Fabric Trademark and Brand Name Index

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A.P.T. (Advanced Performance Textiles) - Developed by Texollini Inc., A.P.T. (Advanced Performance Textiles) family of knitted fabrics include proprietary constructed textiles to meet specific requirements. From yarn to finishes to the newest technologies, Texollini's relationships with creative yarn spinners, fiber suppliers, and advanced finishing technologists, as well as its superior in-house technicians, Texollini is a top choice for creating new performance and technical apparel fabrics. A.P.T. properties include: moisture management, antimicrobial nano-technology, water repellency, and properties including FR in multi-blends for military applications, as well as aloe/vitamin E treatments for medical uses. The collection is available in a variety of constructions including fleeces, meshes, and jerseys.
  Adversol - Textile substrates specifically developed for use in sublimation, screen, direct, and large format print applications.
  AeroFlate TM - This fabric construction is made of high tenacity polyester with an exceedingly dense weave to provide a dimensionally stable product. The highly engineered PVC wet coating is applied in multiple processes to provide long lasting color and fabric protection from UV-A and UV-B, and mildew/fungi. It takes the combination of elements to craft this highly engineered quality product. The PVC is formulated to provide increased durability by increasing abrasion, oil, and sea water resistance. The fabrication is easily weldable through high frequency hot air welding, has increased peel and shear strength, and can be easily cleaned using mild soap and water.
  AgUARDIAN® - Developed by Sommers Plastics, AgUARDIAN (pronounced A Guardian) is a silver ion-exchange antimirobial solution for polyurethane fabrics that is available in many designer colors and grains ideal for uses in contract upholstery. Introduced in 2007, AgUARDIAN won "Best of Neocon" gold for Healthcare Fabrics and also the "Nightingale Award" for Advancement in Healthcare, a first for a material of any kind. The product reduces bacteria and viruses on polyurethane by 99.9999%. AgUARDIAN is used in many end-use applications, such as protective lead X-ray aprons, table placemats, diaper bag linings, and odor-free Orthotic shoe inserts.
  Agulla - Manufactured by AIC (Agulla International Corp.), Agulla is a PVC materialused for banner and tent applications. AIC also offers a variety of other products used in various industrial applications.
  Airskin - This comprehensive line of spacer fabrics have applications as temperature regulating comfort fabrics in the medical, seating, footwear, mattress, and high-end apparel markets. Based on a three layer fabric, Airskin provides a unique channel in its middle area that draws heat and moisture away from the body. With up to 20 times the air permeability compared to normal fabrics, this channel serves as a temperature-regulating medium, as well as offering additional cushion and support.
  Airstretch™ - A fabric collection from CastleRock's Casual Performance fabric line, which is "light as air", and offers "comfort stretch" for flexible performance without the expense of spandex. The Airstretch fabrics have a 4-way stretch and recovery quality without the use of spandex. The fabrics are also very soft and easy-care.
  AIRWEB - This innovative product represents an entirely new support technology for the mattress industry. Used for years in the construction business as an air layer, this unique substrate has been redesigned for the needs of the mattress industry. AIRWEB" provides a support layer that allows maximum airflow when added to the overall mattress construction. Based on a totally unique method of construction, AIRWEB" offers design and function. Rigidity and flex are all controlled by fiber diameter and design construction, which can be varied according to need. AIRWEB" is an affordable alternative to spacer fabrics, because it has a much simpler manufacturing method.
  Alandale Knitted Fabrics - As a subsidiary of Coville, Inc., Alandale Knitting Company utilizes state-of-the-art knitting equipment across its fabric operations to produce a broad array of circular knitted fabrics, which include jerseys, French terries, thermals, ribs, fleeces, and interlocks. Additional fabric production services include fabric development, design and sampling, contract knitting, and more. The company's fabrics can be found in underwear, activewear, and sportswear for the private label apparel market. Alandale also provides Berry Amendment certified protective and performance fabrics for military uniforms, as well as fire retardant, arc flash, high visibility, and ballistic fabrics for the personal protection market.
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  Antex Knitted Fabrics - Antex Mills fabrics provide fashionable knitted fabrics to the junior, contemporary, and children's markets. In 2004, Antex added the Antex Premier Performance division to provide technical fabrics to the outdoor and activewear markets. Antex Premier Performance line of technical fabrics includes several weights of tightly constructed circular knits, containing varying amounts of Lycra®, many finished with a sueded surface. Antex uses a special peaching machine in the finishing process of some performance fabrics to give an exceptionally soft hand.
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  Armor-Tan™ - A new generation leather, developed by Pittards, which uses chemistry focused on the fibril bundles within the leather structure. By encasing the fibril bundles by microscopic ceramic "armor plates" within the leather structure, a greater resistance to abrasion and an increase in the durability of the leather is created.
  Asher Fabric Concepts (ACF) Textiles - AFC differentiates itself from its competitors by offering proprietary textiles, and by continually updating and innovating every aspect of textile design and production. In the past 20 years, Asher has become known as a leader in innovation and quality in knitted textile fabrications, with and without spandex, as well as in creativity of print design and application. Some of the exquisite blended yarns used by ACF in the production of its high-end quality knitted fabrics include: angora, bamboo, cashmere, cotton, cupro, hemp, linen, metallics, Modal®, nylon, organic cotton, polyester, rayon, silk, Sorona®, space dyed, Supima®, Tencel®, viscose, and wool. AFC's knit constructions include: terry knits, jerseys, rib knits, stripes, thermals, meshes, and sweater knits.
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  Avora® FR - AVORA® FR is the trademark for licensed fabrics containing 100% inherent FR polyester fiber from INVISTA. All Avora FR fabrics must be certified by INVISTA to exhibit the tradename. Avora FR fabrics meet most flammability requirements for use in hospitality and contract furnishing applications. Avora FR fabrics are synonymous with safety, as the flame resistance is permanent and will not wash or wear out. Avora FR fabrics also exhibit excellent wear properties, good dimensional stability, excellent colorfastness and ease of care. Avora FR fabrics, produced from INVISTA FR fiber, are available in a wide range of colors and designs.
Bally Ribbon Mills Fabrics - Since 1923, Bally Ribbon Mills has been involved in the design, development, and manufacture of engineered woven webbing, tapes, and specialty fabrics. These products are designed for aerospace, defense, medical, safety, automotive, commercial, and industrial applications. In addition since 1991, Ballys engineering team has increased their efforts to meet the growing demand in the composites industry with woven preforms and 2-D and 3-D structural fabrics.
  Berber By Glenoit Fabrics - Berber is Glenoit Fabrics' cut pile fabric with a tumbled, curled, tweed-like surface, made of MicroSupreme/acrylic/ polyester/modacrylic. Major properties of this easy-care fabric include moisture transport capabilities, excellent color retention, and quick drying. The pile is used in outerwear, skiwear, and casual sportswear.
  Berwick Offray Polypropylen Ribbons & Bows - Berwick Offray's Polypropylene Ribbons and bows include polypropylene curling ribbons, manufactured by Berwick Offray. The ribbons are offered in a wide variety of colors, prints, holographic designs, and sparkalene varieties to fit a variety of needs.
  Berwick Offray Woven Ribbon - Berwick Offray's Woven Ribbon Group, developed by Berwick Offray, includes chevron patterns, grosgrains, double-faced satins, Simply Sheer Asiana, burlaps and bakers twine.
  Body Care® - BODY CARE® (Quick Dry — QD100) This fabric absorbs the moisture and perspiration from the skin and transports it quickly through the fabric for fast evaporation. BODY CARE® (Multi-Function — AB100) This fabric is a highly effective natural anti-microbial agent, restraining the microbe from breeding, and is both ecologically and environmentally friendly.
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  BondBarrierTM - BondBarrierTM composites, developed by BondCote, are produced using Saint-Gobains CoreTech barrier membrane, and are designed to provide protection against chemical and biological warfare agents. BondBarrier has been tested and proven to pass HD and VX agents under SD protocol for 72 hours. BondBarrierTM is constructed to meet the strictest physical requirements of military performance standards, covering flame resistance, blackout and mildew resistance. The BondBarrier family currently consists of products including exterior floor/wall, liner/ plenum and ducting. The composites were developed to allow standard fabrication welding techniques to be utilized, including Radio Frequency, hot air, hot wedge and hot bar.
  Bravo - Coated fabrics for mattress protection designed to assist with infection control, pressure care and Moisture Management.
Carolina Apparel Group Products - As a subsidiary of Coville, Inc., Carolina Apparel produces knitted apparel products and offers the comfort and cost benefits of body-size, side-seamless fabric and apparel Made in the USA. Carolina Apparel specializes in base-layer, underwear, and first-layer products for well-known brand names, major retailers' private labels and for the US Armed forces. The company's quick replenishment on in-season items, coupled with its cost-efficient manufacturing advantages makes Carolina Apaprel an attractive, experienced alternative to offshore manufacturing.
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  Carolina Specialty Fabrics - Carolina Specialty Fabrics develops cotton flannels, drills, twills, cords, blends, Kevlar wovens, and knits. Custom weaving is done upon request. Bring the company your ideas and it will help you develop specific fabrics to meet your needs.
  Cascade - A rich, melton-like fabric, made from Glenoit's sliver knitting process..The fabric is vary light-weight for it's volume. It has multi-season comfort, is easy-care, and non-shrink.
  Caslana - A washable wool pile fabric, made from Glenoit's sliver knitting process..The fabric is very light-weight for it's volume. It has multi-season comfort, is easy-care, and non-shrink.
  Celliant® - This revolutionary, patented technology harnesses and recycles the body’s natural energy through the medium of fibers. Celliant’s applied science utilizes a blend of minerals and proprietary ingredients that are embedded into the core of the fiber. Use of products containing this technology has been clinically proven to enhance tissue oxygen levels, improving athletic performance, sleep quality, health and wellness. Fibers, yarns and fabrics with Celliant technology can be found in some of the world’s most recognized name brands.
  Chantilly - A silky, textured pile fabric, made from Glenoit's sliver knitting process..The fabric is vary light-weight for it's volume. It has multi-season comfort, is easy-care, and non-shrink.
  Cinergy Textiles - Cinergy specializes in over 250 stock fabrics, consisting of knits, wovens, basics, and novelties. The majority of our product line is imported from Asia and stocked in Los Angeles [1 roll Stock Minimum]. Our product line varies from fabrics with 100% Polyester, 100% Cotton to varied blends such as Polyester/Rayon/Spandex, Rayon/Spandex, Polyester/Rayon, Wool/Acrylic, Cotton/Spandex, and Nylon/Spandex.Orders are generally processed on the same business day and ship out within one or two days after receipt depending on the size of the order and availability of the particular style ordered.
  Climate Technology By Sympatex® - Developed by Sympatex Technologies, Climate Technology by Sympatex® provides for the perfect shoe climate. This new laminate consists of the membrane and hydrophobic 3D upper material with air pockets. It is 100% waterproof and provides optimal breathability. The technology is fast wicking from the foot through the hydrophilic inner lining. It gives a large surface area transfer of moisture to the breathable Sympatex membrane and the faster passage of the water vapour to the 3D upper during more strenuous activity. It also improves the air circulation and ventilation effect in the 3D air pockets by the rolling movement of the foot, which results in a pleasant foot climate, comfort for the wearer, maximum performance, and dynamic breathability.
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  Cocona® Fabrics - TrapTek's Cocona fibers and yarns are infused with activated carbon from coconut shells and provides moisture management, odor management and UV protection. The yarns and fibers are lightweight, comfortable and retain all other product features, such as stretch and washability for the life of the product. TrapTek's Cocona was named by Time Magazine as one of the most amazing inventions of 2005.
  Concept III Textiles - Concept III fabrics provided by Concept III International include the development, sourcing, and production of both knit and woven textiles and textile-based finished apparel products worldwide. Utilizing a keen understanding of global commerce, extensive textile and fiber development expertise, and effective mill and factory relationships. Concept III fabrics are targeted towards the casual sportswear and performance sportswear market.
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  Coolcore® - Developed by a Coolcore, a New England-based company, the Coolore® product is a cooling material innovation in temperature technology. Coolcore's patented, chemical-free material delivers three distinct functions:  wicking, moisture circulation and regulated evaporation. And, because it is chemical-free, the cooling benefit never washes out. Coolcore's materials reduce surface temperature of the fabric up to 30 percent and have earned the prestigious Innovative Technology recognition from the Hohenstein Institute.
  Coolmax™ EcoTech™ - This ultimate performance fabric delivers the same high- performance, quick-dry benefits and comfort as the original Coolmax® fabric, but has the added benefit of being made from recycled resources. The process for making Coolmax™ EcoTech™ fiber begins with post-consumer bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate, or PET.
  CORDURA® Ballistic Fabric - Developed by INVISTA, this fabric provides durable performance for a variety of end uses, including packs, luggage, workwear and motorcycle apparel. Products made with CORDURA® Ballistic fabrics feature enhanced tear and abrasion resistance, and long- lasting durability. CORDURA® Ballistic fabric is constructed with qualifying INVISTA yarns which are woven in the classic 2x2 basket weave construction, dyed and finished in accordance with INVISTA's approved fabric standards for the CORDURA® brand. The physical demands placed on today's combat soldiers, tactical and law enforcement officers have never been greater, and this intense use calls for a fabric that can take it.
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  CORDURA® Baselayer fabrics - Developed by INVISTA, CORDURA® Baselayer Fabrics handle all the conditions and climates today's military and tactical officers face all around the world. CORDURA® Baselayer fabrics are constructed with qualifying INVISTA yarns which are knitted, dyed and finished in accordance with INVISTA's approved fabric standards for the CORDURA® brand and offer the durability of nylon & comfort of cotton. Strong yet lightweight, they have exceptional abrasion and moisture management, along with No Melt, No Drip thermal properties. CORDURA® Baselayer fabrics are now available with freshFX® fabric technology for lasting freshness.
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  CORDURA® Brand Fabric - For more than 30 years, CORDURA® brand fabric has been recognized worldwide as the fabric of choice for manufacturers of high performance gear and apparel where durability counts. From backpacks and luggage to footwear, workwear, performance apparel and upholstery, INVISTA’s CORDURA® fabrics add stylish durability and lightweight strength to almost everything they are a part of.
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  CORDURA® Classic Fabrics - Developed by INVISTA, this line of CORDURA® fabrics provide rugged durable performance for a variety of end uses, including packs, luggage, footwear and performance apparel. CORDURA® Classic fabrics are constructed with air jet textured yarns for enhanced tear and abrasion resistance and offer stylish durability and exceptional strength-to-weight ratio performance characteristics. Also available in select Solution-Dyed Nylon color portfolio for exceptional lot to lot color consistency and fade resistance vs. piece dyed alternatives.
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  CORDURA® Denim Fabric - Developed by INVISTA, CORDURA® Denim Fabric helps hard- working jeans last longer than traditional 100% cotton denim. Based on an intimate blend of cotton and INVISTA’s T420 nylon 6.6 fiber, CORDURA® Denim fabric retains the authentic look and feel of cotton denim, but with added abrasion resistance, and toughness. Jeans made with CORDURA® Denim fabric are exceptionally durable without compromising on comfort and style. The authentic look, comfort, and feel of traditional 100% cotton denim with built-in long-lasting durability and exceptional abrasion resistance brings with it the heritage of the CORDURA® brand which has proven performance in the world’s toughest environments.
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  CORDURA® Duck Fabric - Based on an intimate blend of cotton and INVISTA’s T420 Nylon 6,6 staple fiber, CORDURA® Duck fabric, developed by INVISTA, is specifically designed to deliver a comfortable, highly durable fabric solution with exceptional abrasion resistance and wear life. CORDURA® Duck fabric is designed for apparel, gear, and accessory applications that require an extremely durable yet stylish solution. Overall, CORDURA® Duck fabric offers exceptional abrasion resistance, and is targeted for essentially anywhere traditional 100 percent cotton canvas fabrics are used. End-uses are varied and cover a wide spectrum from outdoor, ready-to-wear, hunting, workwear, and even travel gear and accessories such as messenger bags and totes.
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  CORDURA® HP Fabrics - Developed by INVISTA, this groupd of fabrics provide best-in- class polyester performance for a variety of end uses, including packs, bags, luggage, footwear and accessories. CORDURA® HP fabrics offer exceptional value and an optimal print medium.
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  CORDURA® Lite Fabrics - Developed by INVISTA, this CORDURA® line of fabrics provide light weight durable performance for a variety of end uses, including technical packs, day packs, luggage and footwear. CORDURA® Lite fabrics offer enhanced tear and abrasion resistance with a wide variety of styling options.
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  CORDURA® Lite Plus Fabrics - This new fabric line, developed by Invista’s CORDURA® Brand Fabric division. This woven fabric, made using the highest tenacity Type 749 yarns in various combinations ranging from 210 denier/68 filament to 525 denier/140 filament. The new CORDURA® Lite Plus Fabrics have 12% higher tensile strength and contains two times more individual yarn filaments when compared to CORDURA® Lite fabric. The higher filament counts allow for increased natural fabric coverage in weaving, resulting in a smoother/softer hand, along with improved water / air leakage with less coating required. Potential constructions include lightweight rip stops, dobbies, and plain weaves, targeted at end-use applications such as technical packs, daypacks, and luggage.
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  CORDURA® NYCO Fabrics - Developed by INVISTA, CORDURA® NYCO Fabrics offer comfortable durability in military uniforms, workwear and casual clothing. Based on an intimate blend of cotton and INVISTA’s T420 nylon 6.6 fiber, CORDURA® NYCO fabrics provide exceptional abrasion resistance, comfort, and durability. With more than 45 years of proven combat performance CORDURA® NYCO fabrics are durable, stylish and always ready to work overtime under some of the toughest workplace conditions. Lightweight and strong - it’s what tough, stylish clothing has been waiting for.
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  CORDURA® UltraLite Fabrics - Developed by INVISTA®, this line of CORDURA® fabrics provide light weight durable performance with a wide variety of styling options. Based on high tenacity nylon filament fiber technology, CORDURA® UltraLite fabrics are ideal for a variety of end use applications where optimal strength-to-weight ratio is critical, including technical packs, day packs, stuff sacks, pouches, performance apparel, footwear and accessories.
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  CORE-FLEQT® - This patented fabric technology combines an encapsulated, reflective-insulation barrier with a soft nonwoven fabric to create a comfortable insulating lining. The micro-thin insulation returns up to 74% of a person's body heat. CORE-FLEQT insulation works as a "heat-morror". Just as a mirror returns light, a "heat-mirror" returns heat. The fabric consists of a waterproof/windproof outer shell that allows excess moisture and heat to escape. The fabric's lining layer allows warm air to circulate next to the body by utilizing the radiant/conductive heat from the body to be reflected back. CORE-FLECT® fabric has applications in athletic apparel, work wear, law enforcement/military, casual wear, and youth apparel.
  corkshell™ - Developed by Schoeller, corkshell™ is made from FSC-certified (Forestry Stewardship Council) cork granulate that is a by-product in the production of wine corks. corkshell™ fabrics offer up to 30% higher thermal insulation when compared to traditional soft-shells and is hgihly breathable. corkshell™ fabrics are soft, very lightweight and offer natural antimicrobial properties. In addition, they offer high wearer comfort and aid in moisture and odor management. corkshell™ is suitable for all outdoor activities, especially for cold weather conditions.
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  Craft Project - An eclectic range of premium quality printed and plain quilting fabrics and associated products sourced globally that will delight and inspire.
  Cryon™ - Developed by Consoltex, Cryon™ is a modacrylic-cotton blend and inherently flame resistant fabric that has natural moisture management properties and offers limitless coloring options, including "bright colors". The 9.4 ounce fabric is compliant with NFPA 70E level 2 for electricians and electrical wor
  Custom Products - Let our product development team at Carolina Specialty Fabrics help you with your next program. They will sit down and discuss your ideas and guide you through the product development process.
  CuTEC™ - Developed by Next Fiber Technology, CuTEC™ is a unique and proprietary Copper Fiber Technology that provides a natural anti-odor and hygienic protection against micro-organisms, such as bacteria and fungi that attack the CuTEC™ fibers. The technology utilizes the qualities of copper and binds the copper to 1) polyester, 2) nylon or 3) re-cycled polyester fibers. Woven and knitted products containing CuTEC™ copper fibers can be effectively used in the production of running, trail, race and recovery, diabetic and every day wear socks, base layer apparel, insole fabrics, sports bras, narrow elastics, athletic apparel, intimates, anti-embolism hosiery, and much more.
  Cyberknit Fabrics - Utilizing the optimal combination of the fibers, knit constructions, surface and technical enhancements, Cyberknit provides performance knit fabrics to the Active, Lifestyle, Military, Outdoor, Tactical & Safety markets. Fibers: Poly, Coolmax® Poly, MicroPoly, Nylon, Cordura® Blends, Cotton blends, Inherently FR Blends, Poly blends, Tencel® Blends, Recycled blends, Wool Blends, Spandex/Lycra®. Constructions: 7-42cut Guage, Single Knit, Dbl. Knit, Jacquard, Fleece, Loop, Plated. Finishes: Brushing, Peaching, Sanding, Sueding, Napping, Sheering. Technical Attributes: Abrasion-Resistance, Anti-Static, Compression, Cooling, DWR, FR, Heat dissipation, Odor Control, Insulation/Regulation, UV Protection, Wicking, etc.
  C_Change™ - This Schoeller membrane technology combines biomimicry with a PFOA- and PFOS-free system of moisture management to create the perfect interior climate comfort for the wearer. The technology can be used in conjunction with a variety of fabrics, from extremely lightweight nylons to heavy wools for pants, jackets, and coats. It can also be incorporated into all components (i.e lining, lamination auxiliaries, membrane, surface material and water-repellent finish) to create an intelligent fabric through lamination processes that includes breathable binding materials and a dot matrix system.
Darlexx Superskin® - Darlexx Superskin®, Shawmut Mills, is made with two-ply nylon and Lycra®, along with a proprietary thermoplastic film laminate. The fabric provides a low drag coefficient for speed in competition swim, ski, and running apparel.
  Darlexx Thermalastic® - Darlexx Thermalastic®, Shawmut Mills, is a three-ply Lycra® with a proprietary thermoplastic film and microfiber fleece. The fabric is waterproof, windproof, and breathable and provides all-directional stretch and insulation characteristics for watersports and skiwear apparel.
  Darlexx® - Darlexx®, made by Shawmut Mills, is a two-, three-, four-ply Lycra® fabric with a proprietary thermoplastic film laminate, which creates waterproof, windproof, breathable characteristics in all-directional stretch fabric for outerwear, swimwear, skiwear, and scuba apparel.
  Darlington Fabrics - Darlington provides innovative, high-quality performance fabrics, which can create a competitive edge for branded products in five important ways: 1) Breadth of Line – Warp knit stretch and rigid fabrics 45” wide to 120” wide in finished weights from 1.5 to 12.0 oz/sq yd. Constructions include Tricot, Raschel, Satin, Power Net and Mesh. 2) Prepared for Print (PFP)- Available in nylon/spandex and polyester/spandex blends. 3)Color – custom colors and finishes to specifications with color accuracy and consistency, across dye lots, year after year. 4) Performance Reliability – strict physical specifications (width, weight and stretches) are maintained across dye lots. 5) Quality Control – Darlington is vertically integrated from yarn to finished fabric; this includes warping, knitting, dyeing and finishing.
  Deer Creek Fabrics - The Deer Creek Line of performance fabrics are developed by Deer Creek, a Stamford, Connecticut, based technology and customer-driven textile company. The innovative knitted fabrics are targeted towards the outdoor and active performance wear markets, as well as the industrial and medical markets. Besides maintaining its line of innovative product developments, Deer Creek Fabrics also works closely with its customer base of branded manufacturers and specialty retailers in the development of customized fabrics.
  Design Knit Fabrics - Developed by Design Knit, Inc., located in Los Angeles, California, a collection of new fabric developments and European quality fine-gauge knits targeted towards the high-end contemporary/ fashion markets, but are available at affordable prices. The company continually adds new product developments to its knit fabric line, utilizing a wide variety of fine, high-quality yarns including: Supima® cotton, organic cotton, Modal®, Micro Modal® blends, Tencel®, bamboo, as well as silk, wool, and cashmere blends. All knitted fabrics can be constructed with or without Lycra®/spandex.
  Draper Knitting Fabrics - Draper Knitting (all fabrics made in Canton, Massachusetts,USA) offers three types of fabric formations under one roof. Non-woven stitch-bonded fabrics are high performance low cost liner fabrics and are custom blended to meet any specification. Our Ecopile (100% post consumer recycled polyester pile fabric for people like Patagonia) has been a popular seller for over 15 years. Our conventional knits are offered in many layouts from rib and jersey knits to Lacoste and Piques, customizable to meet your needs.
  Drirelease® - This patented blend of fibers leverages the unique moisture management qualities of natural and synthetic fibers to create yarns with superior moisture wicking and fast-drying qualities. The natural fibers in drirelease yarns absorb moisture very efficiently, pulling it off the skin and spreading it across the fabric surface. Intimately blended synthetic fibers repel moisture, forcing it through to the surface of the garment where it evaporates quickly, drying significantly faster than natural yarns.  Garments made with drirelease help to keep wearers dryer and more comfortable across all temperature settings.  FreshGuard®, an odor-control technology, can be activated in all drirelease fabrics, giving wearers environmentally friendly odor control.
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  DRY INSIDE PERFORMANCE COTTON - This innovative line of cotton fabrics, developed for the high performance and under garment markets through an exclusive partnership between Antex and Nanotex, is the first true “PERFORMANCE COTTON”. DRY INSIDE PERFORMANCE COTTON is a 100% natural cotton fabric which moves moisture from the inside to the outside of a garment, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable in active or athletic situations. A DRY INSIDE fabrics wick moisture from the skin side and instantly transfer it to the outside of the fabric, keeping the inside against the skin totally dry.
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  DryLiner® - DryLiner is a trademark fabric of InSport. It is a lightweight blend of CoolMax® and Lycra® designed with enhanced horizontal stretch and inhibited vertical stretch. The construction of this soft fabric provides both comfort and ideal support.
  DrySport® - DrySport is a registered trademark of InSport. This is a uniquely double-faced fabric with a nylon face for maximum durability, and a Micromattique polyester backing provides superior moisture management through the latest hydrophobic/hydrophilic, push/pull fabric technology
e1 Absorption - Developed by Schoeller, this knit fabric can be made of either a single or multi-layer knit structure using spun and textured yarns. This use of different yarns ensures that moisture is transferred from the first layer to the outer layer where it can evaporate. Benefits/Uses: absorb and transport sweat without drying out the skin. Perfect for functional sports underwear, Ieisure or everyday workwear.
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  e2 Insulation - Developed by Schoeller, this climate-regulation knit fabric ideally supports the body's own temperature balance. Different fiber technologies enables different styles: from the sporty/rustic looks to ultra-fine brushed microfibers. e2 textiles are available in different weights. Benefits/Uses: Perfectly balanced warmth. Suited for Mid-layers, sweatshirts.
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  e3 Protection - Developed by Schoeller, this very popular breathable and highly elastic knitwear offers excellent comfort and breathability with a wind and water-repellent finish.. Benefits/Uses: perfect for outerwear for high output sports
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  e3+ Protection Plus - Developed by Schoeller, this is a modern knit membrane technology that provides optimal protection in adverse conditions. The e3 range includes elastic and non-elastic qualities. Benefits/Uses: fashion/ski jackets and pants. Almost all Schoeller fabrics are available with 3XDRY, NanoSphere, coldblack, ecorepel and/or energear technologies for specialized end uses.
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  Earthwhile™ - Earthwhile™ are eco-smart fabrics developed by Consoltex that are durable, abrasion resistant, fast drying activewear fabrics featuring natural, organic and recycled materials designed to deliver performance with an environmental consciousnes
  Eclat Textiles Company Fabrics - These circular knit fabrics, manufactured by Eclat Textile Company Ltd. under the Body Care® label, include knit fabric constructions like single knit jersey, interlock, rib knit, jacquard, terry knit, fleece, etc. Eclat Textile Company Fabrics utilize a broad range of eco-friendly fibers, including recycled polyester, bamboo, charcoal bamboo, aloe vera Body Care®, organic cotton, seaweed, soybean, and germanium alloy fiber. Fabrics made from these yarns are used in a wide variety of end-use applications, including high performance activewear, intimate apparel, swimwear, casual sportswear and apparel markets.
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  Eclon® - This nylon yarn and fabric, developed by ECLAT Textile Company, is derived from the name ECLAT and nylon. As an air-textured that is soft and comfortable touch, the product comes in solid colors and linen gray series, and is widely adopted in sportswear, active wear trendy fashion and sleepwear, making it a top choice in fashion designing.
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  ecorepel® - This wash-resistant high-tech finish, ddeveloped by Schoeller, does not negatively affect the environment during production or in its use. No fluorocarbons are used in the finish. It is biodegradable (in accordance with OECD 302 B (80% - 100%), passes Oeko-Tex® - Standard 100 test and complies with bluesign®. ecorepel® is based on long, biodegradable paraffin chains that wrap themselves as a spiral around individual fibers, filaments or yarns in a very fine film. This reduces surface tension so that water dropletsw and even mud with significantly higher surface tension runs off easily. The breathability of the fabric is ot affected and the feel remains pleasantly soft.
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  Endurall® - This innovative engineered yarn with friction reducing molecules creates fabrics and garments with improved lightweight comfort and added durability. Endurall® provides friction reduction for less hot spots and improved abrasion resistance for longer wear. The yarn is hydrophobic for enhanced moisture control, hypo-allergenic, and it is easy care. Endurall® allows designers and manufacturing the ability to put the durability where it is most needed. Fiber and Yarn Products offers a hang tag program to assist its customers with marketing this beneficial product.
  energear™ - This Schoeller technology ensures that the energy radiated by the body is reflected back to the wearer. Practical tests prove that this additional energy has a positive effect on performance and wellbeing. The use of energear™ makes particularly good sense where physical performance and stamina are needed, such as in clothing for biking, mountain sports, trekking/hiking, motorcycling, workwear and military wear, as well as in urban and daily wear. Various stress tests have been performed to verify the function of energear™. Two identical outfits were tested, one with the energear™ finish and one without. Test subjects wearing energear™ experience proven positive effects.
  Entrant® - an advanced material that fulfills the two functions that are vital for active sportswear: moisture-permeability to allow perspiration to escape from the skin during exercise, and waterproof properties to prevent rain penetrating from outside. Entrant*'s qualities make it ideal for skiwear, athletics wear, and other articles of clothing worn during vigorous exercise or in severe weather conditions as well as for tents and shoes.
  EPIC - EPIC by Nextec" is a brand of high-performance fabrics that have been encapsulated with a patented process that applies an ultra-thin polymer film around fibers and between the fiber bundles of the fabric. This assures that they absorb so little water, that they continue to breathe even in cold, wet conditions. EPIC by Nextec" fabrics are highly water-resistant and wind-proof, and because the barrier is placed on the inside, they remain soft, quiet and continue to perform wash after wash. It is used in outerwear, rainwear, gloves and sleeping bags.
  EVAPTEX™ - VELCRO® brand EVAPTEX™ High Performance Fabric is a hook-compatible fabric optimized for outstanding breathability and superior moisture management. This patent-pending technology is ideal for applications requiring exceptional comfort and durability: leg and arm bracing, catheter straps, tracheotomy straps, helmet padding, sporting apparel, and body armor.
  EVENT GUARD TM - Developed by BondCote, this fabric is constructed of polyester that is coated or laminated for increased strength, durability, and extreme environmental resistance. The fabric is available in opaque or translucent. Lacquer coats are available to improve cleanability, enhance UV protection, and minimize plasticizer migration. BondCote's Commercial Tent Fabrics were created for event tents, sidewall application, and semi-permanent structures.
  eVENT® Fabric - eVENT® fabric (technology), developed by BHA Technologies, now owned by CLARCOR Industrial Air, is a Direct Venting waterproof barrier that makes a significant advancement in ePTFE laminate technology. A propriety and patented Dry System technology provides a new standard for comfort by allowing perspiration to dissipate and vent without saturating the inside of the fabric. At the core of eVENT fabric is an ePTFE (expanded Polytetrafluoroethylen) film that has been rendered oil-repellant and thereby free from body-oil contamination, via a method that retains both the inherent open-pore structure of the membrane as well as its hydrophobic properties.
  Extreme Seam® Welders - The First Choice Globally of All Industrial Fabric Welding Solutions. Manufacturer of hot air, hot wedge and impulse welding machines for the sealing of industrial fabrics. Equipment for the fabrication of products such as inflatable products, awnings, shades, truck tarp curtains, tents banners and billboards, ducting, geo liners and filtration products.
  Extreme250 TM - Developed by BondCote, Extreme Insulating Fabrics allow for the conservation of invaluable energy that can be distributed elsewhere throughout operational environments for the military and commercial tent markets. With a gap of 15.25 cm, it has an effective R-Value of 7.2, reducing energy consumption of up to 51%. No special tools are required for fabricating. It is lightweight, compressible, as well as flame resistant with no melt drip.
Fablok Mills Mesh Fabrics - The fabrics produced by Fablok Mills utilizes new, technical yarns, designs and finishes. The company's knitting capabilities offer both raschel and tricot fabrics, designed and constructed to prevent raveling. Fablok's warp knits provide a broad range of end uses from heavy-duty durable fabrics to lightweight fine fabrics. The company's dyeing and finishing capabilities include custom color matching. Fablok also offers flame retardant, ultraviolet-resistant and anti-microbial finishes. In addition, Fablok stocks a broad range of fabrics, in an array of colors, with hole sizes from 1/32" to 2".
  Fibertect™ - Developed by Hobbs Bonded Fibers, this flexible non-particulate three-layer decontamination system has been proven effective in absorbing toxic chemical agents and in neutralizing toxic industrial chemicals and pesticides. Fibertect™ is an inert, flexible, drapable, nonwoven composite substrate that can be tailored to fit specific needs. There are multiple outer layer materials that can be used to customize the product for special applications.
  Fire Stomp™ - Developed by Texollini, the Fire Stomp™ line represents all of Texollini's FR products group. Within the group, there are many constructions and fiber blends, made using Texollini's exclusive Superfino® construction for first layer apparel.
  Fire Stomp™ - Developed by Texollini, the Fire Stomp™ line represents all of Texollini's FR products group. Within the group, there are many constructions and fiber blends, made using Texollini's exclusive Superfino® construction for first layer apparel.
  FireBloc - A rugged performance leather, developed by Pittards, which combines water resistance and perspiration wicking performance qualities with unique permanent flame retardant properties essential for use by fire brigades, armed forces, etc., without changing the structure of the leather.
  Firegard® - Developed with innovative yarn technology from Springs Creative, Firegard is the original flame barrier line, available in a range of widths and weights to suit any specific mattress construction applications. Firegard knit flame barriers are made using proprietary core spun yarn technology, which encases a heat-stable core within a sheath of soft comfort fibers to produce flame barriers that drape, feel and breathe like conventional fabrics. Firegard is available as Firegard Heavy Duty for higher fuel load beds, Firegard Green for applications without the use of harmful chemicals that damage the environment, and Firegard Health that contribute to enhanced comfort and better sleep quality for better health.
  Fortify® AM - Developed by Fiber and Yarn Products, Inc., this silver ion release yarn is available for use in legwear, performance garments, and athletic apparel. The innovative new process of surface modification applies micron sized silver particles to the surface of fibers before they are knit or woven, allowing unmatched flexibility and placing specific technology within the product, while minimizing the need for costly yarns that may be less effective. Fiber and Yarn Products will provide its customers with the Fortify® hang tag program to assist in marketing this beneficial product.
  Fortify® Cu - Developed by Fiber and Yarn Products, Inc., this Copper Ion Release fiber offers a new twist on adding copper particles to the surface of fiber. This innovative fiber adds greater flexibility to designers of legwear, hosiery, garment and apparel. The Fortify® technology is available on nylon, polyester, and air covered yarns. Designed to offer many more options, these copper particles do not impact the color of the final product, allowing for more fashion performance possibilities. The company's Hang tag program offers its customers assistance in marketing this beneficial product
  Furelle/Petite Furelle - A luxuriously "unreal" faux fur pile fabric, made from Glenoit's sliver knitting process..The fabric is vary light-weight for it's volume. It has multi-season comfort, is easy-care, and non-shrink.
  Fuzun™ - Developed by Vulcana, LLC, this nonwoven sheet rubber material has a fabric face and a rubber back, and is created by bonding rubbRe™ to a woven fabric. The fuzun line currently consists of rubbRe bonded to 100% hemp burlap. However should a customer have a need, Vulcana® is able to bond other materials to rubbRe™, provided the fabric meets certain characteristics.
Genuine Fake TM - Developed by Sommers Plastics, "Genuine Fake" is a synthetic (fake or faux) fur popular in apparel and home furnishings markets. The luxurious high pile faux fur is remarkably close to the look and feel of genuine fur, but is human and animal-friendly. Made of madacrylic and acrylic woven through a jacquard fabric backing, Genuine Fake comes in over stock patterns for immediate delivery. The fabric is washable and dry-cleanable.
  Glen Raven Technical Fabrics (GRTF) - GRTF produces textiles that combine global sourcing of raw materials with an evolving approach in thinking to provide consistently excellent solutions to its customers in various markets. The company's leading-edge manufacturing facilities specialize in weaving, knitting, dying, coating, and laminating worldwide, servicing the automotive, energy, filtration, geosynthetics, military, outdoor, and protective markets, at the same time providing freight solutions for a variety of customer shipping needs.
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  Glenaura - Glenaura is Glenoit Mills' cut pile with a sheared, velour-like surface, made of a blend of Micro-acrylic and modacrylic. Major properties of this easy-care fabric include moisture transport capabilities, excellent color retention, and quick drying. The pile is used in outerwear, skiwear, and casual sportswear.
  GlenGuard FR® - Developed by Glen Raven Technical Fabrics (GRTF), GlenGuard FR® offers the best protection-to-weight ratio available in the market, ensuring comfort without sacrificing safety. GRTF's fabrics have proven their capabilities within the FR apparel market, incorporating durability and comfort while surpassing government safety requirements. GRTF's aim is to keep the wearer safe and cool. GlenGuard FR® qualities include: Protection against flash fire/arc flash hazards; available in 2 weights: 4.5 oz. (7.3 ATPV Rating) and 6.4 oz. (10.1 ATPV Rating); Offers both Class I (4.5 oz) and II (6.4 oz) protection; Inherently flame resistant; Solution dyed; Best protection-to-weight ratio available in the FR market; comfortable FR workwear; Wickzz™ proprietary finish to eliminate moisture in garment.
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  GlenGuard® Hi-Vis - Developed by Glen Raven Technical Fabrics (GRTF), GlenGuard® Hi-Vis offers unrivaled arc flash and flash fire protection. When it comes to protection, you need more than just hi-vis. The arc/flash fire protection should meet the highest levels of protection. Safety vests produced using GlenGuard® Hi-Vis offer patented “no melt, no drip” technology, and as part of our family of GRTF's FR protective fabrics. Qualities include: Protecttion against flash fire and arc flash hazards; “No melt, no drip” technology; Inherently flame resistant; ANSI compliant; Solution-dyed; 6.4 oz fabric; Constructions: Woven or Mesh; and Colors: Yellow, Orange. GlenGuard Hi-Vis is ideal for use in the industrial, highway construction, electric and gas utilities, transportation, government and military sectors.
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  GlenPile - GlenPile is a pile fabric made by Glenoit Mills, Inc., made from a special blend of technical fibers, including Micro-acrylic fibers, polyester and polypropylene. Each individual fiber insulates, breathes and wicks moisture away from the skin independently. The fabric has excellent insulation with a high warmth to weight ratio, and is soft, breathable, and drapes well. GlenPile fabric can be made in a variety of colors, patterns, textures and sculpting (high and low pile) It's easy to care for and maintains its appearance after washing.
  GORE DRYLOFT® - GORE DRYLOFT® Fabric is an extremely breathable, weather-resistant, windproof shell fabric, engineered for the protection of high-loft insulations. It keeps insulation dry from the inside so you stay warm. It uses a light, patented composite barrier, which allows perspiration vapor to pass through the loft and out through the fabric to keep the loft dry. This fabric is water resistant, but not waterproof. It is used in insulated sleeping bags and parkas.
  GORE WINDSTOPPER® - GORE WINDSTOPPER® Fabric is a durable windproof system that is very breathable and provides warmth with less bulk. It is the result of laminating their ultralight ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethlene) membrane to various high-performance fabrics. This provides a durable windproof fabric with very little or no loss of breathability. It is used as liners for sweaters, pants and casual wear, and windproof fleece for outerwear, gloves, hats and other accessories.
  GORE-TEX® - GORE-TEX® Fabric is the most durably waterproof, very breathable, windproof fabric available. It's uniquely patented structure is made up of two different substances. One is a ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethlene) membrane, which is hydrophobic or water hating. It contains 9 billion pores per square inch. Liquid water cannot penetrate these pores, but moisture from perspiration can easily escape. Integrated into the membrane is an oleophobic or oil hating substance, which prevents penetration of contaminants that might affect waterproofness or breathability.
  GORE-TEX® IMMERSION TECHNOLOGY® - GORE-TEX® IMMERSION TECHNOLOGY® Fabric is the result of a unique fabric laminate, special seam-sealing process, and a manufacturing technology first developed for U. S. Navy pilot survival suits. This fabric provides ultimate waterproofness with comfort. It is used in products like dry suits and fishing waders. However, it is not an insulationg fabric.
  GORE-TEX® OCEAN TECHNOLOGY® - GORE-TEX® OCEAN TECHNOLOGY® Fabric contains a super high-strength Gore-Tex® membrane for extremely durable waterproofness. It has been specially engineered for the offshore and coastal sailors, and it includes special closure systems featuring extensive seam taping and weather flaps, and the latest waterproof designs, such as anti-wick linings and waterproof closures.
  Green Line™ by Antex - This line of environmentally friendly cotton fabrics, made from organic cotton, is a new development from Antex Premier Performance. The collection is targeted towards the yoga and other casually active sportswear markets. Green Line™ is available with moisture management and/or antimicrobial finishes.
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  Guilford Performance Textiles - This company has a long history of manufacturing highly technical fabrics for a variety of markets. From lightweight, stretch layering apparel that wicks moisture away from the skin to heavier compression garments, Guilford has the technical experience. Guilford is also a leading manufacturer of highly engineered loop closure fabrics. Loc Loop® is one of Guilford's many proprietary, patented loop fabric innovations. Available in nylon and polyester, Guilford's loop fabrics range from light weights for disposable consumer goods to heavier weights designed for long lifecycles. Guilford also offers a variety of lining and functional fabrics for flame or adhesive lamination including: Nylon and polyester scrims/linings; Flat and brushed linings; Industrial nettings; and Industrial suedes. Finally, Guilford has experience in the window fashi
Hardline® - Hardline® is a fabric made of AlliedSignal's Spectra® fiber. It is a distinctive looking, high-tenacity nylon fabric with a super strong white Spectra fiber grid interwoven as a ripstop. Hardline fabric is used for rugged footwear, ski gaiters and other technical outerwear.
  Heatsheets® - This super light, super warm, heat-reflective blanket, manufactured by Advanced Flexible Materials Inc., is made from metalized low density polyethylene (LDPE), and is 1 millimeter thick (or 0.001 inch). The reflective layer in Heatsheets® blankets reflect up to 97% of body’s radiant heat right back to the user, creating an envelope of warm air. Heatsheets are recyclable, and can be printed. Heatsheets® are made and printed in California, where state law (AB 455) prohibits the use of heavy metals in inks or materials. Most of the inks used are water based (as opposed to solvents), minimizing air pollution.
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  Hybrid® - Hybrid®, developed by Hafner Inc., is a competitively priced tricot for a cost-effective solution to the problem of producing fitness apparel that offers both comfort and fit.
  Hydrasuede® - Hydrasuede is a registered trademark of InSport. Hydrasuede is a blend of Supplex® and Lycra® with a soft peach skin face and superior moisture transfer. Hydrasuede has been developed specifically to provide the softest moisture managing stretch fabric available in the marketplace.
  Hydroweave® - AquaTex manufacturers Hydroweave®, a revolutionary new Performance Enhancing Fabric (PEF) that provides active evaporative cooling, improving wearer performance for up to eight hours. This patented lightweight composite fabric is available in standard and flame-resistant versions to fit a broad-range of industrial garment applications. The flame-resistant version of Hydroweave is well suited for use in lightweight garments for racing, fire fighting and other high-heat applications, demonstrating an equivalent Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) rating greater than 150.
  HYGY™ - This group of patented single layer fabrics, produced by King Tech Industries, have multiple functions including super- strength, light weight, breathable, water-repellant, water- resistant, temperature tolerant, color fastness, anti-abrasion, anti-germ, anti-mosquitoes, non-toxic, and recyclable. With extensive R&D capabilities, King Tech is able to engineer and manufacture the best quality fabrics, serving the needs of customers in the sports, leisure, uniform and industrial fields.
  HyPUR-cel® - Rubberlite's HyPUR-cel® line of open-celled polyurethane foams are offered in a variety of densities and thicknesses, HyPUR-cel® is a unique family of medium to high density foams engineered into three formulations to meet specific market needs. The open-celled, breathable polyurethanes are available with anti- microbial additives for footwear and medical applications, flame retardants for automotive and industrial requirements and a variety of firmnesses for controlled shock absorption and cushioning. For footwear, medical, industrial, orthopedic soft goods, automotive, electronic, aerospace, protective equipment and more, HyPUR-cel® is a cost effective solution.
iLoad® - This new textile carrier material, developed by Schoeller, has the ability to integrate cosmetics or medication (under medical supervision), into textiles. Although, still in the development stage, Schoeller intends to be among the frontrunners in the major health trend and offers interested potential business partners intelligent possibilities for an exciting cooperation. The fabric has the ability to be individually loaded and regenerated with beneficial or therapeutic substances. With partnership-based development, the company is seeking individual solutions and designs geared closely to customer requirements. This may take the form of new distribution channels, such as online shops or customer care at point of sale, where for example, effective substances for recharging iLoad® textiles can be bought.
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  Innova® MicroFleece - Innova® MicroFleece is manufacturered by Duofold. It is a mid-weight thermal fabric knitted with Innova® polyolefin fibers. Innova is specified by the U.S. Military for their Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS). The brushed inner surface of the MicroFleece enhances insulation and moisture transfer. A 10% Lycra® content allows a 4-way stretch and freedom of movement It is used in thermalwear.
James Thompson & Co. Fabrics - The woven fabrics manufactured by James Thompson include duck cloth, flannel, muslin, twill, burlap, tickings, wide cotton, buckram, and bull denim, etc. These fabrics are sold only to the trade (i.e. manufacturers, distributors and retailers). James Thompson's fabrics are available to consumers through major fabric chain stores, regional chain stores, and independent fabric and quilt stores. Fabric sample cards are available for qualified businesses only.
  Jason Mills Fabrics - With a focus on industrial fabrics, specialty textiles, apparel, and home furnishings Jason Mills product line includes an extensive collection of stock styles. Technical materials such as spacer, fire resistant and UV resistant textiles are the most recent addition to our line. The company also researches and develops fabrics to meet specific needs. In addition to its manufactured mesh line, Jason Mills distributes custom cut sports-netting for baseball, golf, and lacrosse. The knit construction of its fabrics are warp knitted, which can be subdivided into two knitting styles: tricot and raschel. In its raschel operation, Jason utilizes industrial yarns ranging in deniers of 70 through 1000, and uses primarily nylon, polyester, and recycled yarns.
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KERATAN™ - This new, innovative glove application, developed by Pittards, is designed to significantly enhance the abrasion resistance of Pittards' goatskin leather. The hard surface treatment in KERATAN™ provides several performance properties including improved abrasion resistance, durability, flexibility, breathability, and water resistance. KERATAN™ leather is ideal for gloves used in snowboarding, motorcycling, mountaineering, and any other application where durability is important.
  Kovenex® - Produced by Waubridge Specialty Fabrics, Kovenex is an inherently heat and flame resistant material that offers the ultimate protection in situations where safety is paramount. Kovenex fabrics are non-woven, high performance, flame-resistant thermal barriers that are more effective than traditional thermal barriers on the market today. Koventex is commercially available in a number of domestic and international brands of personal protective equipment (PPE) and FR gear. Kovenex patented blend of fibers produce TPP levels per basis weight equal to or better than other, more expensive woven thermal barriers.
  KTTEX™ - KTTEX™ retro reflective system can be added to HYGY™ fabric or stand alone on most light weight fabrics. With extensive R&D capabilities, King Tech is able to engineer and manufacture the best quality high visibility fabrics serving the need of customers in sports, leisure, uniform and industrial fields.
Lenzing Modal Color - Developed by Lenzing, the Australian fiber producer, Lenzing Modal Color is colored Modal® fibers that are available in the spun-dyed shades of black, red, blue, brown, and beige. A wider range of shades can be achieved through cross-dyeing. Using solution dyed colors with the colored pigments permanently impregnated into the fiber, Lenzing reduces the amount of energy and water required by traditional piece or yarn dyeing processes. Lenzing Modal Color is also more colorfast.
  Lorica IK9™ - Lorica IK9 is a 100% OPF (Oxidized PAN fiber) based technical interlock fabric. Lorica IK9 is a 9.5 oz. fabric, which combines extreme comfort with industry leading fire and electrical arc protection.
  Luxaire - A faux fur that truly rivals the original, made from Glenoit's sliver knitting process..The fabric is vary light-weight for it's volume. It has multi-season comfort, is easy-care, and non-shrink.
  Lycra® - Lycra® is the spandex fiber produced by Invista. It is lightweight and soft, but stronger and more durable than rubber. Lycra can be stretched over 500% without breaking, and can be stretched repeatedly and still recover it's original length. It provides lightweight freedom of movement in men's, women's and children's apparel. Uses include athletic apparel, bathing suits, foundation garments, ski pants, slacks, tights, slacks, support and surgical hose.
M.C.S. Blocker® - This line of outdoor sportswear fabrics for high aerobic activity absorbs, wicks and dries faster than cotton. It offers excellent 40 + UPF Protection. It is more advanced than cotton, because of its high tech, high performance Burlington Moisture Control System. Moisture is dispersed over a wider surface area than conventional fabrics. The result: M.C.S. BLOCKER fabrics absorb, wick and dry more quickly. The fabric offers more strength than cotton because M.C.S. BLOCKER is a specifically designed synthetic fabric, perfectly matched to strenuous, high aerobic activities. With this strength, it resists breaks and tears. The fabrics also offer more comfort than cotton because its unique construction dries faster and won't stick to you like cotton. The M.C.S. BLOCKER cottony-soft fabrics are perfect for sun prot
  M.C.S.® - M.C.S.® is Burlington Performance Fabrics' Moisture Control System of nylon and polyester fabrics treated for wicking performance. MCS fabric is used in performance activewear.
  MAPP® - MAPP®, which stands for Merino Advanced Performance Program, is a fabric produced using exclusive Merino fibers sourced from only the cleanest and purest New Zealand alpine environments. MAPP® incorporates these "Natural Performance" fibers into fabrics specifically designed to work in activity apparel. MAPP® is the "Guarantee of source, process, and functionality."
  Marrakech - A cashmere like pile fabric, made from Glenoit Fabrics' sliver knitting process. The fabric is very light-weight for it's volume. It has multi-season comfort, is easy-care, and non-shrink.
  Marshmallow® - Developed by Sommers Plastics, this is a soft PVC fabric that is created by adding a chemical blowing agent to raw PVC pellets and passing the materiql through an oven, which causes it to expand and rise. Much like yeast, this ingredient creates air bubbles that expand the PVC making it sponge-like. Sommers Marshmallow® has become one of the most recognizable brand names for expanded vinyl.
  Merino State® - Merino State is the ultimate blend of nature and technology, a range of fine premium and functional fabrics for the global apparel industry.
  MFI International Mfg. Finished Products - This company provides cut & sew products and services for a variety of end-use applications. MFI's “Turnkey” or “Full Package” operations are tailored to these industries: apparel (performance and work-wear), aircraft, automotive, furniture, mattress and bedding, specialty seating, pet products safety and first aid, military apparel and other consumer and industrial markets. Specific products include: Automotive/Transportation Interiors; Composites/Aeorspace; Fashion/Garment/Apparel; Filtration; Home Furnishings/Home Fashions; Medical Products; Military/Government; Outdoor/Sports; Protective Products; Upholstered Furniture; Workwear/Uniforms; and Other Sewn Products.
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  Microspike - Pittards' MICROSPIKE is the latest development in performance leather, combining anti-microbial treatment for personal hygene with all the WR100X benefits, which provides for moisture resistance along with allowing perspiration to escape, with no change in the leather strucure.
  Minerale™ - This fabric, developed by Cocona, Inc., uses natural technology™ derived from volcanic minerals. Minerale™ improves the performance and comfort of fabrics by providing exceptional evaporative cooling, odor resistance and added UV protection to keep the wearer comfortable in any environment. The naturally occurring minerals in Minerale™ fabrics are widely used to purify and soften water, because of their ability to absorb impurities. The natural technology™ in Minerale™ is inside the fiber, so it will not wash off or wear out. It is permanent and always working. As a complementary technology to Cocona®, Minerale™ fabrics provide a means to have pure white, pure colors, and finer denier fabrics.
  MiniMicro - A versatile lightweight pile fabric, made from Glenoit Fabrics' sliver knitting process..The fabric is vary light-weight for it's volume. It has multi-season comfort, is easy-care, and non-shrink.
  Mirafi - Developed by TenCate Geosynthetics, Mirafi® consists of a series of targeted geosynthetic fabrics that provide a variety of performance qualities. Tencate's geogrids and geotextiles are engineered with advanced application knowledge to meet project specifications for transportation construction, mechanically stabilized earth, erosion control, water and waste management, and shoreline protection/marine structure construction.
  Moisture-Tech 360 - Moisture-tech® 360°, developed by Sympatex Technologies, is an innovative insole which combines with Moisture-tech® laminate to create an even better micro-climate in the shoe. In addition to the faster wicking in the shaft section by the Moisture-tech® lining laminate, the insole creates a 360° effect. The insole draws the moisture away from the foot or sock and buffers it briefly in an innovative intermediate layer. The rolling movement of the foot generates a ventilation and pumping effect in the ducts structure of the insole which transports moisture in the form of water vapour evenly to the shaft fitted with Moisture-tech® lining laminate. This allows the moisture to be wicked outwards on a large scale, compared to a standard insole where the moisture is not wicked away from the foot which causes a moisture block in the sock. The t
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  Moisture-Tech By Sympatex® - Developed by Sympatex Technologies, this innovation provides for the perfect microclimate in footwear. The technology provides for an innovative waterproof lining laminate that improves the moisture removal from the foot, a large surface area transfer of moisture to the hydrophilic membrane through an innovative intermediate layer, and full area activation of the membrane. All of these qualities ensure perfect dynamic breathability, faster wicking, and a dry foot climate. The innovative Moisture-Tech® laminate assures that perspiration is removed faster. The perfect moisture management keeps feet dry at all times with perfect breathability and comfort.
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  Mr Stitch Embroidery - From caps to patches to shoes, Mr. Stitch is experienced in working with a wide range of products. The company has worked with many large brands and has produced goods for a variety of industries including apparel, bed & bath, and uniforms. Mr. Stitch also produces emblem patches to fit any need. Utilizing only the top designers and machinery, Mr. Stitch creates high quality digitized embroidery, featuring company logos / designs and resilient patches.
  Mystique - A velvety cut pile fabric, made from Glenoit Fabrics' sliver knitting process..The fabric is vary light-weight for it's volume. It has multi-season comfort, is easy-care, and non-shrink.
NANO-Spear TM - Developed by BondCote, NANO-Spear" is a new coated fabric technology developed to inhibit odor causing bacteria and a wide array of microorganisms including mold, mildew, and fungi. Integrated within the fabric is a microscopic bed of nano-size spikes that lie in wait to puncture the cell walls of invading microbes, inhibiting them as they come to rest on the fabrics surface. NANO-Spear technology is a totally new approach in providing long-lasting antimicrobial protection for coated fabrics used in industries that require the highest levels of hygiene.
  Nano-Tex® All Conditions Fleece - Nano-Tex transforms the fleece fibers at a molecular level to create this water-repellant and static-free fabric. Hydrophobic nanoscale “whiskers” elevate water molecules above the fabric’s surface, which helps prevent liquid from penetrating the fabric. To eliminate static, positive and negative ions dissipate static charge as soon as it occurs, preventing static cling, and unpleasant static shock.
  Nano-Tex® Dry Inside - A revolutionary new fabric known as “performance cotton”. Dry Inside combines the moisture management capabilities of the best synthetic active-wear garments with the comfort of 100% cotton. By modifying cotton at the molecular level, Nano-Tex has created a fabric that funnels moisture away from the skin and towards the outer surface where it then evaporates. The result is a fabric that wicks moisture away from skin, won’t feel heavy and damp and retains its natural softness.
  Nano-Tex® Neutralizer - Using a special molecular structure, Nano-Tex Neutralizer fabric intercepts odor molecules caused from perspiration. It clutches these molecules to prevent offending scents from being released into the air, and creates a filter that captures body odor traveling through the fabric. Upon washing, the odor molecules are eliminated from the fabric altogether. Unlike anti-microbial treatments or silver-based treatments, Neutralizer doesn’t use harsh chemicals to kill bacteria. Instead, it neutralizes the odor molecules themselves, making for a more environmentally friendly fabric.
  NanoGLIDE™ - Developed by Next Fiber Technology, NanoGLIDE is a Permanent PTFE Patented Technology for performance apparel and socks that will not wash or wear out, and will retain all other features such as stretch. The fiber’s natural color is white with denier ranges from 60-1200. NanoGLIDE is raising the bar by taking moisture management, skin protection, abrasion, and comfort into high energy levels of: 1) extreme moisture wicking, 2) enhanced durability, 3) ultra-fast drying, 4) reduced friction and 5) extreme abrasion resistance. NanoGLIDE's extreme performance and comfort is gentle on the skin, yet achieve maximum protection. The NanoGLIDE Technology can be used on both knit and woven fabrics.
  Nanosan® - Developed by SNS Nano Fiber Technology, Nanosan®, is a new type of nonwoven composed of polymer nanofibers. Utilizing SNS's proprietary technology, nanofibers can now be produced in larger quantities and at a substantially lower cost, making Nanosan® the first commercially available material of its kind on the market. Specialized nanofiber membranes can also be produced to customer specifications. Nanosan® is available in a variety of basis weights, up to 2 mm thick. Nanosan® can also contain particles (up to 150 micron), dispersed throughout the nanofiber matrix or encapsulated within the nanofibers themselves, thus allowing additional functionality to be added. Nanosan® is suitable for a variety of applications, including personal care products, protective tapes for electrical cables, wound care, decontaminat
  NILIT® Fashion Fibers - NILIT’s fashion yarns produce a contemporary look and offer a balance between fashion and comfort. NILIT developments include innovative textures, dyeing techniques, and eye-catching attractive colors. NILIT®'s Fashion Fibers trademarks include: NILIT® Black Diamond–Sparkling appearances for hosiery/legwear, intimate apparel and fashion applications; NILIT® Britex–Bright, textured yarns for all applications; NILIT® Colorwise–Rich color shades; NILIT® Duelle–Deep contrasts when combining two colors; NILIT® Pastelle–A range of color shades; NILIT® Arafelle–Heather-effect yarns; NILIT® Duomix-Combine NILIT® nylon 6.6 fibers with Easy Dye cationic polyester fibers; NILIT® Brillion–Soft hand fabrics; and NILIT® Softex–Full and Semi dull microfiber yarns with rich color.
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  Nilit® Performance Fibers - Through moisture management and anti-bacterial protection, NILIT fibers enhance performance and endurance. The special properties last the life of the garment, and provide extreme resistance. Nilit®'s Performance Fibers group includes: NILIT® Heat–Captures natural body heat to keep wearers warm; NILIT® Innergy– Microfiber with built-in FIR (far infrared ray) properties; NILIT® Aquarius–Moisture management properties for athletic wear; NILIT® BodyFresh– Highly resilient, flexible yarns with antibacterial properties; NILIT® Breeze– Cooling yarns for sportswear, shape wear, hosiery, lingerie and outerwear; NILIT® Eversheer–Covers spandex for protection and an ultra sheer appearance; and NILIT® Higher Tenacity–Used in high-strength, durable fabrics.
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  Nordic Spirit® - Nordic Spirit®, made by Huntingdon Mills Canada Ltd., are high end pile fabrics made possible by state-of-the-art equipment at the leading edge of computer assisted technologies. These may include polyester, wool, modacrylic, or acyclic fibers of microfibers, imitation furs, and complex jacuard designs. End uses include outerwear, lining in footwear, accessories and home furnishing.
  NüHyde™ - NüHyde is a new patent pending coating, developed by Nüwa Textiles, which increases abrasion resistance by over 450% compared to conventional PU coatings. When the fabric yarns are fused with NüHyde, its high viscosity content creates a barrier on the surface without compromising the tear and tensile strength of the fabric. The coating was tested by the independent testing lab SGS using a 1,000 gram Taber wheel and resulted in an increase from 1,200 cycles for a two-times polyurethane coating to 5,600 cycles for NüHyde. The specially formulated heavy duty performance coating is ideal for luggage, backpacks, and wear areas of garments.
  NuLeather - Developed by The Mitchell Group, Niles, IL, NuLeather is a faux leather fabric, engineered with the highest quality polycarbonate resins that provide the required durability for the most demanding environments. The fabric’s formulation offers outstanding hydrolysis resistance, and its rayon-polyester backing provides unsurpassed strength. The fabric is VOC free and contains no PVC, plasticizers, phthalates, heavy metals or stabilizers. In addition, there are no chemical flame-retardants, or toxic by-products and virtually all chemicals are recycled by the mill. NuLeather is ideal for luggage, upholstery and the home furnishings market.
  Nüwash® - This proprietary hybrid fiber, developed by Nüwa Textiles, has a unique finish, which offers both durability and endless design options. The fabric is featured in stonewashed denim effects, heathers, straw mat looks, or tatamis through the careful intermixing of 95% nylon and 5% synthetic blended fibers that react differently to the dyestuffs. The resulting Nüwash® fabric features three to four colors within the yarn, resulting in a depth and richness not previously achieved in ballistic performance nylon. Developed in heavier weights, the fabric is available in a full range of 400, 840, and 1680 denier ballistic weaves. Nüwash® fabric is suitable for a variety of end-use applications including luggage, backpacks, shoes, river gear, sailing equipment, and other heavy-duty applications where performance is a r
OakTree TM - Developed by BondCote, OakTreeTM is an FR mesh fabric produced by BondCote Corporation. Just like an oak tree, this fabric is very strong and provides excellent shade from direct sun. Though lightweight, OakTree provides an average of 85% sun block. The proprietary coating system provides UV, flame, and mildew resistance. OakTree is available in visual and Infrared Reflectant (IR) colors. OakTree has a minimum service life of 2 years with no degradation of mission performance and a storage life of 5 years, with no significant degradation to extreme temperatures, weathering, mildew, or petroleum, oil, and lubricants (POL). OakTree is weldable.
  Offray Specialty Narrow Fabrics® - Manufactured by OSNF, a solution provider of innovative narrow woven tapes and webbing for high performance applications, this portfolio of narrow fabrics incorporates a variety of narrow textile webbings, tubes, elastics, tapes, lanyards, bindings, ropes and specialty fabrics for a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, outdoor, safety, military, fire protection, filtration, and electrical arc protection. The company uses such specialty yarns as Nomex®, Kevlar®, Vectran®, PBI, and Technora®, and solution-dyed acrylic. OSNF’s R&D department provides narrow fabric solutions to meet a broad array of unique, custom requirements.
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  OuterBounds™ - OuterBounds is a double-sided fleece fabric, developed and manufactured by Tullahoma Industries. The fabric is made of 100% modified polypropylene yarn. The fabric is lightweight, comfortable, warm, quick drying, and more durable, compared to other fleece fabrics. The new generation OuterBounds active fleece product surpasses the insulation properties of similar weight polyester fabrics without being bulky. It provides warmth without weight.
  Outlast® - Outlast® Temperature Regulating Fibers and Fabrics contain millions of micro-thermal spheres that create a dynamic thermal barrier that works to keep the micro-climate next to the skin warm and comfortable, despite changes in outside temperature. These micro-thermal materials absorb, store, distribute, and release heat in response to the body's comfort needs. Uses include: ski boot, gloves, hats, pants, parkas, mountaineering wear, sleeping bags, socks, thermal underwear and bedding products.
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  Outlast® Thermocules™ - As a coating on textiles, Outlast® coated materials offer a higher capacity to store heat than any of Outlast's other applications. Outlast® coanted materials are intended to be used in products that are not in direct contact with the skin (i.e. footwear, bedding, outerwear, etc.). A wide range of materials can be coated.
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Parados® - A leather process technology, which imparts glove leather resistance to chemicals such as oil, petroleum, and diesel for greater safety and security in the military, fire-fighting, high-tech industrial, and motor racing. Parados leather can be produced in lightweight substances without affecting the chemical repellency, allowing for soft, fine, and comfortable gloves.
  Phaseable® - Develped by Sympatex Technologies, this composite material provides functionality during low activity. The 3D foam dots on the membrane act as spacers to the skin and gives increased heat insulation through air chambers between 3D foam dots. During High activity and reduced heat insulation, increased perspiration removal and breathability due to membrane expansion. The benefits offer smart climate control through dynamic heat insulation. Phaseable is as durable as a 3 layer laminate, but is as lightweight as a 2 layer laminate. The fabric is comfortable, 100% waterproof (20.000 mm), breathable, 100% windproof, 100% solvent free, and uses an ecological coating process. Reduced carbon footprint is achieved through 100% EU production.
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  Polartec® Aqua Shell® - Polartec® Aqua Shell® fabrics, made by Malden Mills, feature the warmth of Polartec® thermal fabrics, combined with bodyhugging 4-way stretch and a windproof membrane. They are designed to replace neoprene and spandex skins for many water sports by providing far greater comfort and increased warmth per weight. The 4-way stretch provides a comfortable, non-restrictive fit along with easy donning and doffing. The polyester construction provides a high warmth-to-weight ratio. Polartec® Aqua Shell® fabrics are also odor- and itch-resistant and non-chafing, have outstanding sun protection (UPF 30+), and dry faster than neoprene.
  Polartec® Classic - Polartec® Classic 100" Classic 200", and Classic 300" fabrics are the reference standard for lightweight warmth and breathability. These fabrics have been the primary insulation layer of choice among experienced outdoor enthusiasts for nearly two decades. The 100% polyester velour construction creates air pockets that trap air and retain body heat. Unlike less expensive fleece fabrics, Polartec® Classics maintain their insulating ability and non-pilling appearance after repeated laundering.
  Polartec® Power Dry® - Polartec® Power Dry® keeps skin dry. Anti-microbial finish. Dries quickly. Very breathable base layer for all activities. Polartec¨ Power Dry¨ fabrics are designed to keep your skin dry when you sweat. All fabrics in this series feature a patented bi-component knit construction that uses different yarns on either side of the fabric. This creates two different surfaces: one that is optimized to move moisture away from the skin, the other to dry quickly.
  Polartec® Power Shield - Polartec® Power Shield fabrics represent the next generation of technical outerwear - body armor against the elements. This clothing concept goes beyond traditional 2 -layer systems, which feature fleece insulation and a waterproof/breathable shell, to a single layer that protects against abrasion and cold, wet weather. They feature a smooth, tightly woven nylon face for abrasion resistance equal or superior to the best shells, but without the stiffness and noise. They also have a polyester velour back that traps air and provides a high warmth-to-weight ratio. Garments made from Polartec® Power Shield" fabrics are designed to replace traditional fleece and PTFE shell systems for most outdoor clothing applications, reducing the weight and number of layers needed to insulate and protect. They are ideal for skiing,
  Polartec® Power Shield - Polartec® is a brand distributed by Polartec, LLC. Flame resistant knit fabrics for thermal and outer protection.
  Polartec® Power Stretch® - Polartec® Power Stretch® fabrics feature body-hugging 4-way stretch and are very breathable. These are the most versatile outdoor apparel fabrics available today. The proprietary construction features two unique surfaces: the durable nylon outer layer is wind- and abrasion-resistant; the soft polyester velour inner layer is warm and comfortable.
  Polartec® Thermal Pro® - Polartec® Thermal Pro® fabrics are the most durable of the Polartec® thermal fabrics. Thermal Pro¨ fabrics offer great styling options for virtually every end use. The 100% polyester proprietary fibers and low-pile-velour, pebbled, or shearling surface create a fabric that is at least 30 times more durable than bargain fleece. These fabrics offer excellent breathability and dry quickly, and the velour or pebbled back traps air and provides outstanding warmth without weight. Many styles are also available with a water-repellent finish that sheds rain and snow. Unlike conventional fleece fabrics, Polartec® Thermal Pro® fabrics maintain their insulating ability and non-pilling appearance after repeated laundering and represent the state of the art in fleece fabrics.
  Polartec® Wind Pro® - Polartec® Wind Pro® fabrics are 4 times more wind-resistant than conventional fleece and represent the evolution of lightweight insulation. Proprietary yarns and a very tight construction greatly reduce the effects of wind chill, the Achilles heel of traditional fleece. The durable water-repellent surface sheds rain and snow. Velour or pebbled back efficiently traps air and provides a high warmth-to-weight ratio. Both surfaces of these fabrics are finished for maximum durability and pill-free performance. They retain their insulating ability and original appearance after repeated use and laundering. The combination of wind resistance, warmth, and breathability provides outstanding comfort in a wide range of activities. Polartec® Wind Pro® fabrics are ideal for stylized or technical outerwear as well as versatile layering garments.
  Polartec® Windbloc-ACT® - Polartec® Windbloc-ACT® fabrics provide wind and weather protection for active sports where enhanced breathability is required. By combining several features in a single fabric, they eliminate the need for a windbreaker or additional shell. Patent-pending Air Control Technology® (ACT) enables the fabric to block 98% of the wind. The remaining 2% is allowed to circulate within the fabric, which greatly enhances moisture vapor transmission - 2 times faster than other windproof fleece Ð and improves breathability, reducing the risk of heat-stress buildup. Featuring a breathable stretch- polyurethane membrane, Polartec® Windbloc-ACT® fabrics are constructed with durable water repellency to shed rain and snow. Versions are available that feature a Polartec® Power Dry® lining for moisture management. Polartec® Windbl
  Polartec® Windbloc® - Polartec® Windbloc® fabrics block 100% of the wind and offer maximum protection from the cold and the elements. They combine the warmth of Polartec® thermal fabrics with a polyurethane barrier membrane that allows moisture vapor transmission and is completely windproof and waterproof, eliminating the need for a windbreaker or additional shell. This reduces the weight and number of layers needed to protect and insulate. These fabrics are very durable, quiet, and non-pilling, and have enhanced stretch and recovery, making them appropriate for general outerwear and accessories where weather protection is desirable. Polartec® Windbloc® fabrics are ideal when the activity level is low or intermittent, and when cold and inclement weather demands high-performance outer protection.
  Popcorn Sherpa - A boldly comfortable textured pile fabric, made from Glenoit Fabrics' sliver knitting process..The fabric is vary light-weight for it's volume. It has multi-season comfort, is easy-care, and non-shrink.
  Popper® - Developed by Sommers Plastics, Popper is the latest generation of thermochromatic (color changing) matrials. Based on liquid- crystal technology, Popper goes through three distinct color changes depending on temperature. Below 18 degrees C, the opaque top color is visible; between 18-30 degrees C (room temp.), the middle color is apparent; warmed up above 30 degrees C (by touch of hands, room or water temp.), the base color, print or peek-a-boo message becomes visible "popping" through.
  PORON® Urethanes - This performance material offers resistance to abrasion, friction, tension, and stitch stress. PORON® urethanes are lightweight, smooth to the touch, and resist piping, for the greatest degree of shoe comfort, over the greatest length of time. The PORON Urethanes materials offer a wide variety of colors, thicknesses, densities and surface textures to accommodate any kind of shoe for almost any activity - from the everyday wear associated with dress shoes, to the rigorous demands placed on shoes worn during high-impact sports and exercise. End-uses include: Strap Padding, Glove Cushioning, Sports Equipment Padding, Saddles, Saddle Pads, Protective Equipment, Apparel, Seating Cushioning, Back Packs, Handle Grips for Sports Equipment
  Prima-Tex Fabrics - Prima-Tex prints and finishes wovens, knits and specialty fabrics made from cotton, poly/cotton blends, Lycra® blends, denim, nylon, and poly/rayon blends. The company’s design staff has the capability to design a variety of print patterns including florals, ditsy prints, abstracts, plaids, stripes and a variety of conversational patterns.
  ProSpin® - ProSpin® is a patented core-spun yarn, made by Cone Mills, featuring a polyester core wrapped with a pima cotton blend (55% cotton/45% polyester (core spun)). The result is a fabric which offers the aesthetics of cotton with the performance of a synthetic. ProSpin is naturally wrinkle-resistant and over twice as strong as wrinkle free cotton fabrics with resin treatment. ProSpin is used in men's and women's casual clothing.
  PyroSafe by antex® - PyroSafe by antex®, a new line of flame resistant cotton knits, offers protective clothing manufacturers dramatic new possibilities to expand their lines of fire resistant clothing by introducing the softest, most comfortable and most durable fabrics on the market for industrial applications. Pyrosafe fabrics are currently in use by the U.S. Military.
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ReCast - Developed by The Mitchell Group, the ReCast® patterns of faux leathers are formulated with polycarbonate polymers, containing the strongest resins available for coated fabrics. Polycarbonate is a highly durable and scratch resistant material. ReCast has tremendous physical properties, is easy to clean, and will withstand the abuses of daily life.
  Relyon™ - Deveoped by Consoltex, Relyon™ is a family of Personal Protective Fabrics that are designed and developed for a wide variety of occupations that share one thing in common: Danger. The Relyon family of fabrics offer protection from the hazards associated with flame, arc flash, low visibility, ultra violet rays, chemicals, biohazards, viruses and disease. These fabrics maximize durability and
  Rentex Fabrics - Manufactured by Rentex Mills, Inc., Rentex Fabrics are made with circular/warp knit construction, and are a collection of highly technical and innovative fabrics, made according to customers' specifications. Features of Rentex Performance Fabrics include: abrasion resistance, chlorine resistance, oxygen regulation, sustainable/”green”, moisture control, microbial control, thermo regulation, UV protection, flame resistance, precision topical knits, and high visibility. End-use applications for these fabrics include: military, safety & protective, medical, aquatic, sports textiles, agriculture, theatre, team sports, filtration, flags & banners, and uniforms.
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  Rhinotek® - Rhinotek® is Harrison Technologies high grade, abrasion resistant fabrics that are coated with a patent pending coplymer formulation. Rhinotek fabrics are rugged in wet or dry, extreme hot or cold conditions. Fire and mildew specifications available. Can be created in either 600 denier spun polyester or 1,000 denier Cordura® nylon.
  Roller Clear® / Roller Patent® - This is a process for extruding (calendaring) continuous rolls of 54 inch wide PVC developed by Sommers Plastics. The process allows for greater yield (less waste) and lower costs. Working with this system for producing clear plastic, Sommers became the first company in America to offer Roller Clear and Roller Patent in many gauges (thicknesses) ranging from .006 to .060 and in varying hands, both soft and firm.
  RubbRe™ - This nonwoven sheet rubber material incorporates recycled post consumer tires into a versatile, eco-friendly material suitable for a variety of applications. It is produced in a variety of colors and thicknesses for use in upholstery, wall coverings, out door furniture, tarps, flags & banners, bags/luggage, and home/office accessories.
S2 Technologies™-Stretch System - Consoltex stretch system features nylon, polyester and spandex stretch fabrics that combine high abrasion resistance and durability with superior stretch performan
  S3 Technologies™-Soft Shell System - Developed by Consoltex, S3 Technologies Soft Shell System is a diverse group of soft shell products designed to provide the right level of protection given four critical factors: climate, level of activity, exposure time and tolerance to heat/cold. S3 features double-faced stretch fabrics as well as bonded base layers designed for comfort, insulation and moisture management. The latest addition is iS3 – a patented soft shell system designed for use in winter weather conditions. iS3 features a continuous filament stretch insulation bonded to a lightweight mechanical stretch lining creating the first fully insulating soft shell system that maintains the stretchability, breathability, abrasion and weather resistance of tradition
  Scarecrow Solutions - Scarecrow supplies innovative horticultural and agricultural textile products in New Zealand & Australia.
  Schoeller®-dryskin - Schoeller®-dryskin is a highly functional group of fabrics, made with two-layer contruction. A highly abrasion resistant nylon face coupled with a Coolmax® inside keeps the body dry, even with high activity. Originally designed for mountaineering pants.
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  Schoeller®-dynamic - Trademark name for Schoeller's elastic (mono- and bi-stretch) woven fabrics incorporating abrasion resistant yarns such as nylon and Cordura® for performance applications and natural fiber blends for modern sportswear variety. Designed for pants and jackets.
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  Schoeller®-dynatec - Schoeller's tear and abrasion resistant fabrics, designed for protection. These fabrics are suitable for mountaineering, motorcycling, snowboarding, rucksacks, etc.
  Schoeller®-keprotec® - Schoeller®-keprotec® is a group of highly tear and abrsion resistant fabrics, made with tough Kevlar® fiber. These fabrics are designed for occupational safety, motorcycling, snowboarding, skiing, fire brigade wearing, etc. For protective workwear, special characteristics can be developed, like cut and flame resistance.
  Schoeller®-PCM" - Schoeller®-PCM" is a new group of "smart" textiles featuring active thermal regulation,based on Phase Change Technology. The PCM in the microcapsules are set to a specific temperature range. When the temperature rises, they store the excess heat. When the temperature falls again, they release the previously stored heat.
  Schoeller®-prestige - Schoeller's elastic bi-stretch woven fabrics (up to 55% EL in warp and weft). These fabrics are designed for horse back riding, streetwear, and fashion.
  Schoeller®-skifans - Trademark name for Schoellers insulating stretch woven fabrics with an abrasion resistant nylon face coupled with wool inside, which allows for a supple, fleecy hand. Designed for ski garments, mountaineering, and active garments.
  Schoeller®-spirit - Schoeller's fashionable fabrics with a technical look and performance. These fabrics are designed for sportswear, street wear, and fashion.
  Schoeller®-stretchlight - Trademark name for Schoeller's stretch woven fabrics (mono- and bi-stretch) with an abrasion resistant face and a cotton inside for pleasant wearing comfort. These fabrics have a water and dirt repellant finish, and are designed for functional pants.
  Schoeller®-WB-400 - Schoeller's stretch woven fabrics (one or two way stretch), developed with a water, wind and snow barrier. These fabrics have a fleece backing and an air permeable coating, and are designed for winter garments.
  Schoeller®-WB-formula - Schoeller®-WB-formula is a group of lightweight stretch woven fabrics (mono- and bi-stretch), with a waterproof and windproof membrane. Designed for lightweight weather protection garments that offer a great freedom of movement.
  Sentry FR™ - This is a new line of improved FR safety & protective elastics, launched by Offray Specialty Narrow Fabrics and FULFLEX®. FR-FLEX™ features improved FR capabilities for an upgraded no melt/no drip performance with increased design options. Using FR-Flex™ allows for a thinner, flatter design with better hand while not sacrificing performance. End-use applications include harness webbing for SCBA, elastics for face masks, straps for thermal imaging cameras, suspenders and belts for pants and lifelines as well escape ropes for safety. All products are engineered to meet NFPA Standards.
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  Shelter-Rite - For over 40 years, Shelter-Rite® architectural fabrics have been engineered with a proprietary coating formula for superior UV and mildew resistance, and unique weft inserted knit fabric that provides excellent tensile, tear and seam strength. This time-tested technology has resulted in architectural structures that maintain long-lasting aesthetics. For added protection from the elements, Seaman Corporation offers the broadest line of top finishes in the industry featuring Shelter-Rite® Brite™ Tedlar® and Kynar® fluoropolymer top finishes.
  Silver Lining®™ - This soft, non-woven, reflective insulation fabric, developed by Advanced Flexible Materials, creates a comfortable insulating lining. Made of aluminized polymer film, Silver Lining’s radiant barrier both bars and allows the penetration of heat to maintain a consistent temperature in an environment. Silver Lining’s ultra- thin coating of 99.99999% pure aluminum is applied in a vacuum chamber. The highly efficient heat-reflective coating is about 1/100th the thickness of a human hair. The micro-thin reflective insulation coating is capable of returning up to 80% of a person’s body heat. Silver Lining’s reflective insulation can be compared to a “heat-mirror”. Just as a mirror returns light, a “heat-mirror” returns heat.
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  Skilcraft - This custom textile product, produced by Industries of the Blind (IOB), is manufactured for commercial and government businesses. As a non-Profit organization, the IOB's Skilcraft products represent high quality garments. The IOB organization also makes non-textile products using a visually impaired team. The Skilcraft sewn products can be found in the apparel, sposrts textile, home furnishings, safety & protective, industrial, and medical markets.
  Sleepskin - Developed by Springs Creative, Sleepskin is the first performance fabric scientifically developed to improve sleep. This new patented mattress fabric uses revolutionary "Fluid Stretch" to offer an unparalleled level of pressure relief and comfort. Test show that Sleepskin stretches 20 times easier than "super stretch knits". And, the fabric surface of Sleepskin allows for super quick moisture evaporation, which greatly improves surface comfort. Nothing is more important than temperature-regulation during sleep. Sleepskin is specifically constructed to transmit heat away from the body, giving a cooler sleep.
  SOLARMAX® - SOLARMAX® is the registered trademark for the INVISTA brand of UV-resistant fiber and fabric. It features superior ultraviolet resistance and durability that promote excellent style benefits for use in outdoor fabric applications. SOLARMAX® is ideal for use in flags, banners, hot-air balloons, parachutes, life jackets, tents and other such products that must withstand environmental stress. An inherent strength and a built-in ultraviolet resistance, using a base type 6,6 nylon, allow superior performance over type 6 nylons and polyesters of similar fabric constructions.
  Sportek™ Fabrics - This fabric brand, offered by Sportek International Inc., incorporates one of the largest selection of imported/converted knit textiles distributed in the US. Targeted towards the swimwear, cycle wear, rash guard, dance wear and outer wear markets, the vast collection includes: stretch fabrics, pile/fleece, technical/functional fabrics, organic/eco-friendly, and stretch meshes, and FR fabrics, etc.
  STA-COOL® - This specialty yarn Introduced by Fiber and Yarn Products, Inc. is known as the "SOFTER-SMOOTHER-COOLER U™" yarn. The yarn is produced though the use of a "trade-secret" process and technology to supply amazing moisture movement to filament or spun polyester yarns. Finished products made with yarns using the company's special STA-COOL® process feature enhanced stain release properties, quicker drying times, and greater wicking action, leaving the consumer with a feeling of comfort and softness that will have them wanting more STA-COOL® garments.
  Sta-Kleen - Developed by The Michell Group, Sta-Kleen is the first performance fabric and a revolution in faux leather urethane upholstery that cleans permanent marker and ballpoint pen. Sta-Kleen fabric makes it easy to remove tough stains including ketchup, yellow mustard, nail polish, lotions, creams and topical antiseptics that would stain conventional urethane upholstery forever. Sta-Kleen offers permanent protection, created with a proprietary bonding process inherent in the manufacturing process of the product. It is not a topical application: it will last the lifetime of the upholstery.
  StrataTek - This fabric collection features a two-layer construction with spandex hidden in the middle. Each layer is unique in that it is completely separated from the other layer giving each layer the ability to stand on its own in form or functionality. This two-layer concept makes StrataTek completely unique in the knit category. Each side can be custom-designed to fit the need or end-use of a particular application. Besides performance qualities, the fabrics allaows the designer to customize differences between the outward and next-to-skin layers. Fabric weights range from base layer to outerwear.
  SunDancer - An all-purpose, comfort pile fabric made from Glenoit Fabrics' sliver knitting process. The fabric is very light-weight for it's volume. It has multi-season comfort, is easy-care, and non-shrink.
  SuperFabric® - This broad array of innovative materials integrate commercially available materials with custom-proprietary armor technology to create award winning extreme textiles. These materials offer durability, flexibility, breathability, water resistance, abrasion resistance, stain resistance, and slash resistance. They are utilized in industrial, commercial, recreational, and military application around the globe. Our materials enhance product performance. We also offer lightweight fabrics, custom colors, logos and patterns. No other material offers such value, performance and versatility-simultaneously.
  Superfino® - Incredible advancements in circular knitting have given Texollini the ability to produce fine-gauge European knitting utilizing ultra-fine yarns. Containing over twice the number of stitches per inch (as many as 8,000), the fabrics utilize combinations of very fine fibers and yarns, combined with lightweight, durable Lycra®. Texollini's industry-leading, Made in America Superfino® and Ultrafino® fabrics provide density, durability, support and quality for a variety of primary markets from lingerie to swimwear to casual sportswear.
  Sympatex High2Out® - Developed by Sympatex Technologies for fast and effective removal of sweat through its hydrophilic membrane combined with a particularly absorbent textile layer. In this technology, droplets of sweat are absorbed in a matter of seconds and removed from the skin, which provides for 120% better breathability combined with excellent climate control. Applications for this technology include apparel, footwear, and extreme conditions for top sporting performance.
  Sympatex Reflexion® - Developed by Sympatex Technologies, this innovation provides for innovative heat technology. The technology provides for vapor deposition of aluminium onto the membrane, which results in up to 75% of body heat being reflected. The membrane achieves up to 3.6°C less heat loss and offers more freedom of movement and better performance, due to the lack of additional layers of insulation. In addition, the technology is 100% waterproof and provides optimal breathability. The reflection effect of the aluminium coating achieves up to 3.6°C less heat loss and reduces energy costs in a water bed by up to 70%. it creates a perfect climate for sleeping.
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  Sympatex® Fabrics - Developed by Sympatex Technologies, the Sympatex brand was created in 1986 by the Akzo Nobel Group as a result of a polymer patent application. The Dutch group of companies used the polymer product to develop pioneering membrane technology. The brand name was created from an amalgamation of the terms “sympathetic” (resp. “friendly”) and “textiles”. Sympatex develops, manufactures and sells membranes, laminates, functional textiles, finished products and end products for a range of applications with selected partners all over the world. The products with the Sympatex membrane are tested in minute details at the Sympatex laboratories to ensure that they feature good workmanship, are water and windproof, breathable and durable. In addition all seams are sealed with genuine Sympatex tape to ensure that they are waterproof.
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Teflon® - DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector is a fluorochemical finish and is one of the industry leaders in durable stain and soil protection for apparel, home and technical textiles.   Teflon® fabric protector delivers durable, long lasting protection by forming a molecular shield around the fibers guarding against oil- water-based stains, dust and dry soil.  All of this, without impacting the look, touch, feel, color or breathability of the fabric.   The product is professionally applied at the fabric mill or fabric finisher for durable performance and has a wide portfolio of products including repellent technologies, stain release technologies and dual action which combines the benefits of repel and release.  
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  Texollini Fabrics - Developed by Texollini, This collection of circular knit fabrics contain a variety of fine gauge to heavier gauge constructions including jerseys, novelties, jacquards French terries, piques, interlocks, ribs, thermals, ponte de romas, ottomans, pointelles, textures, sheers, all with or without Lycra®/spandex. The fabrics are made from a variety of fibers and yarns, and many constructions contain the latest technical fibers for the ultimate in quality and performance. Texollini's line of fabrics are targeted for use in sportswear, activewear, performance wear, intimate apparel, and swimwear, with targeted specialty fabrics developed for use in the military, safety & protective, industrial, and medical applications.
  Thermolite® - Thermolite®, made by Invista, provides warmth and comfort without weight, even when wet. It's a lightweight fabric that provides heavy-duty performance, because it's a performance fabric that traps air for greater insulation. It dries 20% faster than other insulating fabrics, and 50% faster than cotton. Thermolite® is the perfect layering fabric because it's comfortable and lightweight, allowing more freedom of movement.
  ThinSkin® - ThinSkin®, developed by Hafner Inc., is a lightweight base layer fabric that offers unmatched levels of moisture management and comfort. This ultra-comfortable fabric combines the best moisture management technology with a fit that doesn’t add bulk.
  Tibetan Fleece - Tibetan Fleece is manufactured by Duofold using Invista's microfibers - 70% Micromatique® and 30% Microselect®, for warmth, comfort and dryness. Called the "technical cashmere" of performance sports apparel, it can withstand harshest conditions and remain extremely soft.
  Toughtek® - Toughtek® is Harrison Technologies abrasion resistant grip fabrics that are both rugged and nonslip in wet and dry, hot and cold conditions. Fire and mildew specifications are available.
  Triphibian® - A registered trademark of Insport, Triphibian is a breathable, windproof, water-resistant tri-layer fabric with Vapex®--the superior all-weather barrier. Triphibian provides superior breathability, moisture management and protection from the elements.
  Tullahoma Fabrics - Tullahoma Industries LLC is a manufacturer of apparel for the US military, and has developed a product for the performance sportswear market called OuterBounds™. Tullahoma also works on a commission basis with manufacturers to provide converting services in both knit and woven fabrics. The company's corporate headquarters is located in Tullahoma, Tennessee, and it has manufacturing facilities in Tullahoma, Tennessee, Gruetli- laager, Tennessee, and Brilliant, Alabama. Tullahoma is ISO 9001 Certified.
Ulrafino® - Incredible advancements in circular knitting have given Texollini the ability to produce fine-gauge European knitting utilizing ultra-fine yarns. Containing over twice the number of stitches per inch (as many as 8,000), the fabrics utilize combinations of very fine fibers and yarns, combined with lightweight, durable Lycra®. Texollini's industry-leading, Made in America Superfino® and Ultrafino® fabrics provide density, durability, support and quality for a variety of primary markets from lingerie to swimwear to casual sportswear.
  Ultraflect™ - Developed by Advanced Flexible Materials, this is an innovative, reflective, lightweight (35 GSM) polyester woven insulation fabric. AFM Heatsheets' new DWR-coated Ultraflect™ with Silver Lining® technology translates the products originally developed for space environments into today’s demands for comfort, convenience, style, and function. With a single reflective-insulation layer, Ultraflect™ provides protection in a more compact form. The fabric incorporates an ultra-thin, soft, and durable reflective-insulation membrane laminated to familiar woven fabrics to deliver exceptional protection from the burning rays of the sun, or to stimulate warming.
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  Ultrasoft® - Ultrasoft® is a Westex brand distributed by Charles Parsons. Trusted flame resistant fabrics with market proven performance.
  United Knitting Fabrics - United Knitting Fabrics are a line of fabrics, produced by United Knitting, a world leader in the product development and production of performance stretch knitted fabrics. the fabrics are targeted towards the outdoor, fitness, team sports, and swimwear markets. Located in Tennessee, United Knitting maintains a modern circular knitting, dyeing, and finishing facility. Consistency, flexibility, and conformity to requirements are its top priority in developing high quality, innovative fabrics for its partner customers.
  Unitex International Fabrics - UNITEX International is an innovative knitter and converter serving the apparel industry for over 20 years. The vast line of product includes prints, stripes, novelties and hi-end superior blend of yarns. Contemporary line of knits are produced per season and made available for sampling. The product line is supported by strong commitment to quality and customer service at the right price.
Valdese Extreme Weave - Valdese Weavers' Extreme Weave collection is a new offering of specially engineered fabrics ensuring unparalleled durability. Extreme Weave fabrics are available in a myriad of colors and textures including chenille, boucle, tapestries and damasks. Extreme Weave fabrics perform to the same abrasion standards often required in public, office and health care facilities. In homes, these fabrics stand up to the everyday wear and tear associated with pets, children, and even the most challenging grown-ups. Extreme Weave is tough, strong and resilient. Welcome to a brand new world of durable textiles.
  Vaportex® - Developed by Texollini, Vaportex® moisture management is a high-tech topical treatment that ensures that garments will outperform garments made with ordinary fabrics. Vaportex® finishing treatment means that the wearer will stay drier, longer, meaning they can play, work, or workout longer and harder, all the while remaining comfortable and dry.
  VELCRO® Brand Adhesives - Developed by VELCRO® USA, VELCRO® brand products are available with a variety of adhesive systems (i.e. Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Solvent and Heat Activated Adhesives, to best fit the application. VELCRO® Brand Adhesives are not recommended for submersion in water or on plastics with high concentrations of plasticizers. The adhesives are not washable or dry cleanable.
  VELCRO® Brand BUNDLE TIES - Designed for specifically for commercial bundling and plant stabilization, VELCRO® brand BUNDLE TIES are fasteners for horticulture, grocery produce, viticulture, and floriculture. The fasteners function well in moist, wet, hot, cold and frozen conditions. They reduce the bruising and damage often inflicted by elastic bands and wire ties. FDA compliant for produce bundling and food packaging, VELCRO® brand BUNDLE TIES are available in a variety of colors and can be custom printed for displaying PLU/SKU numbers.
  VELCRO® Brand Double-Faced Loop - This dual-sided and hook compatible loop, developed by VELCRO USA, is ideal for orthopedic bracing or sports and recreation applications. The bonded construction eliminates loose threads when cutting and sewn construction offers superior strength. The product is compatible with a wide variety of VELCRO® Brand hooks. It is ideal for applications involving skin contact. The dual-sided and hook compatible loop product is also available in dye-to-match color options.
  VELCRO® Brand FNL - Based on Fork Needle Loop (FNL) technology, VELCRO USA's patented non-woven loop process creates products that are designed to maximized peel and shear performance. The unique "loop trees" stand up for maximum engagement with VELCRO® brand hooks and are perfectly suited for lower cycle and single-use disposable applications. Combined with a manufacturing process that delivers consistent weight across the web, VELCRO® brand FNL offers highly secure fastening performance. Environmentally smart options are available for greener solutions.
  VELCRO® Brand Laminates - This laminated loop fabric for displays, medical soft goods, etc. is compatible with many VELCRO® Brand and ULTRA-MATE® Brand Hooks. The fabric is available in full 60" width or cut to the width, length, or shape required. The fabric is also available in a wide range of standard stock colors, with custom color options available. It withstands spot cleaning using bleach-free household cleaning agents.
  VELCRO® Brand Military Fasteners - Designed to meet the US Commercial Item Description AA55126 (Rev. B), issued by the Defense Supply Center, Philadelphia, PA, the commercial item description covers the requirements for different types, classes, colors, and widths of hook and loop fasteners. Most of VELCRO USA's nylon products are available in a wide range of colors, including approved military shades. With manufacturing located in New Hampshire, VELCRO USA's products are certified, "Made in the USA", in addition to meeting the requirements of the Berry Amendment.
  VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Fasteners - Developed by VELCRO USA, this self-gripping fasteners for cord control and cable management is a back-to-back fastener laminated without glue and no chemical residue. Designed for durability, ONE-WRAP® fasteners can be used over and over again. The broad range of strap styles and sizes are suitable for a wide variety of cord control applications. The standard straps are available in 11 colors that are great for electrical and network coding. ONE-WRAP® fasteners are also available in a fire retardant version.
  VELCRO® Brand VELCOIN® Fasteners - Developed by VELCRO USA, these fasteners are available in a variety of round shapes that prevents lifted edges and easy peel from the release liner. A variety of backings are also available, including pressure sensitive rubber-based and acrylic adhesives or heat sealable and solvent activated coatings. The hook and loop components are sold separately in multiple roll sizes to accommodate specific requirements. The product is available in VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop or plastic VELCRO® Brand Hook and Knit to suit particular applications. Other combinations include plastic hooks, polyester hook and loop, and knit loop.
  VELSTRETCH® Brand Elastic Loops - This stretch loop, designed by VELCRO USA, is targeted towards medical, orthopedic, sports, and strapping applications. The elastic loops are woven with elastic fibers for applications requiring flexibility, stretch, or cinching. The product is designed for comfort and durability with its smooth, low profile surface. It is also breathable, sewable, and easily incorporated into custom straps or fabricated items. VELSTRETCH® Brand Elastic Loops are compatible with a wide range of VELCRO USA's woven and plastic hooks, and can be customized for specific applications.
  VisaEndurance® - VisaEndurance is a smart fabric from Milliken that combines an effective, long-lasting odor control with moisture management, in a variety of performance apparel fabrics. The comfortable, durable fabric, made from microfiber polyester in several fabric weights and stitch patterns, is used in a wide range of items including t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, base-layer garments, men's briefs and boxers, and women's underwear.
  Visco-cel® - Visco-cel® is Rubberlite's line of open celled polyurethane foam featuring slow recovery memory cells. From mattress pads, wheelchair seating and much more, Visco-cel® offers superior cushioning for even pressure distribution. Visco-cel®’s physical properties meet the necessary requirements to supply a shock absorption layer in athletic footwear and ergonomic applications including occupational seating and protective padding. Excellent compression set resistance, slow recovery and uniform cell structure make Visco-cel® an outstanding material for cushioning, ergonomic and shock control applications.
  Vortech® - Vortech® is a registered trademark of InSport. It is a luxurious, soft, quiet hand on a lightweight microfiber polyester fabric. It is highly water repellent by construction, which provides moisture vapor transfer. The lightweight construction is also wind resistant due to the high density of the microfilament weave.
WCL - Range of Single faced polyester satin labels, ranging from 15mm up to 150mm, a choice of colours and either plain or preprinted, based on customers requirements.
  WR100X - A leather developed by Pittards, shugs off moisture and allows perspiration to escape without causing any change in the structure of the leather.
XALT® - XALT® (Xtreme Allweather Laminate Technology) is a high tech composite system that combines innovative fabric and laminate technology for superior waterproof, breathable, windproof comfort and protection. XALT® is made by Burlington Performance Fabrics. End use: Performance Outerwear.
  XR Geomembranes - For over 25 years, XR technology has set the industry standard for geomembrane strength, durability and performance. Plus, its long record of successful installations containing a variety of harsh liquids has given Seaman Corporation a recognized position of leadership in this very specialized field. XR technology is used in all types of applications including pond liners, secondary containment, floating covers, wastewater baffles and potable water containment.
YB Wet® - YB Wet®, developed by Hafner Inc., is a new high-tech fabric available exclusively from Hafner. State-of-the-art Nanotex® technology means apparel made with YB Wet fabric will repel water without sacrificing breathability. It absorbs less and dries quicker. YB Wet ... when you can stay dry!
  Yukon 2000® - Yukon 2000® fabrics, made by Huntingdon Mills Canada Ltd., is a 100% polyester fabric with double velour surfaces, providing maximum durability and pilling resistance. The fabric offers excellent water vapor transmission and are breathable. End uses include outerwear, lining in footwear, accessories and home furnishing.
  Yukon Fleece® - Yukon Fleece®, made by Huntingdon Mills Canada Ltd., is a 100% polyester fabric, which has an excellent warmth to weight ratio. Fabric is available in a wide range of weights, colours and finishes. End uses include outerwear, lining in footwear, accessories and home furnishing.


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