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June 2, 2020


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  Kuraray -Specialty Chemicals and Functional Materials
Kuraray - Speciality Chemicals ad Functional Materials

KURARAY is a diversified global manufacturer of chemicals, polymers, films, fibers and textiles. The company began producing fibers based on synthetic polymers in 1926. Today, KURARAY has more than 6,000 employees, with ISO certified manufacturing assets in Japan; Europe; China; Southeast Asia and the U.S., and research/technical centers in Kurashiki, Japan; Frankfurt, Germany; Antwerp, Belgium; and Houston, Texas. KURARAY is a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, MS-SRI Global 100, FTSE4Good, and the Japan Responsible Care Council.

What Fiber/Textile Products Does KURARAY Produce?

Tierriea Fashion
  • VECTRAN™ - This high-performance multifilament fiber is melt spun from liquid crystal polyester (LCP). VECTRAN™ fiber exhibits exceptional strength and rigidity. Pound for pound, VECTRAN™ is five times stronger than steel and ten times stronger than aluminum. LCP fiber is stronger than para-aramids, and much more durable against repeated flex/fold cycles and abrasion. Vectran™ is produced in Saijo, Japan and also in Fort Mill, South Carolina.
  • KURARAY CLARINO™/TIRRENINA™ – CLARINO is a man-made leather that combined Kuraray's in-depth knowledge of the fine-grained structure of a natural leather with high functionality. TIRRENINA is the solvent-free microfiber that significantly reduces or eliminates the usage of water (-70%), organic solvent (-99%), and CO2 (-35% kg).
  • KURARAY KURALON™/KURALON K-II™ - Kuralon™ is a world-class polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) fiber product. Kuralon K-II™ is a second-generation PVOH fiber product that has been refined to meet new applications and changes in demand. These cutting-edge materials are used in many fields, including construction, specialty papers, and rubber reinforcement.

Properties of KURARAY Products:

    vectran logo

    VECTRAN™ for Technical Fabrics – Strength Where You Need It for Stability, Endurance, and Demanding Applications.

      Kuraray line of products
      • Benefits of VECTRAN™ for Technical Fabrics
        • High Strength/Stiffness
        • Dimensional Stability
        • Flex/Fold Durability
        • Excellent Thermal Properties
        • Abrasion Resistance
        • Excellent Creep Resistance
        • Minimal Moisture Absorption
        • Outstanding Cut Resistance
        • Excellent Chemical Resistance
        • High Radiation Resistance
        • Excellent Retention at High/Low Temperatures
        • High Impact Resistance

      Kuraray Vectran Fabric collage

      • End-Use Applications for VECTRAN
        • Protective Textiles/PPE
        • Recreational/Leisure
        • Flexible Composites/Inflatables
        • Industrial/Specialty Fabrics
        • Tensile Structures/Architectural
        • Ropes/Cables/Umbilicals
        • Heavy Lift Slings/Straps
        • Aerospace/Military
        • Heavy Marine/Ocean Energy
        • Specialty Electronics

      Tirrenina, clarino and amaretta logos

      CLARINO™/TIRRENINA™ – Clarino™ uses biomimicry in the construction of their patented base cloth manufacturing to replicate the cell like structure found in animal leather. This gives the microfiber leather premium hand feel, durability, stretch and recovery. In addition it allows for advanced engineering to maximize the physical properties of the material to outperform standard leather. Tirrenina™ is the solvent-free microfiber that significantly reduces or eliminates the usage of water (-70%), organic solvent (-99%), and CO2 (-35% kg).

      amaretta shoes
      • End-Use Applications for CLARINO™/ TIRRENIA
        • Men's, Women's, and Athletic Shoes
        • Schoolbags and Handbags
        • Sporting Goods
        • Apparel
        • Interior Home Furnishings
        • Digital accessories and personal electronics devices

      Kuralon logo

      KURALON™/KURALON K-II™ - These world-class polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) products are used in many fields, including construction, specialty papers, and rubber reinforcement.

        Kuralon rope
      • Benefits of KURALON™/KURALON K-II
        • Chemical Resistant
        • Affinity to Rubber and Resins
        • UV-Stability
        • Hydrophilic
        • High Tenacity
        • Low Elongation
        • Low Creep
        • Low Heat Shrinkage in Hot Air
        • Good Alkaline Resistance
        • Environmentally Friendly
        • Flame Retardant
      • End-Use Applications for KURALON™/KURALON K-II™
          kuralon backpck
        • KURALON
          • Reinforcement of Rubber (i.e. Hoses/Belts)
          • Specialty Paper
          • Construction Material Reinforcement (i.e. Cement/Concrete)
          • Plastic Reinforcement
          • Fiber for Ropes/Cords/Threads
          • FR uniform
        • KURALON K-II™ Water Soluble
          • Water-Dissolving Nonwoven Materials
          • Processing Agent for Spinning/Weaving of Wool and Cashmere
          • Water-Soluble Yarn for Separation of Materials in Sections
        • KURALON K-II™ Water Insoluble
          • Reinforcement of Concrete and Mortar
          • Reinforcement of Plastics


Contact information:

Kuraray America, Inc. Headquarters
2625 Bay Area Boulevard, Suite 600 Houston, TX 77058 1.800.423.9762

Vectran™: Forrest Sloan, Marketing - Forrest.Sloan@Kuraray.com
Clarino™ / Tirrenina™ : Ms. Mutsumi Saito - Mutsumi.Saito@kuraray.com
Kuralon™ : Mr. Shinya Inada - Shinya.Inda@kuraray.com

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Kuraray America
Vectran Fiber
Clarino Microfiber Leather

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