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Common Fabric Problems &
How to Avoid Them:

Fading and Spotting :

Color Preservation:

WOOLITE® Fabric Wash will not cause colors to run or fade. It does not contain any bleach. Its mild formula helps keep clothes looking like new.

Discoloration — Yellowing:

WOOLITE® Fabric Wash is specially formulated to assure mildness to cotton, silk, polyester, and even new fibers such as microfiber (e.g. Micromattique®) and lyocell (Tencel®). It will not cause discoloration of these or any other fibers. WOOLITE® also rinses clean and leaves clothes feeling soft and smelling fresh.

Discoloration — Graying:

If graying is noticed right after the laundry cycle has finished, the item should be re-washed before it dries. If clothes are still gray, it might be the detergent. WOOLITE® Fabric Wash rinses clean and can be counted on not to gray any of your fine washable fabrics.

Color Bleeding:

Washing with cool water can help reduce any color-running on cotton garments and keep them soft. To test for colorfastness, place the inner seam of the garment on a paper towel. Saturate a cotton swab with cool water and press down firmly. If no color bleeds, it’s safe to wash. If it does bleed, take it to a reputable dry cleaner.

Shrinking and Stretching:

Help keep your clothes the way they were designed to fit:

Reduce shrinkage by using cool water and low dryer temperatures, smaller loads, and the gentle cycle of your machine (so friction is less severe). The gentle cycle is safe for fine fabrics, as long as the garment is colorfast, simply constructed, and no heavy-duty, highly alkaline detergents are used. Instead, a mild fabric wash such as WOOLITE® should be used. Over the years, laboratory tests on thousands of garments, from a variety of washable fabric and clothing categories, have proven that WOOLITE® Fabric Wash will not cause shrinkage. In the case of wool, washing in the gentle cycle or the basin with WOOLITE® Fabric Wash will limit the compression of wool fibers. Also look for clothing made from fibers and fabrics known for their shrink resistance, such as acrylic, lyocell, microfibers, nylon, and polyester.

WOOLITE® Fabric Wash, safely cleans spandex, nylon, elastic, and other synthetics in cold water. Hundreds of synthetic garments have successfully passed the rigorous WOOLITE® endorsement protocol. Many major activewear, swimwear, sportswear, and intimate apparel manufacturers such as Danskin®, Natori Sport, and Lily of France confidently recommend WOOLITE® for the care of their nylon, spandex, and elastic garments.

Change in Fabric Characteristics:

Dry cleaning is usually specified on labels as the preferred method of care for silk garments. Contrary to popular belief, some silk may be washed, although care should be taken. Always refer to the care label instructions because some dyes are not stable to washing. Use warm or cold water and a mild detergent like Woolite. Unlike heavy-duty, highly alkaline detergents, WOOLITE® Fabric Wash is specially formulated to be mild. Years of testing have shown that it will not change the original appearance of a fabric and it will leave natural fibers like cotton, silk, wool, and cashmere feeling soft and smelling fresh. Pretreat stains before laundering, but avoid the use of pretreatments that contain enzymes.

No Time to Hand Wash:

Use the gentle cycle when washing better garments. It’s often as gentle and effective as hand washing while the agitation of a regular washing cycle may be damaging. What goes in the gentle Cycle? Your favorite washable silk blouse, cotton knit (unconstructed) dress, spandex bike shorts — all the clothes you don’t want to take a chance on. What doesn’t go in the gentle cycle? Ordinary detergents, which may work great on grass-stained jeans but may be too harsh on your finer clothes.

Confusion About the Care for New Fibers
and Fabrications:

The word on fabric care is: "Easy"! During the past few years, a host of newly developed man-made fabric fibers have exploded onto the fashion scene. And while many have a luxurious look and feel, they are often surprisingly easy to care for. Many of today’s fabric fibers, when existing by themselves or when blended with other washable fibers, may be conveniently washed in the gentle cycle with WOOLITE® Fabric Wash and cool water. Of course, always refer to the garment’s care label for care instructions.

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