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August 21, 2019


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About Us
FabricLink Network The FabricLink Network is a unique Networking / Education Resource for ALL things textile related! The Network consists of two websites: TheTechnicalCenter.com & FabricLink.com that address the needs of the Specialty Fabrics Industry and its consumers.


Interview with Kathy Swantko from Outdoor Retailer Daily
The force behind the educational sessions at Outdoor Retailer and the FabricLink Network shares her forecasts for 2016 and beyond in this ORD interview. Read the full interview

Mission Statement - FabricLink.com
FabricLink.com is the trade-to-consumer online resource.  Launched in 1995, FabricLink has been the premier site for consumer textile education and product promotion for over 20 years.  Currently, the FabricLink Network sites (FabricLink.com and TheTechnicalCenter.com) average about 85,000 visitors each month, who access the wealth of fabric resources, product education and networking information available.

FabricLink.com's popularity is underscored by it's position on the major search engines, and the numerous backlinks to it from other sites, including publications, colleges and universities, family and consumer science programs, libraries, businesses, retailers, and  trade associations around the world.

Please explore FabricLink.com and see for yourself.  Then, contact Kathy Swantko for more information of how you can increase consumer awareness and interest in your products and services. 

FabricLink.com, the place where you customers come to learn.

Mission Statement - TheTechnicalCenter.com
The mission of TheTechncialCenter.com is to serve as THE trade-to-trade online resource for specialty textiles: technical sports textiles, apparel, home furnishings, safety & protective, industrial and medical textiles. Product features, articles, news releases, and interviews with key suppliers and manufacturers provide access to the current technical innovations and fashion trends impacting these markets.

TheTechnicalCenter.com is also The Networking Site for the Specialty Fabrics Industry, with 13 Searchable Indexes that allow you to easily search for products, ideas and innovations, and make it easy to find and connect with the suppliers and manufacturers that drive these markets. Being listed in the Indexes and use of the Indexes is FREE. You can also post your press release. Added online exposure for your products and services is offered through paid promotional enhancements to your Index listings, and other advertising opportunities. Hot links are included to find more information and make contact.


About Kathlyn Swantko
Both FabricLink.com and TheTechncialCenter.com web sites were created by Kathlyn Swantko, a recognized textile expert and a tireless, pro-active advocate for the apparel and textile industries.  Kathy has over 25 years of experience in the textile industry involving promotion, sales training, education, market research and editorial writing. 

In 1995 she launched the award winning FabricLink which, for the past 20 years, has been the premier site for consumer textile education and product promotion.  At the encouragement of key industry leaders, Kathy developed TheTechnicalCenter.com  for trade-to-trade marketing of specialty textile and textile-based products in the performance, industrial, safety & protective, medical and home furnishings markets.

Kathy has served on the textile/fashion advisory boards at California State University, Los Angles, California Polytechnic University Pomona, Los Angeles Trade Tech, and Long Beach City College, and as an instructor in the CSULA Textile Production and Management Program offered through extended education.

In addition, Kathy and FabricLink.com have sponsored more than a dozen industry seminars at the bi-annual Outdoor Retailer Shows held in Salt Lake City, UT, for the Outdoor Performance Market.

Kathy Swantko can be reached at:  818-345-7501, kgswantko@fabriclink.com

About Rummel Media Connections 
Rummel Media Connections of Wilton, WI, is the Sales Agency for the FabricLink Network. Rummel Media Connections is a marketing, consulting and business development firm with nearly 30 years experience in publishing, marketing and media sales. Kristi Rummel, president of the agency, brings a high level of excellence to the FabricLink Network with her team, based in key markets across the U.S., ensuring great representation for the FabricLink Network brand for the U. S., and Globally.

"I am very proud and excited to be working alongside industry leaders, Kathy Swantko and her husband, Tom – true visionaries and leaders in the Outdoor Industry," cites Rummel. "FabricLink Network's reputation has been exceptional for our industry. Current FabricLink Network partners that I have talked with are going to be even more pleased with the new redesigned FabricLink.com and TheTechnicalCenter.com websites with their crossover of ideas from the supplier side, enabling consumers to learn about the product innovations, and enabling the purchase of their manufactured brands."

Rummel Media Connections Sales Agents include:

FabricLink Network Client Comments
FabricLink's loyal clients also share their excitement regarding their partnership with the FLN.

  • David Parkes, president of Concept III states, "We enjoy working with the FLN very much and respect the association that has been given to Concept III over the years. Thank you for all your support and help. You know how much we value it. Keep up the good work!"
  • Shannon Walton, PR and Marketing Manager for Schoeller Textile USA, agrees by saying, "FLN has one of the best click through rates - 40%, and it reaches our key targets - designers, brands and other textile innovators. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do. Your insight and comprehension of the supply side of the industries you reach is unique. We do very much appreciate our partnership that began more than a decade ago."

About Bob Moore - Former Global Sales Manager 
Bob Moore has been proud to serve as the Global Sales Manager for the FabricLink Network.

After four decades in the media business, Bob says, "It is time to "hang up my rate card! I have truly enjoyed working in this industry and have appreciated your considerations over many years."

Thank you, Bob, for all your help and dedication!

Marketing Partnership Opportunities with FabricLink.com  
All textile-based manufacturers and suppliers are invited to take advantage of marketing opportunities with FabricLink.com, and become a member of our industry resource community.

No other web site can deliver the same motivated visitors and consumers, because no other site has the networkingl and educational value to the trade and its consumers.

FabricLink.com, the place "where your customers come to learn!"

Marketing Partnership Benefits with the FabricLink Network:

  • Presentation Page featuring your products or services We will create a 500-word Presentation Page, to highlight your products or services that can include a link to your own company web site and links to specific pages on your site.  Just provide us with 4 images, your promotional materials, brochures, graphics and, or a finished html page within our guidelines. (Clicl to see an Presentation Page example).
  • Added online exposure for your products or services  Whether you maintain your own company website or not, TheTechnicalCenter.com is built to serve as  search engine magnet for qualified buyers seeking your type of products or services, and drive added traffic to both your Presention Page and your own website.
  • Your customers can readily find you online  Your company and products will be placed in easily searchable, comprehensive indexes by company, trademark and product/end use with direct links to your Presentation Page.
  • Extended exposure in crossover markets Your Presentation Page can be accessed through all market home pages appropriate for your customer base including:  Technical Sports Textiles, Apparel, Home Furnishings, Safety & Protective, Industrial and Medical.
  • Continual visibility for, and invitation to, your Presentation Page  Your company or product logo will continuously rotate on all primary site pages,  highlighted as a "Featured Sponsor Presentation," and will be linked directly to your Presentation Page.
  • Free Posting of your company and product press releases online  Your current press releases will be highlighted and posted in  the 'Latest News' section on TheTechnicalCenter.com home page for added exposure for your valuable publicity program.

  • Advertisement Opportunities Ads are placed in random rotation on the FabricLink.com Home Page and 6 other primary pages. Four ad sizes to choose from: Leaderboard (728x90 Pixels), Medium Rectanagle (300x250), Rectangle (180x250) and Wide Skyscraper (160x600).

  • Discounted e-mail blast rates for members Promote your products prior to selected major trade shows using our e-mail blasts directed to your customer base.

  • Added Editorial and advertorial exposure  Developed in partnership with you, FabricLink.com can provide additional opportunities to promote your company and products through special educational features that position you and your products ahead of your competitors.

For more information about joining The FabricLink Network, and finding out how it can enhance your trade marketing plan, contact:

Kathy Swantko,  818-345-7501, kgswantko@fabriclink.com

Kristi Rummel for sales at kristi@RummelMedia.com, 608-435-6230 or Cell: 608-333-5041


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