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October 22, 2016

Halloween Costume Closet 2016: Things That Go BOO in The Night
THE VERSATILITY OF CONTEMPORARY TEXTILE ART Ever since the 1980s, textile arts have been developing new forms and language involving many artists along the way. Today, contemporary pieces explore a variety of textile and fiber practices and techniques that provide a myriad of possibilities. Read more… Archaeologists Just Found a 3,000-Year-Old Ball of Yarn Archaeologists in England just unearthed a 3,000-year-old—and extremely fragile—ball of yarn. Buried in the waterlogged depths of the Must Farm Bronze Age settlement. The artifact is one of a rich cache of finds that includes textiles, beads, and domestic tools. Read more…
The Biometric Bra Is Now Commercially Available The OMbra is embedded with patent pending sensor technologies that measure vital biometrics, namely heart rate and breathing measurements. Wearable tech has long been driven by fitness applications which leverage vital biometrics. Read more… Find Out Whether a Leather Sofa or Fabric Sofa Is Better For Your Home Shopping for a sofa is a big thing. Usually, you will be stuck between picking a leather sofa or a fabric one. It is time to put an end to the sofa dilemma, and highlight the benefits and disadvantages of both materials. Read more…
The last of the lacemakers: how tech is keeping the 100-year-old tradition alive MYB Textiles is the world's last lacemaker working with traditional looms and is adapting them to fit with the modern times Read more… Textile scientist on quest to identify smelliest fabrics Do you have a piece of clothing that smells icky or downright stinks under the arms, even after you wash it? Do NOT throw it out. Instead, donate it to science! Textile scientist Rachel McQueen of UAlberta's Department of HUman Ecology, and undergraduate student Lauren Degenstein are looking for stinky clothes to identify which fabrics and fabric blends are most prone to odour buildup. Read more…


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Halloween Costume Closet 2016: Things That Go BOO in The Night Shima Seiki, Meeting the Need for 'Made in America' Products The Athleisure Market Top Ten Textile Innovation Awards for 2015-2016