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January 28, 2021



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  Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids from Velcro

Ghost Costume


Ghost CostumeMaterials:

3-1/2 yards white cotton fabric (cape, 108 inches x 40 inches) (hood, 1/2 yard)
6 inches white VELCRO® brand Sew-On tape
1/2 yard of orange fabric to make bow tie
Black sweatpants, white sweatshirt
White thread, tape measure; scissors; pins; safety pin
Fabric glue
Spray-on glitter in crystalline
1 yard x 1/2 inch wide white ribbon for casing
White gloves; top hat and cane



1. Fold 3 yard fabric piece in half; cut length wise into a piece that measures 54 inches wide x 40 inches long
2. Glue or hem each end, leaving top and bottom edges raw.
3. Turn under 1 inch at top to form upper casing.
4. Attach safety pin to one end of ribbon; pull through casing so ribbon ends extend three inches past casing ends; stitch across casing ends to secure ribbon.
5. Cut 3-inch strip of VELCRO® brand Sew-On tape. Separate halves of tape. Sew or glue hook piece to right side of one ribbon end. Glue loop piece to wrong side of other ribbon end.
6. Cut lower end of cape in uneven points.
7. Try on cape to mark armholes about 11 inches down from casing edge or as desired. Remove cape and cut two vertical slits 7 inches long and about 46 inches apart. Glue under raw edges. Glue hemmed back edges of cape together about halfway down from top of cape.
8. Enlarge hood pattern to desired size. (see below) From 1/2 yard of fabric, cut 4 hood sections.<
Ghost Pattern9. Pin 2 hood sections together along curved back edge, with right sides facing and raw edges even. Stitch in 1/2 inch seam. Pin and stitch remaining hood sections in same manner to make lining. Pin hood to lining along front and neck edges, with right sides facing, raw edges even and seams aligned. Stitch in 1/2-inch seam, leaving 3-inch opening at center back. Trim seams and clip corners, turn right side out. Slip stitch opening closed.
10. Cut 3-inch piece of VELCRO® brand Sew-On tape. Separate halves of tape. Sew hook piece to left chin flap on outside of hood. Sew loop piece to right chin flap on inside of hood. Spray cape and hood lightly with glitter spray; let dry.
11. Tie orange fabric in bow; glue to center front of cape at neckline.
12. Dress child in sweat suit. Put on hood, then cape; fasten at neck. Put hat and gloves on child; hold cane as an accessory.weater or a tee shirt top.

How to Enlarge Pattern
Using a colored pencil and ruler, mark a grid on the pattern by connecting grid lines around the edges. On a sheet of paper, mark a grid of 1-inch squares or size given,
making the same number of squares as on the pattern. To do this, use graph paper with 1-inch squares. In each square, draw the same lines as in the corresponding square on the pattern. Another way to enlarge is by using a photocopier.



Designed by Robin Tarnoff for Velcro USA Inc.

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