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November 30, 2020

Holiday Stain Guide
Homemade masks: Study tests various fabrics A new study demonstrates that the fabrics typically used in homemade face masks effectively block droplets that could contain SARS-CoV-2. Read more… The Best Daypacks of 2020 Daypacks are a simple piece of gear, but it can be tricky to find the right one based on style, fit, and your needs. We’ve broken down the best daypacks of 2020 into a few different categories to help you choose. Read more…
Eco-friendly hangers made by Israeli trash-redeemer UBQ to hit fashion industry UBQ, which converts household scraps into a bio-based plastic substitute, joins forces with US Mainetti Group to make garment hangers for retail chains globally. Read more… The 10 Best Flannel Shirts You Can Possibly Buy According to Geart Patrol Whatever your flannel reasoning is, if you're looking for a reliable one to keep you through fall, winter and beyond, these are the best you can get. Read more…
BATH SCIENTISTS MAKE NYLON FIBRES TO PRODUCE ELECTRICITY Scientists have produced nylon fibres that generate electricity from simple body movement, opening a way for producing smart clothes that will monitor health through miniaturised sensors and charge devices without any external power source. Read more… QUANTA VICI UNVEILS SMART HEATED GLOVES AND SOCKS Quanta Vici Smart Wearables offer smart temperature regulation. Each wearer can choose their ideal temperature degree for maximum comfort. Read more…
Spring 2021 Trend Alert: Asymmetrical Wedding Gowns Here's a roundup of favorite asymmetrical looks from New York Bridal Fashion Week, featuring eye-catching, off-angle details that are anything but ordinary. Read more… Meet The World’s First Luxury Garment Hanger Created By Lou Hansell Five years in the making, Lou Hansell hangers are a feat of function and design created with the idea that if clothing is art, then the hanger should serve as its frame—preserving, protecting, and enhancing the garment. Read more…
Here are 8 Easy Outfits The What To Wear Fashions Editors are Wearing This Fall The fashion editors are back again to showcase their styling capabilities and highlight the newest pieces from the What To Wear clothing line. Read more… Taiwanese label Jenn Lee makes biodegradable bodycon from food waste Designer Wei Chen Lee is the rebel star of Taiwan’s sustainable fashion scene—so do her experimental designs hold the secret to greener style? Read more…

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