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March 31, 2020

Innovative Trends in Outdoor Apparel
Disney princess wedding gowns are coming to a bridal boutique near you Lots of brides dream of feeling like a princess on their wedding day, and now they can be inspired by their favorite animated characters. Read more… Cracking the Code on Mixing and Matching Patterns for Home Decorating Overdo it, and prints can overpower a space; underplay it, and they run the risk of looking out of place. But if your home is missing a hit of bold color. Here are a few ground rules. Read more…
Textiles and Lifestyle Textiles have become more responsive, providing health and wellness benefits while creating worlds of possibilities for manufacturers and users alike. Read more… Sustainable Swimwear You’ll Actually Want to Wear This Spring Here are eight trendy swimsuits from some of our favorite eco-friendly brands that are doing more than just creating chic swimwear. Read more…
Ski jacket for smarter sweating A jacket that can eliminate sweat at the touch of a button? KJUS has introduced the 7SPHERE HYDRO_BOT, a ski jacket that incorporates HYDRO_BOT smart sweat technology, which pumps moisture away from the body and out of the jacket. Read more… The Only T-Shirt Trends That Matter in 2020, According to Fashion Girls From muscle tees to ribbed tanks, shop the eight T-shirt trends that will reign supreme in 2020, according to fashion insiders. Read more…
This shape-shifting jacket automatically gets warmer as the temperature drops Instead of adjusting your thermostat, your clothes may soon just adjust themselves. Read more… Laundry in a time of COVID-19- source treehugger.com Amid all the confusion, here's some advice on how to keep your clothes clean and free from contamination - source Treehugger.com Read more…
Our obsession with “color trends” is killing the planet For years, the fashion industry has cycled through color schemes to cultivate a desire for trendy new looks. It’s time for the seasonal color palette to die off. Read more… Prom Dresses Through The Years: An Evolution From tulle skirts to day-glo gowns, the Prom is all about the dress.... Read more…

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