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June 25, 2019

Innovative Trends in Outdoor Apparel
MADE IN GREEN HELPING PARENTS CHOOSE SUSTAINABILITY With the "Made in Green" label, retailers and manufacturers have the opportunity to communicate on the product directly to responsibility-conscious parents that they are committed to high product safety as well as ecological and social production conditions. Read more… Think Tank: The Blue Truth About Sustainability in Denim Christine Rucci says as the denim industry touts its sustainability, there's much more work to be done. Read more…
Future of Textile Technology and Apparels Trend by 2050 What lies in the future of fashion? Do we get to see the repeated fashion presented in a different way or technology will change consumer’s perspective of fashion? Read more… MIT TEAM FINDS SPIDER SILK'S USE IN ARTIFICIAL MUSCLES Researchers discovered spider silk experiences supercontraction, as the fibers respond to changes in moisture. Not only do the threads contract, they also twist at the same time, providing a strong torsional force. Read more…
DIAPER WHICH SIGNALS TIME FOR CHANGE Scientists from the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) has developed an innovative diaper design which visually signals it is time for diaper change even in darkness. Read more… A bra specifically designed for women who have a mastectomy now exists A bra made specifically for women who have undergone a mastectomy, crafted using a new technique involving algorithmic patterning to make three-dimensional lace. Read more…
6 Lacing Hacks to Make Your Running Shoes Way More Comfortable Here's what you need to know about running shoe-lacing hacks, including the problems they can solve, with an expert's stamp of approval, and how to try 'em for yourself. Read more… This Buzzy New Fashion Brand Is Here to Make Sewing Simple This sewing pattern/teen mag hybrid blows the dust off of the old-school sewing staples you may remember from your youth with a fresh take on crafting. Read more…
Researchers 3D print electronic fibers onto textiles? To make comfortable, wearable electronics, a group of researchers in China has developed a 3D printer that deposits electronic flexible fibers onto transitional textiles or clothes. Read more… 10 Ways To Make 2019 The Year Of Sustainable Fashion Experts say that 2019 could be the watershed year for sustainable fashion, with a growing awareness and willingness of the industry to put the movement at center stage. But, it can’t happen without YOU. Read more…

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