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August 15, 2018


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Teflon EcoElite™ - Teflon EcoElite™ finish is based on Zelan™ R3 which contains 60% renewable content (ASTM D6866-12) and recognized as a USDA- certified Biobased product. The chemistry for Teflon EcoElite™ renewably sourced finish (Zelan™ R3) is bluesign® approved and is an approved input finishing chemical for application in the processing of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified textile products, assessed by IMOswiss AG, a GOTS Approved Certifier.
  Teflon® - Teflon® textile finishes are a portfolio of products to meet the demanding repellent and stain performance levels and sustainability requirement of the brand customer and end consumer. All of this, without impacting the look, touch, feel, color or breathability of the fabric. The product is professionally applied at the fabric mill or fabric finisher for durable performance. Teflon EcoElite™ finish is the first renewably sourced, non-fluorinated fabric treatment for durable water repellency and is manufactured with 63 percent renewably sourced raw materials. Teflon® fabric protector is a fluorochemical finish and the ultimate in durable stain and soil protection for apparel, home and technical textiles.
  Teflon™ fabric protector - Developed by Chemours Company, this product is an industry leader in durable stain and soil protection for apparel, home textiles and a variety of other items made from textiles. Teflon™ fabric protector works on all fabric types by surrounding each fiber with an invisible molecular shield guarding against oil- and water-based stains, dust and dry soil. All without impacting the look, touch, feel, color or breathability of the fabric.
  Teflon™ textile finishes - Developed by the Chemours Compqany, this is a a portfolio of products that meet the demanding repellent and stain performance levels and sustainability requirement for branded apparel and the end consumer. Whether the need is for a durable water repellency in a frequently washed fabric or an ultimate stain finish in a fabric exposed to abrasion, Teflon™ textile finishes is the answer.
  Texollini Fabrics - Developed by Texollini, This collection of circular knit fabrics contain a variety of fine gauge to heavier gauge constructions including jerseys, novelties, jacquards French terries, piques, interlocks, ribs, thermals, ponte de romas, ottomans, pointelles, textures, sheers, all with or without Lycra®/spandex. The fabrics are made from a variety of fibers and yarns, and many constructions contain the latest technical fibers for the ultimate in quality and performance. Texollini's line of fabrics are targeted for use in sportswear, activewear, performance wear, intimate apparel, and swimwear, with targeted specialty fabrics developed for use in the military, safety & protective, industrial, and medical applications.
  Thermolite® - Thermolite®, made by Invista, provides warmth and comfort without weight, even when wet. It's a lightweight fabric that provides heavy-duty performance, because it's a performance fabric that traps air for greater insulation. It dries 20% faster than other insulating fabrics, and 50% faster than cotton. Thermolite® is the perfect layering fabric because it's comfortable and lightweight, allowing more freedom of movement.
  ThinSkin® - ThinSkin®, developed by Hafner Inc., is a lightweight base layer fabric that offers unmatched levels of moisture management and comfort. This ultra-comfortable fabric combines the best moisture management technology with a fit that doesn’t add bulk.
  Tibetan Fleece - Tibetan Fleece is manufactured by Duofold using Invista's microfibers - 70% Micromatique® and 30% Microselect®, for warmth, comfort and dryness. Called the "technical cashmere" of performance sports apparel, it can withstand harshest conditions and remain extremely soft.
  TIRRENIA™ - This is a new brand of CLARINO™ fabric, developed by Kuraray Co., Ltd., which is a line of non-solvent microfiber that looks and feels more like natural leather. Using the CLARINO Advanced Technology System, TIRRENINA is an ideal material for performance categories because of its superior physical properties. TIRRENIA™ features include: Solvent-free manufacturing process; Low PU content; Higher physical properties, especially bonding and tear strength, and low and even elongation; and Superior hand, feel, and function.
  Toughtek® - Toughtek® is Harrison Technologies abrasion resistant grip fabrics that are both rugged and nonslip in wet and dry, hot and cold conditions. Fire and mildew specifications are available.
  Tricots-Liesse Fabrics - Tricots-Liesse produces a vaiety of circular knit fabrics, including: 1) Single Knits: plain jersey, feeder and engineered stripes, bird's eye, lacoste, mesh, an infinite number of jacquards, jerseys in plaited, fluid and control weights, crochets and novelty constructions in both piece-dyed and yarn-dye version; gauges from 14 to 40; 2) Double Knits: jacquards, interlocks, PDRs, double-face, blisters, transfer jacquards, lined crochets, ribs and trims, all fabrics are available in both piece-dye and yarn-dye versions, in gauges from 14 to 28; 3) Swimwear Fabrics: Custom finishes such as wicking, anti-fungal, resistance to chlorinated pool water, resistance to sea water; 4) Surface Finishes: sueding, sanding, shearing, napping and decating; and 5) Chemical Finishes: Wicking, anti-fungal, fire retardancy, water repellency, ice finish.
  Triphibian® - A registered trademark of Insport, Triphibian is a breathable, windproof, water-resistant tri-layer fabric with Vapex®--the superior all-weather barrier. Triphibian provides superior breathability, moisture management and protection from the elements.
  Tullahoma Fabrics - Tullahoma Industries LLC is a manufacturer of apparel for the US military, and has developed a product for the performance sportswear market called OuterBounds™. Tullahoma also works on a commission basis with manufacturers to provide converting services in both knit and woven fabrics. The company's corporate headquarters is located in Tullahoma, Tennessee, and it has manufacturing facilities in Tullahoma, Tennessee, Gruetli- laager, Tennessee, and Brilliant, Alabama. Tullahoma is ISO 9001 Certified.
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