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May 29, 2016

How Hand Painted Designs Contribute to Success
5 Surprising Wearable Tech Statistics You Don't Know Wearable tech adoption rates are skyrocketing, fueling future revenue growth from tech companies and creating entirely new tech products. Read more… Nike unveils self-lacing shoes Nike celebrated Back to the Future Day by releasing the illusive self-lacing Nike Mag sneakers for charity in Spring 2016. Read more…
7 Things You Should Know About Jeans as Told by a Denim Expert There’s no other fabric with a history that equates to the rich heritage of denim wear, whose long history is practically rooted within the fabric of Americana from Levi’s workwear to its adoption into greaser and punk subcultures. Read more… New Wearable Technology Promises Drug-Free Pain Relief Living with pain isn’t a lot of fun, and taking medication isn’t always a good alternative. The Food and Drug Administration has given Waltham based Neurometrix the green light to market new wearable technology that can help with all kinds of conditions. Read more…
Wearables Cause EMS to Take a Cue from Fashion Industry As electronic manufacturing services (EMS) companies morph into supply chain companies and electronics seeps into every part of our existence, supply chains are colliding. One of the more obvious current collisions is that of the electronics manufacturing industry and the apparel industry in the field of wearables. Read more… Roar for Good: A Wearable That Can Prevent Assault Not only does Roar for Good, a new women’s wearable, add flair to an outfit or handbag—it can also prevent assault. The clip-on device, worn as a necklace or attached to a belt, shirt or bra strap, features a button a woman can press if she finds herself in an unsafe or threatening situation. Read more…


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