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April 27, 2017



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Component Material Trademark & Brand Name Index

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ACTIV-DRI Down™ - Developed by DOWNLITE, this down insulation is ideal for active outdoor applications, due to its great ability to reduce water absorption by up to 60%, compared to un-treated down. This flourine-free and bluesign® system partner chemistry does not add weight, odor, or have an adverse effect on fill power.
  AeroFlate TM - This fabric construction is made of high tenacity polyester with an exceedingly dense weave to provide a dimensionally stable product. The highly engineered PVC wet coating is applied in multiple processes to provide long lasting color and fabric protection from UV-A and UV-B, and mildew/fungi. It takes the combination of elements to craft this highly engineered quality product. The PVC is formulated to provide increased durability by increasing abrasion, oil, and sea water resistance. The fabrication is easily weldable through high frequency hot air welding, has increased peel and shear strength, and can be easily cleaned using mild soap and water.
  Airskin - This comprehensive line of spacer fabrics have applications as temperature regulating comfort fabrics in the medical, seating, footwear, mattress, and high-end apparel markets. Based on a three layer fabric, Airskin provides a unique channel in its middle area that draws heat and moisture away from the body. With up to 20 times the air permeability compared to normal fabrics, this channel serves as a temperature-regulating medium, as well as offering additional cushion and support.
  Alamac American Fabrics - Alamac American Knits uses natural, synthetic or blended fibers to produce knitted fabrics in textures, stripes, novelties, and solids. The company has extensive experience in manufacturing knitted fabrics for performance wear, protective wear, flame retardant and industrial laundering programs. Alamac also produces, piece-dyed and yarn dyed woven fabrics for a broad range of end users in the apparel, industrial and interior fabrics markets, from light weight apparel for undergarments and performance athletic wear to heavy weight durable upholstery and industrial fabrics.
  Alandale Knitted Fabrics - As a subsidiary of Coville, Inc., Alandale Knitting Company utilizes state-of-the-art knitting equipment across its fabric operations to produce a broad array of circular knitted fabrics, which include jerseys, French terries, thermals, ribs, fleeces, and interlocks. Additional fabric production services include fabric development, design and sampling, contract knitting, and more. The company's fabrics can be found in underwear, activewear, and sportswear for the private label apparel market. Alandale also provides Berry Amendment certified protective and performance fabrics for military uniforms, as well as fire retardant, arc flash, high visibility, and ballistic fabrics for the personal protection market.
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