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December 4, 2016

Holiday Stain Guide
Learning to How Sew Sheer Fabrics If you are thinking of making anything in a delicate fabric you need to know this! Silk, satin, georgette, lace, chiffon...these are all beautiful but require some specific handling. These fabrics are often not cheap either so making errors can be costly, as well as just heartbreaking as a seamstress. Read more… The Biometric Bra Is Now Commercially Available The OMbra is embedded with patent pending sensor technologies that measure vital biometrics, namely heart rate and breathing measurements. Wearable tech has long been driven by fitness applications which leverage vital biometrics. Read more…
Want Custom 3D-printed Soles For Your Shoes? Now, You Can Get Them From Ryka Your foot is unlike anyone else’s, so why wear a shoe meant for anyone and everyone? That appears to be the question driving the new partnership between footwear technology company Sols and women’s athletic shoe brand Rykä. Read more… Move Over Solar: There’s New Energy Right At Our Feet Researchers chemically treated wood pulp nanofibers that flooring is made out of with two differently charged materials, so that when someone walks across the floor, these fibers then interact with one another, similar to static electricity. Read more…
A So-Good-It's-Like-Magic Technique to Bring New Life to Old Textiles Don't throw out your faded or stained napkins, rugs, or quilts just yet—give them a new lease on life by overdyeing them. Just as the name suggests, overdyeing is the process of dyeing over already-dyed fabric. Read more… A New Shoe Design School Is Opening in Italy The school is headquartered in Parabiago, Italy, known as a mecca for shoe factories and design centers. Students will be instructed in sketching and conceptualizing, pattern making and sample making. In addition, there are visits to leather houses, heel factories and shoe accessory suppliers offering items such as buckles. Read more…


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