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May 19, 2019


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Bally Ribbon Mills Fabrics - Since 1923, Bally Ribbon Mills has been involved in the design, development, and manufacture of engineered woven webbing, tapes, and specialty fabrics. These products are designed for aerospace, defense, medical, safety, automotive, commercial, and industrial applications. In addition since 1991, Ballys engineering team has increased their efforts to meet the growing demand in the composites industry with woven preforms and 2-D and 3-D structural fabrics.
  Berber By Glenoit Fabrics - Berber is Glenoit Fabrics' cut pile fabric with a tumbled, curled, tweed-like surface, made of MicroSupreme/acrylic/ polyester/modacrylic. Major properties of this easy-care fabric include moisture transport capabilities, excellent color retention, and quick drying. The pile is used in outerwear, skiwear, and casual sportswear.
  Berwick Offray Polypropylen Ribbons & Bows - Berwick Offray's Polypropylene Ribbons and bows include polypropylene curling ribbons, manufactured by Berwick Offray. The ribbons are offered in a wide variety of colors, prints, holographic designs, and sparkalene varieties to fit a variety of needs.
  Berwick Offray Woven Ribbon - Berwick Offray's Woven Ribbon Group, developed by Berwick Offray, includes chevron patterns, grosgrains, double-faced satins, Simply Sheer Asiana, burlaps and bakers twine.
  Body Care® - BODY CARE® (Quick Dry — QD100) This fabric absorbs the moisture and perspiration from the skin and transports it quickly through the fabric for fast evaporation. BODY CARE® (Multi-Function — AB100) This fabric is a highly effective natural anti-microbial agent, restraining the microbe from breeding, and is both ecologically and environmentally friendly.
  BondBarrierTM - BondBarrierTM composites, developed by BondCote, are produced using Saint-Gobains CoreTech barrier membrane, and are designed to provide protection against chemical and biological warfare agents. BondBarrier has been tested and proven to pass HD and VX agents under SD protocol for 72 hours. BondBarrierTM is constructed to meet the strictest physical requirements of military performance standards, covering flame resistance, blackout and mildew resistance. The BondBarrier family currently consists of products including exterior floor/wall, liner/ plenum and ducting. The composites were developed to allow standard fabrication welding techniques to be utilized, including Radio Frequency, hot air, hot wedge and hot bar.
  Bravo - Coated fabrics for mattress protection designed to assist with infection control, pressure care and Moisture Management.
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