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July 20, 2024


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Sensil autumn-winter Trendbook from Nilit Fibers

Autumn/Winter 20-21 trends take us on a journey of discovery as Sensil® Nylon 6.6 adds performance and style to fabrics ranging from the lightest, softest knits to the most resilient denims, meeting consumer needs from physical to emotional, embracing health and happiness, and allowing them to look great, feel amazing, and get more from their apparel.

Our six fabric trends form the subtext of:

PARITY inspires people to approach their lives in a more holistic way, finding the balance between work and leisure, online and offline, activity and rest, through a simple, laid-back and natural mood.

DEXTROUS is a tough and decisive approach to enhancing wearer performance and overall experience as men and women go about their insatiable quest to achieve personal bests.

STIMULATE uses luminosity to provide newness and excitement to entice consumers to buy amid the overwhelming sameness of mainstream global fashion.

FASCINATE addresses the need to take a break from our hyper-connected, digital world and use our senses to reconnect with our surroundings and our humanity.

IDENTITY pays homage to the diverse and rich cultures of the world and honoring and respecting the past while acknowledging each of our unique cultural identity and embracing a growing commitment to equality and eco-consciousness.

DARING empowers us to abandon silos and push what we are good at to new areas, embracing stark contrasts and seeking multi-functionality, sharing of ideas, and working together.

Important attributes for this season include:

Multi-functionality — Garments with more flexibility continue to dominate, from crossover apparel through to high-level performance, antibacterial and anti-odor properties. The pursuit of happiness and wellbeing continues to drive the market, and customers respond well to brands that truly understand their desire for versatile, quality products.

Comfort — Hand-feel is every thing, and combined with a bolder use of colors, fabrics reach a new level of tactile and visual excitement.

Efficiency — "I want it now" is the rule, not the exception in our "insta-everything" world, and brands are responding in a savvy way with smaller, more frequent drops and shorter development cycles.

Conscious Consumerism — Consumers are thinking about the social and environmental impact of their purchases, requiring greater transparency about the composition of fabrics and where garments are made, causing a shift from a supply chain to a demand chain mentality. Long-lasting fabric is vital to lengthening the life cycle of a garment to reduce the ecological impact and increase the resell value in the circular economy.

Consumer feedback indicates overwhelming sameness due to the globalization of brands. From Shanghai to New York, this "sameness" is giving rise to fatigue. Consumers are bored with the lack of differentiation. There is a need for customiza- tion, enhanced performance, drops of limited quantities coming through to entice the consumer. Brands are only just starting to discover how to pique their interest with the extraordinary tactility and performance of Sensil® yarns.

Now is the time to inject a renewed spirit of creativity combined with high-level functionality into your Autumn/ Winter 20-21 collections by incorporating fabrics that have the extraordinary tactility and performance of Sensil® yarns.

Explore a TREND by clicking on it's image below. Visit NILIT®'s info page and learn about all of their performance fibers.



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ZYIA - Item 1215 - Black Cammo Havana Tank
Incredibly lightweight and breathable, our Havana tanks still carry a remarkable amount of attitude. The four-way stretch fabric & superior sweat wicking highly breathable design is paired with a supremely stylish camo pattern. Tiny stripes of mesh ventilation offer enhanced breathability and evaporate performance.

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