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January 28, 2022


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  eVent -Specialty Chemicals and Functional Materials
eVent Fabrics waterproof technology. In 1999, eVent® fabrics revolutionized technical outerwear with the introduction of a 100% waterproof, windproof and air permeable membrane that helps active users stay dry and comfortable in the widest range of temperatures and conditions.
Wet vs. Dry

About eVent® fabrics and eVent membrane technology
In 1999, eVent® fabrics revolutionized technical outerwear with the introduction of a 100% waterproof, windproof and air permeable membrane that helps active users stay dry and comfortable in the widest range of temperatures and conditions. eVent fabrics—found in outdoor, winter sports, cycling, lifestyle and professional apparel, footwear and accessories—lets the sweat out through its patented Direct Venting membrane technology.


What is eVent® waterproof technology?
eVent® fabrics has set the standard for breathable performance in waterproof textiles with its patented air permeable ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane technology. With billions of microscopic pores that instantly vent body heat and moisture vapor (sweat), eVent's proprietary Direct Venting technology keeps users dry and comfortable by helping prevent the clammy, chilly buildup of sweat. So no matter what the adventure or weather, eVent helps keep users dry and comfortable and performing their best.

How does eVent® Direct Venting technology work?
eVent's Direct Venting technology is engineered to keep the wearer in the "dry zone," where temperature and humidity are kept in a steady state during physical exertion. Because eVent air permeable technology "lets the sweat out," it eliminates the cycle of overheating, moisture buildup and cooling that wearers can experience during physical activity.

The result is that eVent helps people enjoy more time outdoors, even when weather conditions are at their worst.
EVent Dry Zone


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How does eVent® Direct Venting technology differ from traditional waterproof/breathable fabrics?
eVent® Direct Venting technology creates a 'dry' system that allows eVent® fabrics to be fully breathable and waterproof the widest range of temperatures and conditions. Unlike other traditional waterproof/breathable fabrics, eVent technology does not use polyurethane (PU) in its membranes or laminates. PU systems must get 'wet' to work by absorbing body moisture, which is then pushed out by body heat. Instead, eVent Direct Venting technology efficiently and instantly lets body heat and sweat escape through the membrane's billions of microscopic pores.

eVent® Waterproof and Air Permeable Technologies
eVent fabrics' offers three waterproof and air permeable membrane products, available in a variety of laminate combinations and designed to meet the requirements of an array of outdoor activities.

eVent Waterproof DVstorm logo

eVent DVstorm series features:

  • This light, breathable membrane, when paired with a lightweight face fabric and 10-denier backer, creates an ultralight 3-layer laminate
  • Built for fast and light pursuits o Ideal for high output users in moderate weather conditions
  • Suitable for hikers, runners, cyclists, and backcountry adventurers
    • DVstorm membrane Specs:
      • Waterproofness – 10m Water Column
      • Breathability – 30,000 g/m2
      • Air Permeability – 0.2 cfm

eVent Waterproof DValpine logo

eVent DValpine series features:

  • DValpine is the most versatile membrane in the eVent fabrics collection, developed from eVent's first air permeable and fully waterproof membrane
  • DValpine balances all-weather protection and high-breathability
  • Ideal choice for mountaineering, backpacking, snowsports, and a broad range of outdoor pursuits
    • DValpine membrane Specs:
      • Waterproofness – 20m Water Column
      • Breathability – 20,000 g/m2
      • Air Permeability – 0.1 cfm

eVent Waterproof DVexpedition logo

eVent DVexpedition series features:

  • The ultimate and most durable waterproof membrane, built for activities that push the limits and for extreme weather conditions
  • Provides the greatest waterproof protection without sacrificing air permeability
  • Engineered for heavier weight face fabrics
  • Ideal for high altitude adventure, snow sports, hunting, and workwear
    • DVexpedition membrane Specs:
      • Waterproofness – 30m Water Column
      • Breathability – 10,000 g/m2
      • Air Permeability – 0.06 cfm


eVent® End Uses:
Apparel, Footwear, Accessories and Shelters


Contact information:

eVent® fabrics
8900 Sate Line Road, Suite 445
Leawood, Kansas 66206

Alison GibsonMarketing Specialist
Phone: (734) 788-6190
Email: alison.gibson@eventfabrics.com

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eVent fabrics

About eVent® fabrics and eVent membrane technology –


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