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2024 Trends in Interior Design: Fabric Options & Selections Ever gazed at a beautifully designed room and wondered, "How do they do it?" Fabrics. That's the secret. Read more…
What Does It Mean for Teachers to Dress ‘Professionally’? Much like student dress codes, those aimed at teachers tend to stir up controversy. For starters, there’s little consensus around whether they should even exist. Read more…
Fast-growing Hoka shoe brand takes aim at Nike Founded in Annecy, France, by two athletes in search of a shoe that made running feel more like flying, the brand was scooped up several years later by Deckers in 2013 and has been a high-flying addition to the portfolio ever since. Read more…
In Weaving Abstraction, Textiles Travel Through Space and Time The Met show pays tribute to the designs and technical innovations of long-ago weavers and the 20th-century artists who took inspiration from them. Read more…
Why textiles are all the rage in the art world right now There’s no question that some of the most talked about contemporary artists - Diedrick Brackens, Harmony Hammond, Igshaan Adams, Jeffrey Gibson - work with textiles. Read more…
Japan's Toray develops diaper-embedded urination sensor Toray Industries has announced that it has developed a diaper-embedded urination sensor that notifies caregivers when changes are necessary. Read more…
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