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December 18, 2018


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Halloween Costume Closet
  Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids from Velcro

Tool Belt Kid

Level: Moderately Easy for adults. Requires ability to cut and glue patterns.

Completion Time: About 2 hours

Every kid needs his own set of tools and these ones made from foam board will keep him
occupied long after Halloween festivities pass. Make it a project to color the tools together.

Tool Belt KidMaterials:
On hand: Plaid shirt and jeans that fit
Old pair of jeans in any size to cut up
2 or 3 sheets of printer paper
Tools to trace
Crayons or markers
Cardboard or foam board scraps
Supplies needed:
1 yard VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Tape, black
3/8 yard VELCRO® Brand Fabric Fusion tape, black
2 yards black nylon webbing,
1 inch wide Fusing tape, 1/2 inch wide

Diagrams for Toolbelt
Measurements provided for sizes 4 – 5.
Alter as needed for larger or smaller sizes.



  1. Cut old jeans along the seams to open flat. Cut a 9-inch square for overall bib. Cut two bib straps each 2 1/2 inches wide by 20 inches long. On the bib, fuse under 1 inch along top and side edges with fusing tape. On both straps, fuse under 1/2 inch on long edges. Fuse bib on top of straps at top corners.
  2. With right side up, fuse hook side of VELCRO® Brand Fabric Fusion tape to bottom edge of the bib and the opposite strap ends. Fuse matching loop tape to the jeans that fit, inside the waistband in the front and back.
  3. Trace tool shapes onto printer paper. Color tools with crayons or markers. Glue shapes to cardboard and cut out.
  4. For tool belt, cut 2 pieces of webbing each 26 inches long. Cut hook and loop sides of VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back tape, each 28 inches long. At one end of a piece of webbing, crease under 1 inch. Attach the hook tape to hold down the creased end and apply it along the full length of the webbing. At the opposite end, fold extra hook tape around the webbing for a belt closure. (See diagram). Repeat with second piece of webbing and loop tape. Press hook and loop sides together with closures at opposite ends. Pull belt layers apart at each end and press in place around cardboard tools. (Diagram). To convert back to normal use, remove VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back from household items and detach the bib from the jeans.

Designed by Sheila Zent for Velcro USA Inc.

VELCRO® and other marks are owned by
Velcro Industries, B.V.
©2011 Velcro USA Inc.
Velcro U.S.A.

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