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February 23, 2017



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Brand Recognition
WINDSTOPPER® Product Performance
Tested, Analyzed and Proven
outlast jacket

WINDSTOPPER® products are some of the most analyzed, most tested and most studied of their kind. The wearer's comfort and performance has been examined under stringent lab conditions. Field tests ensure that results from the lab translate to real-world use.

The Storm Cube - The Storm Cube is a climate chamber cooled to 39°F and capable of wind speeds up to 32 mph. It is equipped with an infrared camera so our engineers don't just feel the difference WINDSTOPPER® products make in cool outdoor conditions, they see it.

The Color of Comfort - Although microfibers, closely woven fabrics and many fleece materials are often considered windproof, light winds can penetrate most of these fabrics, making you feel chilled and uncomfortable. The infrared test demonstrates the different effects of wind with and without WINDSTOPPER™ membrane.

Without Windstopper MembrameWITHOUT the WINDSTOPPERmembrane
This is what the wind chill effect looks like without WINDSTOPPER® fabric. The blue areas indicate that this fabric doesn't withstand wind. Although the temperature remains the same, you will quickly feel cold as soon as the wind starts blowing.

Windstopper MembrameWITH the WINDSTOPPER™ membrane
And this is what the wind chill effect looks like with WINDSTOPPERTM membrane. The red areas indicate the warmth that remains, thanks to the WINDSTOPPER® fabric's ability to block the wind. You remain comfortable and warm, and you can maintain your level of physical activity.

Windstopper GloveWINDSTOPPER® Gloves
Simple items at first glance, gloves fill a complex role. Our hands perspire more than we realize, creating lots of opportunity for heat loss. So gloves can't simply keep out the cold, they also need to release the sweat. That's why windproof, breathable WINDSTOPPER® gloves are the difference between comfort and misery.


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The Draper Canine Therapy® Dog Bed offers a high-quality therapeutic bed for relief from surgery, injuries or arthritic conditions. The Dog Bed have contains (Face: 50% Celliant® Polyester/50% Wool; Back: 100% Polyester; Inner Bed: 50% Polyester/50% Cotton; Fill: 100% Recycled PET). Celliant® is the world's most technologically advanced fiber containing a proprietary blend of minerals extruded into a polyester fiber.
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Dr. Cool's Women's Studio cooling headbands provide chemical-free comfort and cooling. They are made using Coolcore's patented cooling technology, which provides three distinct functions: wicking, moisture circulation and regulated evaporation. The result is a stylish accessory piece that can go from "work out" to "out and about" with ease. Colors: Blue, Curaco, Fuscia, and Watercolor.
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