Sustainability – Do Your Part! Get inspired to write your own sustainability story!
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Sustainability – Do Your Part

Get inspired to write your own sustainability story!

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Weave Your Own Conductive Fabric Weaving is a fabric-making process that interlocks threads by shuttling back and forth weft yarns (thread that goes left and right on a fabric) across warp yarns (thread that goes up and down on a fabric). Read more…
Allergen-reducing textiles As the need for allergen-reducing textiles/applications intensifies, solutions are expanding and product adoption is gradually increasing among consumers. Read more…
SHEIN empowers new designers The incubator program mentors independent designers in areas including development, manufacturing and sales, offering marketing tools and real-time supply chain analytics. Read more…
Waterproofing Breakthrough Transforms Industries From electronics and textiles to construction and transportation, the potential benefits of this groundbreaking material are vast. Read more…
Women entrepreneurs use bras in women’s health initiatives Women entrepreneurs are working to tackle some of the most daunting medical conditions women face, and the world of textiles is leading the charge. Read more…
Sustainability in denim The staple fabric is slowly changing its production to be as sustainable as its consumer appeal. Read more…
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