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Fabric Guides

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Fast fashion’s waste problem could be solved by recycled textiles but brands need to help boost prod There is a move among some fashion retailers to turn old clothes into high-quality fibres, and then into new clothes. But even though well-known brands are developing lines using recycled textiles, this movement has not yet reached the scale needed to have a truly global impact. Read more…
Sock could evaluate fall risk The over-sock can predict near falls and potentially help health care providers assess a wearer’s fall risk. The motion sensor is encapsulated in resin and yarn so the sock can be washed like regular laundry. Read more…
Smart textiles for health care and reducing accidents Smart textiles for health and well-being are becoming both more diverse and interconnected. Three key market segment ate home health care, health care facilities and work environments. Read more…
How to Starch Fabric for Quilting: A Good Solution Don’t you wish fabric wouldn’t wobble when you cut it, wouldn’t stretch when you sewed along its bias, wouldn’t creep forward when you sewed it to another patch? Well, your wishes can come true – in a bottle of laundry starch! Read more…
Teen sews stunning dress for his prom date who couldn't afford her dream outfit Little did she know she was in for her very own Cinderella story—thanks to her best friend and prom date Parker Smith. Read more…
Engineers Behind Adobe’s Interactive Dress Explain How It Changes Patterns Within Seconds The dress uses laser-cut polymer dispersed liquid crystal “petals” to change patterns within seconds. Each petal is underlaid with a printed circuit board, which allows them to fluctuate between shades of gray and ivory. Read more…
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