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August 10, 2020

Innovative Trends in Outdoor Apparel
5 Ways How Luxury Fashion Affects Society in a Positive Way Fashion brands are mindful and working with the reality that it is impossible to keep the luxuries of today without striving for sustainability. Read more… Billions of tiny plastic fibres from clothes are covering the sea floor Billions of tiny plastic particles from clothes are finding their way from washing machines to the bottom of the seabed, scientists have confirmed. Read more…
SIYARAM'S LAUNCHES ANTI-CORONA RANGE OF FABRIC The new fabric guarantees 99.94 per cent effectiveness against coronavirus and has non-leaching properties compared to other metal based chemistry products. Read more… How eco-friendly are you in this lockdown? Check your score Here are some simple tips, apps, tools and products that will help you reduce waste be more sustainable at home. Read more…
Meet the New "Dad" Trend Everyone Will Be Wearing in 6 Months Along with the rise of big blazers and tailored trousers, we saw an increase in button-down shirts, loafers, and now, even ties. Read more… How to stop plastics from your clothes polluting the planet each time you do your laundry Microplastics from your clothes are polluting the oceans. Here's how you can reduce your impact and help the environment. Read more…
Wearable speaker can be worn while running or cycling Developed by Kiev-based industrial designer, Ivan Zurba, this wearable sound system is designed to become a part of you during your exercise routine. Read more… GERMAN BIONIC UNVEILS LATEST SMART POWER SUIT Made of ultra-light carbon fibre, the fourth generation Cray X supports workers when lifting heavy loads of up to 28 kilograms by actively amplifying their movements and thus protecting the lower back from excessive strain. Read more…
19th-Century Japanese Fireman Coats Feature Stunning Scenes on the Inside Found in many museums today, Japanese firemen's coats are usually displayed with their fabulous interiors facing outwards so visitors can see the master craftsmanship and learn more about the figures represented. Read more… MANCHESTER TEAM USES GRAPHENE TO MAKE SMART CLOTHING Scientists at the University of Manchester have created smart adaptive clothing which can lower the body temperature in hot climates, utilising the thermal properties and flexibility of graphene. Read more…

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