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August 21, 2019


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Sensil spring-summer 2019 TrendbookTrendbook from Nilit Fibers
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A surge of positivity and popularism features, inspired by the digital era and age of the selfie, celebrating the AWESOME aspects of life is a bold statement for social media savvy consumers. Digitally defined, modern and bright, we are looking at light-weight crisp structures through to bold new details on the textile front with unruly surfaces and exciting effects.

Sensational touch is crucial and this mood is meant to be seen. Lacquered-look surfaces work alongside innovative structures as a Japanese street mood and emoji-esque details feature. There is an element of fun, playfulness and varying lustrous finishes. 3D optical aspects feature through clever yarn use, as does body mapping within a fabric or actual garment. There is also a bold and artificial inclusion of color teamed with the consumer's knowledge that there is an awful lot more out there that can be to their advantage in terms of performance.

Despite the overwhelming deliberate brashness of this textile trend direction, there is a serious eco-conscious element the consumer also wants to embrace – they want this look but at no cost. There is a payoff with social responsibility through the yarns used through to the clean technology process involved through the supply chain, and they expect their brands to deliver this.

We mustn't forget, that in our fast paced society and obsession with celebrity obsessed culture and exposure, there also have to be an element of wit and fun to this trend. Life is for living and through this exuberance era the consumer is able to do this with aplomb.

awesome colors

A surge of bold and vibrant tones teams with a more classic offering in creating the color palette for AWESOME. The depth of tone varies depending on the final appearance of the fabric, but with sunshine yellow and sensational pink teaming with indigo blue and pure white, there are plenty of options in achieving a suitable daring look to a more avant-garde application.

MATERIAL High gloss fabrics with a lacquered look Candy coated synthetic tones and rainbow color effects from sugar sweet to acidic Glitter aspects feature for varying applications in circular knits for intimates through to ready-to-wear Contrasting tones create interesting rainbow melange aspects and moire effects Power mesh in vibrant tones for shaping and inserts High power warp knits with body mapped compression and clean cut abilities Fabrics that are not only energized through color as well as content, as Sensil® Innergy developments continue Spacer fabrics offer reversible solid/printed options for diversity
TEXTURE Bright metallic-looking grainy textures using textured yarns Compact trilobal perfect surfaces Semi-dull smooth contrasting fabrics to complement the illuminating brights on offer Deliberate macro and micro depth stripes with a natural cotton touch and bold hues Contrasting textured yarns with flat yarns for elevated structures in stripes and jacquards Geometric mesh structures Combine melange and heathered effects for innovative end results in circular knits Glacial looking surfaces – an iridescent effect appears to float on top of the vibrant base colors Denim with built in performance and gleaming finish in wovens but also the seamless sector too Sateen wovens in glossy aspects and cheeky tones – multiblends Sensil®/cotton/spandex Look to laces and jacquards, both compact and open in adopting outstanding relief and color use

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Explore another ATTITUDE by clicking on it's image below. Visit NILIT®'s info page and learn about all of their performance fibers.



This comfortable and fashionable Infinity Scarf can easily be folded and draped around the shoulders and neck, providing protection from the elements and keeping your shoulders and neck loose and limber. The Draper Body Therapy Gray Infinity Scarf contains 37 % Celliant® (Polyester) and 63% Cotton. Celliant® is the world's most technologically advanced fiber which contains a proprietary blend of minerals which have been extruded into a polyester fiber.
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Made with coated ripstop Nylon fabric on top and 500 denier coated Cordura® Fabric on bottom. Sack Pack features include: Big, outer pocket with waterproof YKK zip closure; Double stitched with Nylon threads; Light loop to be seen during night rides; Chest strap for action sports; and can be folded in its inner pocket for convenient carry. Handmade in Milan, Italy.
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