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January 21, 2017

Emotions Trendbook from Nilit Fibers
Teach-a-Child-to-Sew Sewing is a fun and creative endeavour to take on, especially with your kids. Children of any age can learn some form of sewing that can get them on the path to eventually making their own complex projects and clothing. Read more… LG Innotek’s pressure sensors will enable fabrics to feel LG Innotek recently developed a specialized polyurethane material that is sensitive to pressure and has great elasticity. The material, meant to be inserted between electronic fibers and designed to fit the body perfectly & comfortably, works by detecting electrical changes caused by pressure through the measurement of its distribution. Read more…
Chance meeting leads to creation of antibiotic spider silk After five years' work an interdisciplinary team of scientists at The University of Nottingham has developed a technique to produce chemically functionalised spider silk that can be tailored to applications used in drug delivery, regenerative medicine and wound healing. Read more… Transform your Room Using Nothing but Textiles Textiles are loved because they offer infinite opportunities and decoration possibilities in all kinds of rooms and halls. Get rid of those decor ideas that keep on teaching you how to align furniture, arrange your paintings, color the walls and others and look at the refreshing new concept of home decoration with textiles. The best part is it can be inexpensive. Read more…
Learning to How Sew Sheer Fabrics If you are thinking of making anything in a delicate fabric you need to know this! Silk, satin, georgette, lace, chiffon...these are all beautiful but require some specific handling. These fabrics are often not cheap either so making errors can be costly, as well as just heartbreaking as a seamstress. Read more… Intel-powered sports bra monitors body temperature to keep you cool When our web sites could seamlessly adjust to the screen size in desktop and mobile variation, it is time our… Read more…


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Emotions Trendbook from NILIT Fibers Shima Seiki, Meeting the Need for 'Made in America' Products The Athleisure Market Top Ten Textile Innovation Awards for 2015-2016