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February 23, 2018



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  CoolVision | Cool, Smart and Easy - The Fiber with Visions
CoolVisions dyeable polypropylene, The All-Performance Fiber
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CoolVisions® dyeable polypropylene is the revolutionary and innovative polypropylene fiber developed by FiberVisions.

CoolVisions®, the industry’s first disperse dyeable polypropylene fiber provides designers with more creative options including styling and color pallet due to its dyeability. The proprietary and patented technology delivers a unique cottony soft hand and attractive INHERENT performance qualities making CoolVisions® the ideal fiber for a variety of products. It is now possible for designers to combine polypropylene fabrics with other fabrics within a collection.

Polypropylene has truly experienced a METAMORPHOSIS

Advantages of using CoolVisions® dyeable polypropylene fiber over solution-dyed (pigmented) polypropylene fibers

  • A wide range of colors are possible, including seasonal fashion colors, without having to purchase large minimums of pre-colored solution-dyed yarns.
    • Provides new styling options for apparel
    • Reduces inventories
    • Offers differentiation in fabric and apparel
  • CoolVisions®’ dyeability is due to the engineering and enhancement of the fiber
  • Dyeable greige goods will facilitate significant improvement in production times and speed to market
  • Costs associated with maintaining inventories of solution dyed colors are eliminated

Benefits of CoolVisions®
for Manufacturers

  • Leaner production
  • Faster cycle times
  • Better Margins

Benefits of CoolVisions®
for Retailers

  • Speed to market
  • Consumer satisfaction

CoolVisions® Performance Benefits

  • Extremely Lightweight - The fiber is much lighter providing better coverage with less garment weight and fiber content.

  • Permanent Stain Resistance - CoolVisions® has better chemical and stain resistance when compared to other fibers.

  • Excellent Thermal Insulation - CoolVisions® has excellent thermal insulation properties, surpassing even wool.

  • Superior Moisture Management - CoolVisions® does not require channels for moisture management and is not affected by fabric softeners. Moisture management polyesters have engineered "channels" to transport moisture. To avoid the "blocking" of these channels, garments should not be laundered with fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

  • Durable – CoolVisions® polypropylene fiber has excellent toughness and abrasion resistance.

  • Inherently Antimicrobial – CoolVisions® polypropylene fibers are not attacked by microbial organisms such as mold, mildew, and bacteria.

  • Easy Care and Easy Wear – CoolVisions® polypropylene fibers are inherently soft for greater comfort and dry in minutes. CoolVisions® is perfect for a variety of lifestyle garments.

recycleEnvironmentally Friendly Polypropylene

  • Of all synthetic fibers, polypropylene (olefin) is the only synthetic raw material, which begins as a by-product, with lower greenhouse gas emissions that provide low energy usage.
  • The manufacturing process of polypropylene fiber has a low impact on the environment with NO toxic waste, emissions, fluorocarbons, or halogens.
  • Polypropylene staple fiber has low environmental impact. It does not break down causing harmful effects on health or the environment.
    • Uses less energy to create products
    • Uses less energy to dry products
    • The scrap/waste from the converting operation is reusable/recyclable in the operations
    • There are no toxic emissions or wastes
  • Polypropylene fiber is durable, meaning apparel lasts longer
  • Polypropylene fiber can be cleaned easily, without high energy or environmentally unfriendly cleaning
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified
  • HIGG index rated polypropylene amongst the highest of all fibers

Susan McGreal, Global Sales & Marketing Manager Apparel
Office: (850) 710-3663 • Mobile: (636) 578-8999
Email: Susan.McGreal@fibervisions.com




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