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May 19, 2019


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Radici Group A leading Italian multinational chemicals, this company brings fifty years of experience in the fibers sector to the textile industry. One of the Group’s strong points is its vertical integration of polyamide production. State-of-the-art plants, advanced production technologies, and complete production processes contribute to the manufacture of the highest quality yarns with properties that make them ideal for a variety of application sectors. These applications include automotive, clothing, furnishings, residential, industrial, and contract flooring.
  RadiciSpandex  (Fiber Producer) RadiciSpandex Corp. is a U.S. subsidiary of The Radici Group, an Italian based entity that employs over 5600 employees at 49 production units in 15 countries worldwide. The company's trademark product is RadElast®.
  Redding Canvas Redding Canvas is a manufacturer of custom covers, as well as selling the stock fabrics used in the covers. The company manufactures items to your specifications. Family owned and operated since 1985, Redding Canvas has a reputation for building quality, durable canvas products. The company believes in using the best techniques, the best materials, and the best prices to make canvas products that will last for years. Many of the company's items carry a 5 yr. guarantee. Redding Canvas's manufactured items include covers for sandboxes, swamp coolers, satellite dishes, sun shades, patios, retractable covers, valances, and tarps.
  Reebok Based in Canton, MA, Reebok is an American-inspired, global brand that creates and markets sports and lifestyle products built upon a strong heritage and authenticity in sports, fitness and women’s categories. The brand is committed to designing products and marketing programs that reflect creativity and the desire to constantly challenge the status quo. Reebok is dedicated to providing each and every athlete - from professional athletes to recreational runners to kids on the playground - with the opportunity, the products, and the inspiration to achieve what they are capable of. We all have the potential to do great things. As a brand, Reebok has the unique opportunity to help consumers, athletes and artists, partners and employees fulfill their true potential and reach heights they may have thought un-reachable.
  Regitex Inc. (Yarn Spinner) Regitex manufactures ring spun yarns of many natural and synthetic fibers for the sale yarn market only. It serves the North American market with expertise and quality. The company utilizes advanced ring spinning and open end equipment to provide the yarn market with knitting, weaving, and specialty yarns for a variety of military and industrial uses.
  Rentex Mills, Inc. Founded in 1964, Rentex Mills is a vertically integrated warp and circular knitter based in Mont-Royal, Quebec, Canada. Specializing in niche markets, Rentex produces rigid as well as elastomeric fabrics, and can produce fabrics as wide as 5.7 meters. The company's knitting and dyeing operations are state-of-the-art. Rentex currently produces textiles for apparel, military, safety, medical, after-market automotive, industrial, theatre, agriculture, aquatic, and footwear markets. Exports account for 40% of sales with a department dedicated to handling export customer service and delivery.
Rentex Fabrics

  Rhodia (Fiber Producer) Rhodia, a member of the Solvay Group, is an international industrial company offering a broad range of products and solutions that contribute to improving the quality of life. With 14,250 employees and sales of EUR 6.17 billion in 2011, Rhodia is a world leader in the development and production of specialty chemicals. The company provides added-value products and high-performance solutions to diversified markets, including automotive, electronics, flavors and fragrances, health, personal and home care, consumer goods and industrial, through our 11 Global Business Units (GBUs). Its strong geographic presence in high-growth markets and our resolute commitment to sustainable development places Rhodia in the strongest of positions to face the challenges of today’s industry. Emana®

  Rogers Corporation (Manufacturer) Headquartered in Rogers, CT, Rogers Corporation is a global technology leader in the development and manufacture of high performance, specialty-material-based products for a variety of applications in diverse markets including: portable communications, communications infrastructure, computer and office equipment, consumer products, ground transportation, aerospace and defense. Rogers Corporation's PORON® Cushioning has provided footwear, apparel, and protective equipment brands with a material that supports, protects, and comforts for over 40 years. PORON Cushioning products are durable yet flexible, so they will not wear or break down like other cushioning products. Rogers operates manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia. In Asia, Rogers maintains sales offices in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea an PORON® Performance Cushioning


PORON® ReSource Performance Cushioning

PORON® Urethanes

PORON® XRD™ Extreme Impact Protection Material

  Roonwear (Manufacturer) This manufacturer is the producer of a line of infants and children's performance apparel, styled to be functional and comfortable, and have the look and appeal that is currently popular in the outdoor market for their adult counterparts.
  Roxwell Waterhouse Roxwell Waterhouse is the premier consultant and provider of custom made professional textile branded labels. The company offers a wide variety of fabric labels that are suitable for every professional application. Roxwell Waterhouse executives have assembled a team of the most professional and talented suppliers and engineers in the industry. The company also offers its clients custom services for their individual projects. With international clients represented from every industrial sector, Roxwell Waterhouse's quality, service, and prices are unequaled, and establish deep and enduring professional relationships that span over many years. Call to discuss any project with no obligation. Roxwell Waterhouse Labels

  Rubberlite, Inc. (Supplier) Rubberlite, Inc. is an industry recognized leader of converted cellular rubber and plastic products. Rubberlite is an innovator in polyurethane foam manufacturing and features the largest variety of foam densities by thickness, with the tightest tolerance capability in the industry. The company also laminates most any cellular foam with a wide variety of fabrics, and films, and can laminate fabric to fabric or foam to foam for dual function or dual density applications. Rubberlite is the producer of the HyPUR-cel® and Visco-cel® family of medium-to-high density foams. Rubberlite services the safety, sports textiles, medical, automotive, industrial, electronic, and footwear markets. HyPUR-cel®


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