All Knit Fabrics are Not The Same. There are more than two dozen types of knit fabrics, with many different uses.
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What are grommet curtains – and the reasons to fall for them Want to give your window treatment a contemporary look? Then grommet curtains are worth your attention. Read more…
How to Knit Intarsia Intarsia is a knitting colorwork technique that involves blocks of color. It's a simple technique, but requires a bit of forethought because you need a different strand of each color to work within your design. Read more…
Belgium's Devan launches biobased allergen control tech The technology is based on encapsulated probiotics, which are natural microorganisms similar in kind to those that can be found in yoghurt, cheese, and other probiotic food. Read more…
Clever way some states are trying to reduce waste and boost recycling Plastic packaging is out of control, but what if companies were charged for everything that was sent to a landfill? Read more…
US' Burlington showcases bio-based fabric with stretch yarn tech Synatural is a unique fabric collection that features planet-positive yarn technology with natural fibre-like aesthetics, engineered for adaptable fabric solutions with lasting comfort and multifunctional performance. Read more…
6 Activewear Trends That Will Have You Sweating In Style In 2023 Activewear has evolved to become more of a statement and an avenue of expression. Read more…
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