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July 20, 2024


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calm colorsCALM

Tranquility at its peak performance is the basis for this particular trend, as the growth in soft sports, especially the yoga market reaches new heights. Gone is the classic basics, replaced instead by sophisticated compositions and innovative ingredients combined with a stronger sense of style, yet still evoking a calmness that befits the mood. Pulling from the high performance sector, soft sports is getting a makeover from its base layer intimates up, is slightly more decorative than its predecessors, CALM evokes just what it says but with added detail and enhanced performance.

Fabrics are compact and light ranging from a luxury cotton touch through the inclusion of NILIT® ARAFELLE and NILIT® SOFTEX , they almost have a semi dull polished feel about them. Natural inspired striations and melange aspects feature from working with NILIT® DUOMIX and NILIT® TRIOMIX , teamed with NILIT® AQUARIUS for high level performance on the moisture management front. Despite the tranquil spirit of this trend it is actually sophisticated in construction as well as having natural metal nuances for optical and wellbeing aspects.

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ZYIA - Item 793 - Black Brilliant Hi-Rise Leggings 28
The most versatile of all workout clothing, our brilliant performance legging reigns supreme. The high, structured waistband comes right to your bellybutton and won't dig, pinch, or tug as you move. Flat-serged seams inside and out— plus 25% Spandex content—provide the wear-all-day comfort you demand from a quality legging.

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ZYIA - Item 320 - Black Twist Tank
A stylish, and highly functional top, our twist tank features a twisting strap that layers well with all your sports bras while keeping you cool. Four-way stretch fabric and flat-serged interior seaming offer maximum comfort without chafing. The versatile design features a slightly scooped hemline and medium-high neckline, making it a go-to choice for any activity.

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