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September 30, 2016

Halloween Costume Closet 2016: Things That Go BOO in The Night
Here’s why your next pair of sneakers may be made out of wool The hottest new trend in sneakers? Wool. Yes, that wool. The same kind of fabric that lines your favorite suits and overcoats is now being… Read more… Transform your Room Using Nothing but Textiles Textiles are loved because they offer infinite opportunities and decoration possibilities in all kinds of rooms and halls. Get rid of those decor ideas that keep on teaching you how to align furniture, arrange your paintings, color the walls and others and look at the refreshing new concept of home decoration with textiles. The best part is it can be inexpensive. Read more…
Goodbye needle & thread? ‘Self-healing’ liquid allows fabrics to repair themselves The days of patching up a torn pair of jeans with spare fabric may soon be over. Scientists are working on a special liquid that essentially allows everyday clothes to repair themselves. The trick lies in a self-healing, polyelectrolyte liquid that is currently being developed by researchers at Penn State University. Read more… Textile scientist on quest to identify smelliest fabrics Do you have a piece of clothing that smells icky or downright stinks under the arms, even after you wash it? Do NOT throw it out. Instead, donate it to science! Textile scientist Rachel McQueen of UAlberta's Department of HUman Ecology, and undergraduate student Lauren Degenstein are looking for stinky clothes to identify which fabrics and fabric blends are most prone to odour buildup. Read more…
Andrea Myers’ Fabric Sculptures Play with Color, Dimension She creates collage-like sculptures, wall hangings and installations that explore the space between the two- and three-dimensional & reflect her deep interest in the process of manipulating “flat” materials, to create dynamic, multi-dimensional works of art. Read more… FABRIC COLLAGE NOTE CARDS Make one of a kind note cards collaged with fabric scraps, bits of paper, and anything else of interest you may have in your scrap bin! I like to use up smaller pieces of fabrics and specialty papers to create personalized note cards. Read more…


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Halloween Costume Closet 2016: Things That Go BOO in The Night Shima Seiki, Meeting the Need for 'Made in America' Products The Athleisure Market Top Ten Textile Innovation Awards for 2015-2016