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Appliance repair tech issues warning against common laundry mistake If someone uses too much detergent, the excess detergent accumulates inside the washing machine, building up so badly it starts getting onto your clothes. Read more…
Europeans throw away 7 million tonnes of clothes a year: Czechia is making recycling compulsory We’ve all seen the mountains of old clothes that end up as giant landfill sites in low income countries. Now, Czechia is leading Europe in tackling rather than contributing to the problem. Read more…
These sensors are as fine as spider's silk and can monitor human health The sensors are 50 times thinner than human hair and so lightweight that the scientists were able to print the fibre directly onto a dandelion without it collapsing. Read more…
What Does It Mean for Teachers to Dress ‘Professionally’? Much like student dress codes, those aimed at teachers tend to stir up controversy. For starters, there’s little consensus around whether they should even exist. Read more…
Compostable plastic-free shoes just launched – and they’re made from bananas Plastic-free shoes called the ‘Abaca’, which are being described as a ‘breakthrough’ thanks to their innovative materials, are set to make their UK debut Read more…
Staying ‘Fiber Curious’ in an Age of Fast Fashion Explore what it means to be part of your “fibershed” and what’s standing in the way of a local and sustainable fiber economy. Read more…
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