Caring for all of the clothes you love doesn't have to mean another high-maintenance relationship. Simply use WOOLITE® Original Fabric Wash and your washingmachine's gentle cycle. WOOLITE's formula has no harsh ingredients that can damage your clothes. So wash your clothes with WOOLITE Original in the gentle cycle to help keep them looking like new for longer.

® is a mild fabric wash created to safely and effectively care for natural and synthetic fine washables. WOOLITE® will not damage washable fabric fibers. It helps preserve the color of your clothes and keeps them looking vibrant. It also helps to keep your clothes fitting the way they were designed to fit, without causing shrinking or stretching. WOOLITE® Original Fabric Wash does notcontain bleach, oils, phosphates, or enzymes. Results conclusively show that if a garment is safe in water, it is safe in WOOLITE® Original Fabric Wash.

PH Balanced Formula
Pouring ordinary powdered detergent into a cold water gentle cycle for fabrics can defeat the "gentle" purpose of that wash cycle. That’s because some ordinary powder detergents contain bleaching agents which are designed to work best in hot water. As a result, fine fibers may shrink or become damaged.

A truly gentle cycle calls for WOOLITE® Original Fabric Wash, which has been specifically formulated to clean gently and effectively in cold water without bleach.

WOOLITE® Original Fabric Wash is Designed for the Washing Machine
There is no better way to care for your clothes than washing with WOOLITE® Original Fabric Wash in the machine's gentle cycle. It is an ideal way to care for many of the newest, most popular washable fabrics and fibers. These include Spandex, Microfiber, and Coolmax®.

And, it continues to be the smart care choice for traditional natural and synthetic fibers and blends such as washable silk and cotton, among others.

Currently Available In: 16 oz., 50 oz., 75 oz., 150 oz.

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