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Sustainable Fashion Styles You Should Know About Sustainable Fashion. You have probably heard of it, seen commercials for it on the television or even ads on your phone. But what exactly does Sustainable Fashion stand for? Read more…
WILL INFLATION DRIVE CONSUMERS TO MAKE MORE SUSTAINABLE PURCHASES? To reduce spending, some of the most popular consumer actions center around reusability—be it using a water bottle or prioritizing versatile clothing. Read more…
Reebok introduces its first adaptive shoes Reebok, teamed with Zappos Adaptive, launched a sneaker collection specifically designed to empower people with disabilities. Read more…
How lack of information is a barrier to sustainable fashion purchases The study shows that a lack of information is cited as the reason for not buying environmentally responsible clothing byr 40% of respondents in France and 49% of those in the US. Read more…
Self-powered smart pillow tracks sleep This smart pillow could have uses beyond tracking sleep, the researchers say, such as to monitor patients with diseases that affect the movement of the head, and it could be adapted to warn about a user at risk of falling out of bed. Read more…
You call that a textile? A textile is typically thought to be a knit, woven or nonwoven material that can be cut and sewn or welded. But, what if it’s grown from fungi and is biodegrades in a short time? Does bioengineered leather count, or how about a film? Read more…
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