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November 30, 2020

Holiday Stain Guide
The Best Hunting Boots for Men in 2020 Hunting boots are a particular kind of beast. Boots are generally individualistic and will depend on the wearer and the feet they’re packing. But some boots just stand above the rest, heeled or not. Read more… Returns are bad for the environment. Pottery Barn wants to do something about home textiles The company is taking a cue from the fashion industry by giving returned bedding, towels, and curtains a second life with the help of the Renewal Workshop. Read more…
A new movement to reduce the hidden environmental cost of clothing care Big brands including Burberry and Patagonia are designing garments with sustainable aftercare in mind, while the aftercare industry is slowly adopting new methods. Read more… Spring 2021 Trend Alert: Asymmetrical Wedding Gowns Here's a roundup of favorite asymmetrical looks from New York Bridal Fashion Week, featuring eye-catching, off-angle details that are anything but ordinary. Read more…
The Best Women’s Base Layers of 2020 Your layering system can be the determining factor between a bad day and a good day outdoors, whether hiking, skiing, or hunting. Read more… Polygiene: Fighting Corona efficiently in the household ViralOff from Polygiene will destroy over 99% of SARS-Cov-2, & other viruses and bacteria in your cleaning textiles in no more than two hours. This reduces the need to hot wash or even discard them. Read more…
Sustainable Footwear Statistics Trends & Tips This article explores the sustainable footwear market, & looks at how consumers can still enjoy the leather shoes they are used to as manufacturers embrace more sustainable production methods that focus on environmental protection and saving energy. Read more… Duvets or Comforter: What’s The Difference Between? Duvets and comforters have different features, even if they serve the same primary purpose. Learn more about the differences and how to choose which is best for you. Read more…
Sustainable designer transforms old blankets into trendy streetwear After learning about the negative effects of fast fashion on the environment, Andrew Burgess, 20, decided to upcycle old blankets and clothing into the coolest streetwear. Read more… Nature Beautifully Represented by Needle Painting Inspired by the forest, plants, lakes, wildlife and other natural forms, each of the works of J?ra Gric captures the essence of the place depicted. Read more…

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