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Holiday Stain Guide

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The best felting wool for needle felting Felting wool comes in a rainbow of colours and can be bought as a carded rope of fleece fibre - but which is best? Read this handy guide to find out. Read more…
Free Crochet Scarf Patterns Free crochet scarf patterns will keep you warm and cozy this winter or dress up an outfit. Whip one up for a useful and heartfelt handmade gift. Embellish your crochet scarf with one of the beautiful crochet flowers. Read more…
From Textile Waste To Sound Insulation – The Acoustic Felt Made From Recycled Polyester Future proof design that embraces circularity, without compromising on safety and environmental standards is a non-negotiable for award-winning industrial design studio Form Us With Love and their venture BAUX. Read more…
US UNIVERSITY PURDUE'S FLEXILAB MAKING INTERNET OF THINGS PRACTICAL The FlexiLab has already come out with innovations such as the ones which allow any paper notebook to be used as a tablet, change of the volume of music just by touching one’s clothes, and disposable smart bandages which monitor and heal the wound. Read more…
The Best Sustainable Back-to-School Clothing for Kids That’s Easy On Your Wallet & The Planet Learn about 5 companies that have eco-friendly, adorable, back-to-school clothes that your kids will love. Read more…
New fabric heats on one side and cools on the other Scientists from China’s Zhejiang University and Westlake University have created a jacket out of an experimental, reversible fabric that can both heat and cool the wearer. The multi-layered “Janus textile” consists of a base of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) polymer fibers. Read more…
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