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May 19, 2019


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Garloc of Canada, Ltd. (Manufacturer) This company, a subsidiary of Garlock Sealing Technologies, manufacturers and sells technical yarn, cloth and braid used in various industrial applications including, industrial sealing products, industrial and automotive friction products, and plastic-composite materials.Capabilities include friction spinning, high speed twisting, weaving and braiding of high tenacity and high temperature rated materials.
  Gehring-Tricot Corp. (Knitting & Weaving Mill) This highly specialized, vertically integrated domestic textile manufacturer (warp knit, circular knit and woven) produces fabrics for a broad range of industrial, apparel and engineered technical products. Their D3TM spacer fabrics offer a wide variety of thicknesses and densities. The Tweave LLC division is a domestic manufacturer of stretch woven fabrics, sold under the brands Durastretch®, Duratech®, and Durasense. Contract knitting, dyeing and finishing offered, with factories based in NY and MA. Gehring-Tricot also offers a wide variety of testing services on their fabrics, based on ASTM, AATTCC, and NFPA standards. Durasense



Gehring-Tricot / Tweave Textiles

  Gentex Corporation (Personal Protection Product Mfg.) Based in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, Gentex Corp. is a product development and manufacturing company that spans more than 100 years. Gentex is a leading provider of innovative solutions that enhance personal protection and situational awareness for global defense and security personnel operating in high performance environments. The company’s Gentex®, Ops-Core™, and Helmet Integrated Systems (HISL) family of products and systems (Alpha®, Cromwell®, Pureflo®, ARGUS®) include helmet systems for both ground and air applications; aircrew life support systems; advanced optics; ground soldier protective equipment; high performance textiles; respiratory protection; and communications equipment.
  Gepco Inc. (Supplier of fibers/yarns/fabrics/nonwovens) Based in Kennesaw, Georgia, Gepco Inc. supplies specialty staple fibers, spun yarns, specialty nonwovens, woven carbon fabrics, meta and para aramid fabrics, multiaxial knitted fabrics, and composites for a wide variety of industries from apparel and sports textiles to safety & protective and industrial applications.
  Gerber Technology (Equipment/Software Company) Based in Tolland, Connecticut, USA, Gerber Technology has been helping companies around the world develop, manufacture and take their products to market smarter, faster and more efficiently for nearly half a century. Today, the company provides integrated software and hardware solutions to more than 78,000 customers in the aerospace, construction, furniture, fashion & apparel, transportation, technical textiles, packaging, wind energy and sign & graphics industries, including over 100 Fortune 500 companies in 130 countries. Drawing on a rich history of innovation, Gerber Technology’s leading-edge systems help customers reach their optimum by maximizing productivity and minimizing errors and waste.
  Giesswein USA (Wool Footwear Manufacturer) A family-owned and operated footwear importer to the US for 10 years, Giesswein USA offers custom service and attention from the Giesswein family in Austria. The Giesswein wool footwear collections are available through specialty resorts, footwear and outdoor retailers, and select online retailer partners.
  Giordana Cycling Apparel (Apparel Manufacturer) Founded and run by passionate cyclists, Giordana apparel traces its roots back to 1972 when founder Giorgio Andretta first imported Italian cycling apparel, of his design, into North America. In 1979 Mr. Recently, Giordana opened its own manufacturing facility, with all-new state of the art machinery, in Italy. This signaled a rebirth of the brand with Andretta taking full control of all aspects of the business, from the research and development process all the way to final construction. Giordana is a leader in the world of cycling wear and has been instrumental in the development of best-in-class apparel, like the top of the range FR-C® Pro line.
  Glanzstoff Industries With three production sites in the Czech Republic, Italy, and Luxembourg, Glanzstoff is a worldwide distribution network, leading in the production and processing of high-tenacity viscose filament yarns for technical and textile applications. Besides viscose, synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon and aramid are converted by means of the latest technology. Due to the vertical integration of its production steps and the variety of finishing possibilities in yarn/textiles, Glanzstoff Industries is an important system supplier and dependable partner for its customers. With its central location in Europe, customer requests can be dealt with flexibly and at short notice.
  Glen Raven Technical Fabrics, LLC (GRTF) (Textile Mill) Based in Burlinton, NC, this company supplies high-performance materials to demanding markets, as well as full-service transportation through Glen Raven Logistics. The company's capabilities include: weaving, knitting, dyeing, coating, and laminating. By combining global sourcing of raw materials, R&D and production capabilities, GRTF consistently provides solutions that exceed its customers' needs and expectations. Glen Raven Technical Fabrics (GRTF)

GlenGuard FR®

GlenGuard® Hi-Vis

  Glenoit Fabrics  (Textile Manufacturer) Glenoit Fabrics is a mnufacturer of sliver knit pile fabrics for the outdoor and home furnishings markets. The company manufacturers both domestically at Tarboro Textiles, which is a contact manufacturer for Glenoit Fabrics' colorful pile fabrics, and in China. Berber By Glenoit Fabrics




Furelle/Petite Furelle







Popcorn Sherpa


  GlobalTex GlobalTex: LA International Textile & Sourcing Fair is the first full-scale production and design tradeshow in the United States presenting the complete supply chain for apparel. GlobalTex features the latest fabric, trim, yarn, textile design, garment manufacturing including private label, and manufacturing technology. GlobalTex is endorsed by the Textile Association of Los Angeles (TALA) and the California Fashion Association (CFA).
  Gramicci (Apparel Manufacturer) Located in Southern Caalifornia, Gramicci creates clothes for the sport of living and the casual sportswear market. The company is best known for its inventive fabrics and finishes, artful expressionism, and highly functional design.
  Graphene-One - KYORENE® Based in Los Angeles, CA, Graphene-One began developing a series of graphene-based technical fibers called Kyorene® in 2017. Kyroene is a composite fiber that provides a variety of performance qualities to a finished product.
Armor Guys

  Graphene-One LLC Based in Los Angeles, CA, Graphene-One began developing a series of graphene-based technical fibers called Kyorene® in 2017. Kyroene is a composite fiber that provides a variety of performance qualities to a finished product.

  Green-Spun™ Textured Knits (Textile Mill) This Gastonia, North Carolina, based company is a manufacurer of a line of domestically produced 100% recycled cottons and 100% recycled knits in jersey and pique constructions, made from 65% recycled cotton/35% recycled PET polyester. The Green-Spun® lines of recycled fabrics are made from yarns that have had a prior life as a fabric, such as post consumer PET polyester or recycled cotton.
  GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. (Instrumentation and Testing Lab) Founded in 1975, GTI products are manufactured in Newburgh, NY. An in-house spectroradiometric laboratory and 100 percent measurement/verification process guarantees product precision and accuracy. GTI’s products are available worldwide. GTI serves three unique markets: Graphic Arts & Photography; Industrial Markets, which involves textiles, plastics, paint, automotive, food, retail, cosmetics, and industries where the appraisal of color of opaque materials is important. GTI’s CMlite products comply with the ASTM1729-2009, SAE J361 and BS0950 Part 2 standards; and Quality Engineering, for companies that require an accurate and consistent light source during the developing, testing, and manufacturing of their product.
ColorMatcher Series

GLE-M Luminaires

GTI LiteSupport


Multi-Source Portable Desktop Viewer

Simultaneous Color Viewer

Vertical Color Matching Booth

Verticical Product Inspectors - Textiles

  Guilford Performance Textiles (Textile Mill) This domestic textile mill is dedicated to excellence and continuous product innovation. The company's products must perform at every level to meet customer requirements and expectations both in design and performance needs. Guilford Performance Textiles is continually pushing the boundaries, whether it's innovation in materials, machinery, product or process. The technical production processes at Guilford include the most advanced techniques, including carbon fiber knitting machines, and the company continually researches new material and machinery to create innovative design effects and performance properties. Guilford holds more than 25 worldwide patents and its advanced research and development program is focused on a variety of intelligent textiles that can change the way we look at and use fabrics in the future. T Guilford Performance Textiles

  Guillemot Inc. (Textile Mill) Guillemot Inc. is a manufacturer of high performance knitted fabrics and custom underwear and hoods. Since its inception in 1985, Guillemot International has been recognized for creating high-performance knitted fabric, specifically designed to protect from extreme temperatures. Key yarns used by Guillemot include 100% nomex, Kermel Viscose blend, 100% wool, and zirpro-treated wool.
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