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August 21, 2019


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Sensil spring-summer 2019 TrendbookTrendbook from Nilit Fibers
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Today's young consumers have a different approach to life than prior generations. They value their time differently, and want to spend more of it doing what they want to do, rather than what they must do. This demand for speed and eciency doesn't just come from the way they live: controlling many aspects of their lives through their smart phones from communicating, monitoring their health to controlling appliances in their homes, it also comes through what they wear and how performance fabrics can deliver new experiences. Curious but confident of the future, as they embrace virtual reality through to artificial intelligence and the way they shop at retail, as 'clicks' is fast replacing 'bricks', this trend emulates the need for a push in the great ingredients we have in delivering next generation fabrics, that would have just been a vision of the past. With Sensil® yarns, this visionary approach is now here.

This translates through to a very tactile experience, we really are looking at heightening the experience, going lighter than previously ever could have been conceived in fabric weights, yet not losing any of the ecacy previous qualities delivered. Voyeuristic in its approach, this mood is inspired by the future as technology develops at a rapid rate and how the consumer interacts. Additionally, the need for enhanced social responsibility ensures that sustainable aspect from yarns through to textile and garment production are more efficient on our natural resources.

Lightweight performance, sensational touch and perfection combine through smart textiles that react to the wearer's performance and environment. Compact structures in knits and woven feature with enhanced function. An interconnectivity from the intelligent fabrics with the body ensures a comfortable experience, this is high performance through to easy care for multiple applications. Fabrics are intriguing and enticing to the consumer and previously thought impossible, but to today's consumer nothing is impossible, so prepare with Sensil® Nylon 6.6 to efficiently deliver next generation concepts today.

luxury colors

A sharp and crisp palette with white and electric blue delivering a techno feel. Platinum silver as an accent works alongside the secure tones of dense black and robotic gray. Fiber optic pink and green feature. All the colors can be taken to an intensifying new level through trilobal yarns for an iridescent finish.

MATERIAL Fabrics that react visually and physically Micro compact fabrics in knits and wovens – sublime surfaces that are unstructured in appearance Body mapping fabrics and seamless garments with high power elasticity for core control 3D hyper realistic prints Super light compact spacer fabrics High power warp knits with excellent compression in a range of luster Clean cut finishing, laser cutting and selvedge finishes for reduced CMT Futuristic jacquard applications – geometric or magnetic wave-like in design

TEXTURE Compact surfaces throughout all sectors – protective in their delivery Holographic surface effects that react to light sources Intelligent use of contrasting yarns that deliver deceptive relief Lusters vary from glistening applications to high level gloss Digital prints for optical illusions Compact and clean cut warp knits that can be bonded at the seams for a clean finish Opaque/transparent combinations and reversible options through semi bright/shimmer yarn combinations

reconnecting sketch 1 reconnecting sketch 2

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This Body Therapy® Sleep Liner offers therapeutic benefits while you sleep. The Sleep Liner allows you to use your already comfortable mattress, while helping to relieve soreness/tension throughout the body. The Draper Body Therapy Sleep Liner contains 85 % Celliant® (Polyester)/15% Recycled PET (Polyester). Celliant® is the world's most technologically advanced fiber, containing a proprietary blend of minerals extruded into a polyester fiber.
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If you're new to multi-day hiking, or enjoy tackling the occasional Great Walk, the 65L Archon is the pack for you: sturdy and reliable, made from tough Cordura® fabric, it has everything you need (bottle pockets, pole and bed-roll attachments) and nothing you don't. The easily adjustable RS2 harness has a small to XL range built in to the harness design. The padded and stiffened hip-belt and shaped alloy frame-stays transfer the load where it needs to be, while the padded EVA shoulder straps, adjustable sternum straps and padded back panel makes the trek over the Tongariro Crossing more comfortable.
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