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Halloween Costume Closet Halloween Costume Closet
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Halloween Costume Closet
FabrickLink's 2013 Costume Closet Feature: Make it a Superhero Halloween! Help your child become his or her own Super Hero this Halloween

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14 Terrific
Timesaving Costumes
FabricLink has put together a list of easy and inexpensive costume ideas for all Halloween Hobgoblins!

Velcro Costume Ideas

Halloween Materials


Halloween Costume Closet
Halloween Books, No-sew Costumes and more
Haunted HousesMisc Halloween StuffReady Made CostumesShop for Pre-Made Costumes
FabrickLink's 2012 Halloween Feature: The Not so Wild Animal Kingdom. Ready for Halloween? Make memories with home-made costumes. A Lion? A Puppy? Maybe something small - a ladybug. Find the perfect match for you skill and animal appetite. GROWL!
The Fairy Realm

Wings, Wands & Pixie Dust
Enter the Magical Realm and be dressed for it! Kids, Teens, Men, Women, infants and Pets: All do it yourself solutions for costumes and make-up! Velcro® has created a special Pixie costume just for our Fairy Realm!

In the Fairy Realm It's Always a Party
Tricks and Treats for a
Complete Party of all things Fairy!

Where Wishing Makes it So!
Fairy Godmother, Tooth Fairy,
Flower Fairy and then there is Tinkerbell. Learn more about your magical nature.

Find out more...
Lingo, Mythology, Fairy friends and more...

Everything Vampire Velcro Vampire

Fangs capes, bats and caskets. This year's Costume Closet features the web's most complete guide for your otherworldly Halloween transformation! Timesaving costume ideas and other great resources including VELCRO's easy costume ideas for every kind of Halloween taste.
Pirate Guide The Complete Halloween Pirate GuideCostumes, Party Ideas, a Dictionary, Learn how to "Talk Like a Pirate"
and access to great other Pirate stuff.