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April 14, 2021

Holiday Stain Guide
CLOTHES SMART ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND THE WEATHER OR YOUR EMOTIONS Imagine if your clothes could respond to certain stimuli? Imagine fabrics that were smart enough to know when it’s cold or hot outside, or interactive enough to be able to respond to your actions? The possibilities for smart fabrics are literally endless. Read more… 8 Crochet Patterns for Roses It is always fun to make crochet flowers and crochet roses are the best flowers of all. Celebrate someone special with a crochet rose today—especially if that someone special is yourself! Read more…
Pierre Cardin, father of fashion branding, dies at 98 French couturier Pierre Cardin made his name by selling designer clothes to the masses, and his fortune by being the first to exploit that name as a brand for selling everything from cars to perfume. Read more… Tom Brady uses clothes to help him sleep better and recover faster after games Brady wears Under Armour Recover clothing collection that includes sleepwear, sportswear, and even outerwear that's designed to help you bounce back faster. Read more…
An Expert Shares the 5 Most Soothing Colors to Wear When Stressed Pantone Color Institute's Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman, suggested five soothing colors to wear when you're stressed. Read more… FASHION’S ROI: THE EXPECTED RESALE VALUE OF EVERYTHING IN YOUR CLOSET We decided to consult the resale experts to figure out what return rate can actually be expected depending on what category of items you are dealing with. Here’s everything you need to know. Read more…
5 Tips To Ditch Fast Fashion And Cultivate A Sustainable Closet There are ways to shop smarter and to curate a more eco-and ethically conscious closet. Here are some recommendations. Read more… DIY simple-sew Easter bunny egg cosies These adorable bunnies are quick to whip up. All you need is some felt, thread and ribbon. This is a great little project if you’re looking for craft ideas to keep little fingers busy. Read more…
6 Colors Everyone Will Wear This Spring, According to a Pantone Expert Six Pantone colors (including Pantone's color of the year) that you can expect to see everywhere this spring. Read more… US FIRM ORTHOLITE DEVELOPS NEW THERMAL INSOLE TECH TO KEEP FEET WARM OrthoLite has developed a new thermal insole technology, setting a new standard in cold-weather footwear protection. This means feet will stay warmer, be more comfortable and perform better in cold weather. Read more…

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