head. Use pattern for proper placement.
  7. Collar and Tie - Cut 2 - 3/4" x 12" pieces of white craft foam for under collar extensions and ¼" strips for tie stripes. Trace tie and collar pattern pieces on appropriate colors of craft foam and cut out. Glue tie stripes to tie base and trim extended edges. Glue tie to center of under collar. Glue top edge of collars to under collar. The collars will extend beyond the under collar. Use 3/4" pieces to extend the under collar.
  8. Attach 12" piece of hook to back of each wing, starting near the top. Apply 1" pieces of hook to top corners of each wing. Starting at shoulder seam, apply 12" of loop down center of sleeve. Attach wings to hoodie to determine placement for 1" loop pieces. These pieces will attach the top corners of the wings to the hoodie. Press loop pieces firmly to hoodie.
  9. On back of torso feathers, apply 2" pieces of hook to top corner edges. Apply a 10" piece of hook near the center of the torso. Attach coordinating loop pieces to top hook pieces. Carefully position torso feathers on hoodie. Press firmly to secure loop pieces to hoodie. Do the same with the center loop piece.
  10. Apply 1" pieces of hook to bottom corners on back of head. Try on the hoodie to determine best position of head. Attach loop pieces to hook pieces and position head on hoodie so it fall over the child’s forehead. Press firmly to secure loop pieces.
  11. Test fit collar. It should fit loosely around the hoodie neck. Overlap edges by 2" and trim. Apply 2" loop piece to underside of one collar end and hook to outside of the other.


Pirate pattern

owl feather pattern 2

Owl pattern 3

Owl Pattern 4



Designed by Kim Bell for Velcro USA Inc.


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Velcro Industries, B.V.
©2011 Velcro USA Inc.
Velcro U.S.A.

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