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Recognize Quality, Value & How to Take Care of your Clothes.

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In Weaving Abstraction, Textiles Travel Through Space and Time The Met show pays tribute to the designs and technical innovations of long-ago weavers and the 20th-century artists who took inspiration from them. Read more…
Explorations in Quilting: Check Out These American Quilt Museums By no means comprehensive, this list includes personal favorites, as well as quilt museums of international renown. All of these are destinations in their own right. Read more…
Cleaning Out Your Closet? Here Are The Best Places to Donate Clothes Donation is often the best option, but not all clothing donation programs are created equal. Read more…
Appliance repair tech issues warning against common laundry mistake If someone uses too much detergent, the excess detergent accumulates inside the washing machine, building up so badly it starts getting onto your clothes. Read more…
This Is the Real Reason T-Shirts Have a Pocket The evolution of the modern fashion staple is a windier tale than you think. It’s also a reminder of how much times have changed. Read more…
Why textiles are all the rage in the art world right now There’s no question that some of the most talked about contemporary artists - Diedrick Brackens, Harmony Hammond, Igshaan Adams, Jeffrey Gibson - work with textiles. Read more…
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