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Fast fashion in the U.S. is fueling an environmental disaster in Ghana The rise of fast fashion in the United States is supporting an invisible "salvage market" that sees American clothes waste shipped to faraway countries where it fills marketplaces, clogs up beaches and overwhelms dumps. Read more…
Tips for Sewing Synthetic Leather Pleather is a synthetic leather available in a variety of weights and forms. Some forms of pleather have a suede-like surface while others have a smooth finish. Synthetic leather is much more economical than leather and easier to sew than leather. Read more…
IF THE GLOVE FITS... A GUIDE TO THE BEST GLOVES TO GET YOU THROUGH WINTER Selecting the right gloves for the right situation can be an arduous task. Here's a guide to help you choose. Read more…
FABRIC DEVELOPED IN US DEACTIVATES BIOLOGICAL & CHEMICAL THREATS A research team at Northwestern University has developed a versatile composite fabric that can deactivate both biological threats (like the novel coronavirus) and chemical threats, such used in chemical warfare. . Read more…
How to Crochet Brick Stitch This stitch is considered to be a version of the crochet shell stitch. However, it is more rectangular than traditional shell due to the unique placement and directionality of the double crochet stitches. Read more…
Thermal Properties Of Clothing Systems Evaluated In Cold Environmental And Low-Sweating Conditions This paper presents the results from evaluating the thermal properties of clothing systems by using a sweating thermal manikin that simulates heat and moisture production in a similar way to the human body, and measures the influence of clothing on heat exchange. Read more…
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