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May 23, 2022


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FabricLink's Top 10 Innovations for 2010

This annual award recognizes new textile based product technologies in the area of specialty fabrics and the development of significant improvements in design, construction or performance of existing products. The selection is made by the FabricLink Network, based on a review of new products currently in the marketplace within the specialty areas of technical sports textiles, industrial, medical, safety/protective and home furnishings. Innovation drives the specialty fabric market, and the FabricLink Network congratulates the products, designers, manufacturers and suppliers who are leading the way.


Corkshell™, developed by Schoeller Textil AG, is the new corkshell™ technology combines the outstanding natural features of cork with the functional features of high-performance fabrics. It is made of an FSC-certified cork granulate that is a by-product in the manufacture of wine corks. This natural granulate is pulverized and firmly anchored as a coating in a special process patented by Schoeller. Two options are available:

  • Two-layer fabric construction with a cork coating on the inside of the fabric.
  • Three-layer fabric construction with the cork coating in the middle.

All fabric constructions are water and wind repelling, highly breathable and are available in a 2-way and 4-way stretch.

Corkshell™ provides significantly higher thermal insulation than comparable conventional soft-shell products and, depending on the fabric structure, can provide up to 50% higher thermal insulation. Corkshell™ offers this level of thermal insulation, while also providing a high level of breathability. In addition, corkshell™ is bluesign® approved and therefore complies with the world's strictest standard for textiles.

Cork Hat by TilleyCork hat by Tilley


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Emana® is Rhodia's new polyamide 6.6-based intelligent yarn which incorporates a patented additive offering thermo-regulation properties and improving blood micro-circulation when in contact with the skin for more than six hours. Scientific studies conducted by an independent Brazilian laboratory demonstrate that, during exercise, sportswear manufactured with Emana improves body thermo-regulation when compared to other products and reduces the accumulation of lactic acid that leads to muscular fatigue. The studies also indicate enhanced comfort and promote cellulite reduction, due to an increase in skin elasticity. The intelligent properties of this yarn do not deteriorate after repeated washing. Benefiting from the key characteristics of polyamide, such as soft touch, easy care, resistance and elasticity, Emana® brings Rhodia's customers in the sportswear, lingerie and underwear markets extraordinary flexibility in terms of color and design. Emana® has been certified class I under the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, showing that no harmful substances are present in the product.

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Fire Stomp™

Fire Stomp™ is a new innovative line of FR knit products, developed and introduced by Texollini, the Long Beach, CA, circular knitter, known for their innovative fabric development capabilities. Within the Fire Stomp™ collection, there are a variety of constructions and fiber blends knitted in Texollini's exclusive Superfino® construction for first layer apparel. The Fire Stomp™ line of FR fabrics also utilize Glanzstoff's Viscont® FR filament rayon. Texollini's Fire Stomp™ newest fabrics feature a FR rayon /Lycra knit blend in two jersey constructions, a mesh and a plain knit version. The Collection also includes a "Quad blend" made of another proprietary development of FR modacrylic/wool/nylon,also available in bright union dyed colors for flight-deck or safety t-shirt and mid-weight t shirt applications. There are more mid-weight developments with Texollini's original wool Triblend innovation-some with LYCRA. All products are berry-compliant and suitable for military, industrial, and commercial FR applications.

Fire Stomp Fabrics

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GlenGuard® Hi-Vis Anti-Stat Fabrics

GlenGuard® Hi-Vis Anti-Stat Fabrics is a new product introduced into the Glen Raven Technical Fabrics' GlenGuard Hi-Vis® line. Jointly developed with Performance Textiles and William Barnet & Son, LLC, GlenGuard Hi-Vis Anti-Stat is a high visibility, flame resistant fabric for workers who, not only are required to wear clothing that meets ANSI 107, ASTM 1506 and NFPA 70-E standards, but also need static electricity protection to prevent possible ignition of flammable gases that may be present in the workplace. GlenGuard Hi-Vis Anti-Stat is an engineered fabric that prevents the buildup of static electricity through the use of carbon fiber technology developed by Barnet for clean room, hospital and industrial workwear applications. The carbon fiber core is wrapped in a polyester sheath that protects the carbon fiber from abrasion and damage during laundering without diminishing the static dissipation properties of the carbon fiber. The fabric is available in woven and mesh constructions.


GlenGuard Hi-Vis Safety Vest

Merino State's Bi-Component Fabrics

Merino State's Bi-Component Fabrics, manufactured by Australian textile house Charles Parsons & Co., are innovative Merino wool knitted fabrics with 'Merino Plus', which takes merino wool to the next level and makes inroads into marketplaces where Merino wool has't been used before. Merino State's technical Bi-Component Fabrics are made from innovative combinations of Merino with other fibers including organic cotton, Biophyl®, Tencel®, Modal® and High Filament Polyester. The company utilizes interesting knit fabric constructions to provide a range of versatile, multi-functional products for a variety of end-use applications such as cycling, women's athletic and hunting/outdoor. With the world's leading cycling and outdoor brands quickly adapting these specialty textiles, it won't be long before we see the bi-component products branch into more mainstream sports such as Golf and Tennis apparel. An exciting addition for 2013 will be the inclusion of licensed camo designs, as Merino State works closely with Realtree and Mossy Oak to develop specialty textiles for the hunting market.


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Polymer Cross Linked Aerogels

Polymer Cross Linked Aerogels: Developed by NASA's Glenn Research Centre, are mechanically strong, lightweight, robust mesoporous materials 100 times stronger than native aerogels at only double the density, derived by applying conformal polymer coatings on skeletal framework of aerogel. Aerogels are extremely low-density materials with excellent thermal and acoustic insulating properties based on their high porosity and small pore diameter. This makes them attractive as candidates for many aerospace and industrial applications from insulation for cryotanks and spacesuits to consumer appliances and construction. However, the main drawback that has prevented aerogels from having a broad commercial impact is their fragility. Nanoscopically, aerogels consist of a pearl necklace-like network of nanoparticles, whose weak points are the interparticle necks. Reinforcing the nanoparticle network, especially in the neck regions between particles, increases the strength of the particle framework with only a small weight penalty and slight decrease in mesoporosity in the structure. NASA's Glenn Research Center used the hydroxyl functionality on the surface of silica nanoparticles to react a commercial di-isocyanate oligomer conformally with the nanostructure. The resulting aerogels increased in density by only up to factor of 2.5 with a concomitant increase in strength by a factor of 100. Because this method utilized the native silanols on the surface of the nanoparticles, crosslinking chemistry was limited to only isocyanates. The NASA Glenn team has greatly expanded upon this by utilizing a co-reactant with the particle precursors to alter the nanoparticle surfaces with a variety of functional groups allowing cross-linking the nano-structure with nearly any type of polymer (including epoxy, polyimide, isocyanate, acrylate, and styrene), expanding the realm of applications beyond the limited operating range of isocyanate chemistry for insulation and other materials.



SafeTcrete, developed by EY Technologies, is a long flat fiber cut into shorter lengths that have been re-engineered with a proprietary coating process to create blast-proofing dispersion into a concrete matrix. The fibers in SafeTcrete system allow for good workability in the concrete paste and are coated to make them more rigid (stiffer) through the use of any of the polymeric systems based on ester or acrylate water based polymeric material systems. The rigidity achieved facilitates the dispersion of the fibers throughout the plastic concrete mix (and subsequently in the hardened concrete product) by preventing the fibers from balling up (agglomerating) in the slurry. The coating also makes the fibers resist water absorption by acting as a water resistant barrier that prevents water from the slurry from being absorbed by the fiber during mixing, but allows dispersion of the coated fiber bundles between the concrete placement and final set. It's believed the coating materials open up the fiber bundle filaments to permit the fibers to penetrate the interstices of the cement to form a strong bond between the cement and fiber.

In addition to the fibers being well dispersed through the concrete, silica fume is also evenly dispersed throughout the matrix by using special, inter-ground silica fume cement. The nano-sized silica fume particles significantly reduce the permeability of the concrete product, making it more resistant to corrosive agents and protecting steel reinforcement in the concrete.



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SEFAR® PowerMatrix

SEFAR® PowerMatrix, developed by Sefar AG, is a lightweight hybrid fabric consisting of polyester (PET) and metal monofiliments in warp and weft. The technology merges the two worlds of electronics and textiles, and combines their advantages. The electrically conductive metal wires in warp and weft are insulated by a thin polymer coating, which enables the metal wires to form a grid without electrical contacts between the wires. Any desired wiring structure can be established within PowerMatrix by selective removal of the varnish and point-wise connection of the wires. The connections are encapsulated with epoxy or silicon resins. Electrical components can be mounted and interconnected using the same method. Using this technology, SEFAR offers custom-made LED (light emitting diode) panels on the fabric.

Other applications of SEFAR PowerMatrix are for sensing purposes. For example, it makes possible the world's first entirely fabric temperature sensor. No additional components are necessary for temperature measurement----the fabric itself is the sensor. The sensor can measure a temperature range of -10 to +100 degree C with an accuracy of + or -1.0 degree C. PowerMatrix can provide both single and multiple sensor elements over larger surfaces through an area-wide grid of sensors. SEFAR PowerMatrix is designed for heating purposes, temperature measurement, flow measurement and elongation measurment for automotive, filter, industrial and security applications.


Sefar PowerMatrixSefar PowerMatrix


VELCRO® Brand Peel-Away™ Pots

VELCRO® Brand Peel-Away™ Pots, developed by Velcro Industries and available exclusively from Gardener's Supply Company, gives gardeners three ways to experience transplant success: 1) The porous VELCRO® Brand fabric lining air-prunes roots, creating a dense, healthy root system while preventing spiraling---no more stressed, "pot bound" seedlings. 2) The self-watering tray, included in the Peel Awayâ„¢ kits, keeps soil optimally moist. 3) The peel-open sides minimize root disturbance for a smooth transition to a larger container or the garden.

The new product is made from washable, reusable fabric that promotes healthy root growth. At planting or repotting time, the sides of each pot peel open, leading to an earlier, bigger harvest. VELCRO® Brand seeding pots performed well in raised bed test gardens. Tomatoes started in Peel Away™ Pots bore more fruit and had thicker stems than those started in traditional, plastic pots.

Available in two sizes and two colors (red and brown), VELCRO® Brand Peel Away™ Pots are sold as a kit that includes pots and a self-watering tray, or in sets of pots only. The 4-inch pots are ideal for tomato, pepper and eggplant seedlings, while the 2-inch pots provide all the benefits of the larger pots, in a size just right for starting seeds.

Velcro Peel Away Pots

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Viscont FR®

Viscont FR®, "Comfort in Protection": is the world's only FR filament rayon, manufactured by Glanzstoff Industries, Bohemia. Based on high tenacity technology, Viscont FR® provides the fire resistance, non- melt performance, comfort, moisture management, abrasion resistance and strength never before been available in 100% FR rayon. The filament also contains outstanding technical characteristics for applications in military, safety apparel, industrial, narrow fabrics and home furnishings markets. Filament sizes range from110 dtex up to 2440 dtex. A new patent pending 100% HT FR filament Hybrid yarn was introduced in November 2012 to reduce hot air shrinkage at 500°F. Viscont FR® is Berry compliant and is exclusively distributed in North America by ICF Mercantile, LLC.

Glanzstoff Industries, with three production sites in the Czech Republic, Italy, and Luxembourg, combined with its worldwide distribution network, is a leader in the production and processing of high-tenacity viscose filament yarns for technical and textile applications. Besides viscose, synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon and aramid are converted by means of the latest technology. Glanzstoff Industries is an important system supplier and dependable partner in vertical integration for a variety of yarn/textile products and finishing possibilities.

Viscont FR

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The most versatile of all workout clothing, our brilliant performance legging reigns supreme. The high, structured waistband comes right to your bellybutton and won't dig, pinch, or tug as you move. Flat-serged seams inside and out— plus 25% Spandex content—provide the wear-all-day comfort you demand from a quality legging.

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ZYIA - Item 1529 - Men's Black Track Shorts - Long
We designed these track shorts to be unlined, for the athlete that likes to keep his options open. We also designed them to last, with features like double top-stitched hems, gasket-finished zippers. There are also 4 generous pockets & made with anti-chafe seams, just a hint of stretch and plenty of wicking performance.

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