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May 23, 2022


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Fabric Care Center | Storing Garments | Storing Garments on Hangers

Storing Garments


Select the appropriate hanger based on the style and weight of the garment, as follows:

  • Plastic Tubular Hangers provide minimal support for tightly woven lightweight shirts and blouses.
  • Padded, Shaped, Suit Hangers are for sheer fabric blouses, dresses, jackets, suits, and tailored garments.
  • Traditional hangers with an enlarged, rounded, horizontal bar are appropriate for folded slacks or pants.
  • Knitted garments should be folded and never hung. Hanging can cause the garment to stretch out of shape.
  • Always use fabric support straps or loops, and when necessary sew additional straps to garments, to reduce stress. These straps help to distribute the garment weight and minimize the distortion of the garment in areas, such as the neckline.
  • Hang slacks or pants from the cuff or hem, or fold over the rounded horizontal bar of a pant hanger. This type of hanger will prevent the pants from developing crease at the thigh.
  • Avoid wire hangers, unless they are covered. Wire hangers can rust and stain fabric, and the metal edges can snag the fabric.
  • Provide enough space between hanging garments to allow the garment to hang naturally, and air to flow around the garment. Allowing space also prevents wrinkles and garment distortion.
  • Use garment fasteners at the neckline of a dress or blouse/shirt, and at the waistline of skirts and slacks to keep them positioned well on the hanger.
  • Make sure the storage area is clean. The storage area should undergo a thorough cleaning annually (i.e. vacuuming, dusting, airing-out, etc.).
  • Potpourri and sachets can provide a pleasant odor in a small the storage area. However, to prevent spots and stains, avoid any direct contact between these materials and the stored garments.

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