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February 19, 2019


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Kagan Trim Center Based in Los Angeles, CA, Kagan Trim Center, in business for over 70 years, is the #1 stocking distributor of basic & novelty trims, adornments and embellishments in the USA. The company specializes in the design, warehousing and distribution of every conceivable (and quite a few inconceivable) types of decorative trims for the apparel and related industries. Kagan Trims

  King Tech Industry Corporation (Technology Company) King Tech Industry Corporation, maintains offices in San Diego, California, Basingstoke, England, and has a factory and laboratory in Shanghai, China. King Tech specializes in the production of retro-reflective material, functional fabric, and life protection garments. Over the past decade, King Tech has adapted patented, innovative production methods, and offers fabric development/research services, garment design, and an in-house cut-and-sew factory to ensure speedy delivery and quality control in all levels of production. HYGY™


  Kingwhale (Textile Mill) This fabric manufacturer is a leading, bluesign® and Oeko-tex® compliant supplier of environmentally responsible, innovative performance fabrics and finished products for the global apparel industry. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Kingwhale is totally vertically integrated, engineering and supervising the entire production process from fiber, to fabric, to garment construction using the most advanced research, design, testing and manufacturing equipment available.
  Klingler Asia / European Textile Trading Corp. (Textile Manufacturer) Klingler Asia, represented in the U.S. by the Europen Textile Trading Corp. and based in New York, manufactures a variety of textiles that target the sports, outdoor, fashion and high durability markets. Klingler Asia Textiles

  Krimson Klover (Apparel Manufacturer) A Boulder, Colorado, company specializing in luxurious, feminine clothing for the fashion and resort markets, Krimson Klover designs apparel for active, passionate women who care about the quality of their clothing and the story behind it. Krimson Klover is female owned and operated with a commitment to environmental and social responsibility.
  Kuraray America, Inc. (Specialty chemical, polymer, fiber, film and textile producer) The Fibers and Textiles Division of Kuraray America, based in New York, NY, is a global leader in specialty chemical, fiber, textile and film production. With top-of-the-line research and production facilities located in Houston, Texas, and a vast network of supply from around the world, Kuraray leads the industry in specialty dental, fiber, resin, and elastomer products. Major products include Vectran™, Clarino™/Tirrenina™, and Krualon™/Kuralon K-II™.

  KURARAY Clarino (Specialty chemical, polymer, fiber, film and textile producer) A division of KURARAY America, Inc., KURARAY Clarino is the producer of synthetic leather products that were developed by Kuraray following its initial research into compound ultra-fine fiber, non-woven material, and high-performance polymers. These accomplishments eventually led to the successful duplication of the complex structure of natural leather, and has enabled KURARAY Clarino to debut materials that exhibit and surpass natural leather’s special inherent qualities. Further research has resulted in the development of Tirrenina™, the solvent-free eco-friendly version of KURARAY Clarino™.
CLARINO™ Microfiber Leather

  KURARAY Kuralon (Specialty chemical, polymer, fiber, film and textile producer) A division of KURARAY America, Inc., Kuralon was the first company to produce synthetic fiber in Japan, more than 60 years ago. Successfully commercialized by Kuraray, the Kuralon™ division is a world-class leader that continually refines and improves its products over time to meet new applications and changes in demand—eventually leading to the development of its newest second generation, Kuralon K-II.

  KURARAY Vectran (Specialty chemical, polymer, fiber, film and textile producer) A division of KURARAY America, Inc., KURARAY Vectran is the producer of Vectran™ fiber, a high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP). Vectran™ is the only commercially available melt-spun LCP fiber in the world. Vectran™ fiber exhibits exceptional strength and rigidity. Pound for pound, Vectran™ fiber is five times stronger than steel and ten times stronger than aluminum.

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