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June 25, 2019

Innovative Trends in Outdoor Apparel
These Ultra-Stylish Kinetic Dress Pants Use Body Heat to Stay Wrinkle Free They're made from high-tech fabrics that are scientifically wrinkle free. Read more… Swap Your Shoelaces For These Elastic Ones And Never Worry About Tying Bunny Ears Again These smart shoelaces give you an easy way to turn any lace-up pair of sneakers into a no-tie pair of slip ons. Read more…
Researchers 3D print electronic fibers onto textiles? To make comfortable, wearable electronics, a group of researchers in China has developed a 3D printer that deposits electronic flexible fibers onto transitional textiles or clothes. Read more… MADE IN GREEN HELPING PARENTS CHOOSE SUSTAINABILITY With the "Made in Green" label, retailers and manufacturers have the opportunity to communicate on the product directly to responsibility-conscious parents that they are committed to high product safety as well as ecological and social production conditions. Read more…
'Dress Your Values' - Celebrity Stylist Laura Jones on Sustainable Fashion Celebrity stylist Laura Jones found herself overwhelmed when she realized the field she had dedicated her career to was damaging the environment big time: fashion. Then, she resolved to do something about it. Read more… IS FAST FASHION SLOWING DOWN? It may be some time until the fast-fashion industry completely slows down, but with new trends being set in motion, there is now hope that 'slow fashion' is a trend gathering traction. Read more…
The Complete Buying Guide to Levi’s Jeans: All Men’s Fits Since the advent of the 501, Levi’s has created dozens of fits for its ever-growing clientele. Read more… 5 Small Living Room Decor Mistakes You'll Never See a Designer Make When you're dealing with limited space, every design decision really needs to be thought out, as smaller rooms are less forgiving. Read more…
10 Ways To Make 2019 The Year Of Sustainable Fashion Experts say that 2019 could be the watershed year for sustainable fashion, with a growing awareness and willingness of the industry to put the movement at center stage. But, it can’t happen without YOU. Read more… Crocheting helps elementary pupils focus Crocheting can have a calming, meditative effect on students, and helps them — particularity students with attention issues — focus during quiet times. Read more…

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