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August 17, 2017



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  Asher Fabric Concepts
Fabric made of luxurious fibers with love in California

Located in Los Angeles, CA, Asher Fabric Concepts is a major supplier of domestically-made knitted fabrics for the contemporary fashion, athletic and yoga markets. Established in 1991, the company is internationally known for its premium quality and proprietary knitted constructions offered in the latest textures, colors and prints.

Asher Fabric Concepts differentiates itself by working closely with its customers to create unique and exclusive fabrications, and by continually adding innovation to every aspect of the knit design and production process.

Groundbreaking techniques and affordable prices enable Asher Fabric Concepts to service both large, recognized hi-end fashion-forward brands, as well as smaller independent designers. Whether the demand is for dress knits, swimwear, sportswear, body wear, sweater knits, or intimate apparel, Asher Fabric Concepts always delivers.

Asher is always perfection!Asher Fabric Concepts Knitted Fabrics
Asher Fabric Concepts provides fabric development, knitting, dyeing, and finishing, and print design capabilities, based on its customers’ needs. Asher Fabric Concepts is known as a leader in providing innovative quality knitted constructions, with and without spandex.

Asher Fabric Concepts’ Knit Constructions:

  • French Terry
  • Jerseys (lightweight, medium weight, and heavyweight)
  • 1X1 Ribs / 2X1 Ribs
  • Mesh Fabrics
  • Sweater Knits
  • Thermals
  • Fleece
  • Interlocks

Asher Fabric Concepts’ Printing Capabilities
Asher Fabric Concepts' in-house design team is constantly adding to its collection of prints, including exclusive vintage artwork and color stories updated seasonally.

Innovative Hi-End Yarns Used by Asher Fabric Concepts

  • Angora Blends – soft fiber obtained from the angora rabbit
  • Bamboo Blends–soft yarn with excellent moisture-wicking capabilities
  • Cashmere Blends – luxurious fiber, obtained from cashmere goats
  • Cotton Blends – can be easily dyed and blended with other fibers
  • Cupro Blends – similar to rayon, cupro gets its name from cuprammonium, known for its drape ability
  • Hemp Blends – fast-growing sustainable and durable fiber
  • Linen Blends – made from the fibers of the flax plant
  • Metallic's – gold and silver metallic yarns are woven, braided, and knit into fabrics and trims
  • Modal Blends – a type of rayon, semi-synthetic cellulosic fiber, made from reconstituted cellulose from beech trees
  • Nylon Blends – nylon fibers provide variation in luster, durable, and resistant to heat, water, mold, mildew and chemicals
  • Organic Cotton – grows without pesticides or fertilizers • Polyester Blends – provides wrinkle-resistance, durability, and high color-retention
  • Rayon Blends– oldest manufactured fiber
  • Recycled Polyester – fiber made from recycled PET bottles
  • Silk Blends – natural fiber produced from the cocoons of the silkworm
  • Sorona® - corn-based, sustainable fiber, produced from naturally occurring starch contained in the kernels of corn
  • Space Dyed Yarns – dyeing technique that gives yarns a unique, multi-colored effect
  • Supima® Cotton Blends – type of cotton made from 100% American Pima cotton and known as the “cashmere of cottons”
  • Tencel® Blends –biodegradable yarn made from the wood pulp cellulose of the Eucalyptus trees
  • Viscose Blends – the European name for rayon
  • Wool Blends – protein fiber derived from the fleece of sheep
Asher Fabric Concepts

Asher Fabric Concepts
Visit: www.asherconcepts.com

Director of Marketing: Asher@asherconcepts.com / Tamyka@asherconcepts.com
East Coast US Inquiries: Textiles@dalsololtd.com
West Coast US Inquiries: Sales@asherconcepts.com
Technical Services Inquiries: Sales@asherconcepts.com

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