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February 26, 2017

Emotions Trendbook from Nilit Fibers
The next frontier in medical sensing: Threads coated in nanomaterials Cotton and other conventional threads are dipped into liquids containing different nanomaterials, and rapidly dried. Depending on the properties of the nano material, the thread can be used to monitor mechanical or chemical activity. Read more… Cotton coated in graphene-based ink may support a sustainable, cheap wearable The cheap, sustainable technology could find applications from healthcare to sportswear. Read more…
Microbial Dresses and a Dishcloth that tells you it’s Time to Wash it From microbial fashion to a fabric that changes colors in the presence of pathogens, Aniela Hoitink, an artist based in Amsterdam, that specializes in incorporating microbiology into textiles, is exploring the many benefits and applications of combining microbiology and textiles. Read more… Techtextil presents intelligent fashion at Fashiontech Techtextil showed where designers can find inspiration for new materials and technologies. Read more…
Electric balaclava to avert chest infections in cold weather Researchers have developed a smart balaclava which warms oxygen before it’s inhaled to reduce the risk of athletes contracting chest infections in winter. Read more… 5 Tips for Marketing to Conscious Consumers Conscious consumption is on the rise. People are seeking out ways to make better decisions about what to buy, and do-good brands are becoming household names. Read more…
Meet The Garment-Sewing Robot That Could Disrupt The Textile Industry The last time a piece of technology significantly overhauled the textile industry, it was 1842 with the invention of the sewing machine. Today, robots can handle parts of the garment-making process—cutting fabric, for instance—but human hands are still needed to feed fabric into sewing machines. Read more… Lab-grown leather and spider silks? This is sustainable fashion Technology is serving as a positive force for change in the fashion industry, to reduce environmental pollution. The fashion industry accounts for ten per cent of global carbon emissions, uses a quarter of chemicals produced worldwide each year, and falls just behind agriculture in the amount of water it consumes. Read more…
High-tech support device casts aside the cast A team of Colorado-based entrepreneurs has developed a 21st century alternative to the plaster cast - the ActivArmor support device, which starts with the patient getting a 3D scan done on the body part in question. Read more… Antibiotic-Laced Synthetic Spider Silk Developed Scientists in the UK have found a way to create synthetic spider silk that’s loaded with antibiotic properties, which can deliver drugs and close open wounds with a decreased risk of infection. Read more…
These power suits could make your grandma's life much better It's specifically designed to provide “core wellness support” to its wearer’s torso, hips, and legs to give an extra boost to the muscles while performing basic (but essential) actions like getting up, sitting down, or staying upright. Read more… One-Piece Swimsuits Are Experiencing a Huge Comeback If you've found yourself obsessing over finding the perfect one-piece swimsuit lately, you're definitely not the only one. According to online shopping search engines, searches for one pieces have jumped exponentially within the last year. Read more…


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