Sustainability – Do Your Part! Get inspired to write your own sustainability story!
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Sustainability – Do Your Part

Get inspired to write your own sustainability story!

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Be a Smart Shopper

Recognize Quality, Value & How to Take Care of your Clothes.

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Textile Dictionaries & Glossaries

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All Knit Fabrics are Not The Same

There are more than two dozen types of knit fabrics, with many different uses.

Expandable shoes for children aim to cut landfill waste Eco-shoe brand gets £250,000 grant from sustainability fund to perfect design – with soles the trickiest part - extending the sole. Read more…
Haute Couture + Upcycled Textiles Come Together in the FLOW Collection he handmade series brings together flowing design techniques from haute couture and upcycled textiles from the design industry to make something new. Read more…
Circular fashion: Exciting to talk about, tough to implement If fashion wants to be circular, it needs to master textile recycling at scale to account for goods that can’t be resold. Hurdles stand in the way, but some solutions are on the horizon. Read more…
5 Unlikely Materials That Are Innovating Garment Textiles Here are some of the most exciting, unlikely materials that are revolutionising garment textiles. Read more…
FRANCE'S CARBIOS STARTS INDUSTRIAL GROWTH WITH ENZYMATIC RECYCLING This world-first enzymatic technology converts PET (the dominant plastic in bottles, trays and polyester textiles) into its basic components, which can then be used to make 100 percent recycled and 100 percent recyclable PET, without loss of quality. Read more…
Myth Buster: Smart Apparel – Why Is It Still A Carrel? There are various myths and misconceptions surrounding the technology of smart garments which this article intends to bust. Read more…
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