Be a Smart Shopper. Recognize Quality,  Value & How to Take Care of your Clothes.
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Be a Smart Shopper

Recognize Quality, Value & How to Take Care of your Clothes.

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All Knit Fabrics are Not The Same

There are more than two dozen types of knit fabrics, with many different uses.

Hydrangea Stripe Blanket This is the pattern for a very simple but beautiful striped blanket which has oodles of surface texture and a lovely dense feel. Despite the complex look of the stitch pattern, this is very easy crochet using two simple stitches to create a series of stacking shells. Read more…
New fibers can make breath-regulating garments “Robotic” textiles could help performers and athletes train their breathing, and potentially help patients recovering from postsurgery breathing changes. Read more…
36 of the most beautiful wedding photos captured in 2021 Wedding photographers captured how overjoyed couples were to be getting married in 2021. Read more…
FABRIC DEVELOPED IN US DEACTIVATES BIOLOGICAL & CHEMICAL THREATS A research team at Northwestern University has developed a versatile composite fabric that can deactivate both biological threats (like the novel coronavirus) and chemical threats, such used in chemical warfare. . Read more…
By creating a false demand for fresh looks, fast fashion is hurting the environment It used to be the fashion industry ran on two seasons a year. In the 2,000s, this changed, as international fashion brands Zara and H&M introduced 52 “micro seasons” a year, which means a new collection is introduced every week. Read more…
This Mushroom-Based Leather Could Be the Next Sustainable Fashion Material Currently marketed as a luxury fabric, Fine Mycelium is carbon-neutral and can be grown to order Read more…
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