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August 21, 2019


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  Drirelease Performance Fiber from Optimer
drirelease is a unique blend of patented fibers.
drirelease is an optimal blend of hydrophobic (water hating) and multi-staple, multi-denier, hydrophilic (water loving) fiber.

drirelease® is an engineered yarn, which uses an optimal microblend of natural and synthetic fibers, combining the best qualities of both.

drirelease Performance Fabric is ideal for:

  • Superior Moisture Wicking – This unique blend is made of hydrophobic (water-hating), synthetic fibers and hydrophilic (water-loving), natural fibers. This unique combination efficiently grabs moisture away from the skin and pushes it to the outside of the fabric where it can evaporate quickly. Clothing made with drirelease feels soft and stays dry.

  • Permanent Performance – The drirelease moisture-transport system is built into the yarn and delivers everlasting wicking that won't wash out.

dri-release denim

drirelease Differences:

  • Dries 4x faster than cotton and keeps you dry
  • Soft and natural to the touch
  • Wicking qualities won't wash out
  • Resists pilling and wrinkling
  • Won't discolor with perspiration; no embarrassing underarm stains
  • Environmentally friendly without harmful chemicals


Fast Drying Performance Fabrics Blends:

Rather than just spreading moisture across the surface, drirelease fabrics push water and perspiration to the outside of a garment, releasing it into the air faster than other performance fabrics on the market. drirelease fabrics deliver unmatched odor control as well.

Most popular Custom Blends:
drirelease Wool – 88% polyester/12% wool
drirelease Cotton – 85% polyester/15% cotton
drirelease TENCEL - 88% polyester/12% Tencel

More Custom Blends:
drirelease Cashmere
drirelease Silk
drirelease Linen

drirelease Rayon
drirelease Nylon
drirelease Acrylic
drirelease E.C.O.

Custom Constructions and Solutions:
drirelease Denim
drirelease GEO cool
drirelease LOFT
drirelease DUO


drirelease technology enables brands to create unique apparel with permanent wicking, drying times that are 4x faster than cotton, while still maintaining the look and hand-feel of natural fibers. drirelease is used by more than 130 textile based consumer brands around the world through licensed yarn spinners in North America, Asia, Turkey, Central America and Europe. Without chemicals or irritants, it's the natural, eco-friendly way to bring performance properties to any garment.

visit: drirelease.com

General Information Contact:
East Coast US: Lee Thompson, 704-582-1061
West Coast US Inquiries: Darlene Dumaran, 323-363-5059
European Inquiries : Feyzi Arpacioglu, +90 212-216-0761
Technical Contact: Elizabeth Kelkis, 732-638-0603
Marketing Coordinator: Kim Pillinger, 732-638-0602


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