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June 25, 2019

Innovative Trends in Outdoor Apparel
How Do I Get Into the Sustainable Fashion Industry? The sustainable fashion scene is quickly evolving and expanding. Which is great for people, who want to get involved. Read more… 10 Ways To Make 2019 The Year Of Sustainable Fashion Experts say that 2019 could be the watershed year for sustainable fashion, with a growing awareness and willingness of the industry to put the movement at center stage. But, it can’t happen without YOU. Read more…
50 Retail Innovation Stats That Prove The Power Of Customer Experience These statistics show the changing retail landscape and just how much customers depend on personalization, convenience and great relationships with brands. Read more… Polartec and Kraig to bring Spider Silk fabrics to market Initially developed for specialized military applications, these materials made from recombinant spider silk will eventually service the global market for high performance textiles and apparel. Read more…
How to Make Twin-Size Sheets If you just can't find the right bed sheets, why not make your own? Twin sheets can be made in about an hour. Read more… Lost Property clothing library is a brilliant solution to wasteful fashion A collective wardrobe spares resources, reduces clutter, and provides a steady stream of fabulous outfits. It's win-win all around. Read more…
6 Lacing Hacks to Make Your Running Shoes Way More Comfortable Here's what you need to know about running shoe-lacing hacks, including the problems they can solve, with an expert's stamp of approval, and how to try 'em for yourself. Read more… I’ll Be Relaxing Under My Weighted Blanket All Summer Long, Thanks to This New Cooling One You can swap covers with the seasons, so a cooling weighted blanket in the summer doesn’t have to mean a chillier winter. Read more…
Swap Your Shoelaces For These Elastic Ones And Never Worry About Tying Bunny Ears Again These smart shoelaces give you an easy way to turn any lace-up pair of sneakers into a no-tie pair of slip ons. Read more… WATCH: Why We Love the Idea of Turning Handwritten Family Recipes into Tea Towels Turning handwritten recipes into tea towels is pretty simple, and there are a few different ways to do it Read more…

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