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January 21, 2019

Innovative Trends in Outdoor Apparel
Barbara W Watler and the Fingerprint Collection Through her unique imagery of the natural world around her, she helps us to understand how utterly unique and diverse this world really is. Read more… Nano-Care launches germ-destroying “wipe-on glass” It is reported the barrier is effective against hospital germs including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), as well as odor-causing bacteria. The technology provides self-disinfecting performance on any kind of hard surface and can last from several months to several years. Read more…
Here Comes the Sun Quilt and Tutorial “Here Comes the Sun” is quick, easy, and so much fun to make! Read more… This Brilliant Trick Can Un-Shrink Your Sweaters There's no reason to dump that knit in the donation pile—yet. Try this trick to bring your sweaters, cotton T-shirts, and jeans back to their original state. Read more…
7 NYC Girl Trends That Will Take Off Next Year From the latest “ugly” shoes and the streetwear item every fashion girl will own to the cool jewelry trend everyone’s talking about and the next iteration of logomania, NYC girls are all over these 2019 trends. Read more… Why Are There Holes in My Knitting? A common problem new knitters have is that their knitting doesn't stay the same width because they are inadvertently either adding or subtracting stitches as they go. Learn how to fix holes in knitting, includes a video. Read more…
This Army Packing Technique Could Save You Money on Baggage Fees Learn the Ranger Roll. It’s possibly the most efficient packing method. And with less space taken up by clothing, you may need fewer bags, which could definitely help avoid checked baggage fees. Learn the Ranger Roll. Read more… Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Schools in The World Students interested in going into fashion should consider these 10 fashion schools — not ranked in any meaningful way — offering degrees, certificates or courses on sustainable fashion. Read more…
10 Minute Drawstring Bag Tutorial These bags are so much fun to stitch and you can sew them from fabric pieces of any size. Just check your stash, pair fabric rectangles and start sewing drawstring bags. Read more… Which Wedding Dress Should You Wear Based on Your Sign? When there are endless options to pick from and so many styles, a little guidance, *wherever* it may come from can’t hurt, right? Okay, okay, we might not be astrologists or zodiac gurus…but it is kind of fun! Read more…
5 Denim Mistakes You're Probably Making Read all about the five denim mistakes you're likely making, plus easy ways to fix them. Read more… Amazon Transparency Program to Combat Counterfeiting The Amazon Transparency Program is carried out in four steps involving all parties in the selling and purchasing process. If counterfeit items are found, the manufacturer or supplier is provided with easy reporting tools. Read more…
How to Read a Crochet Pattern There are hundreds of beautiful designs available for you to make, but for a beginner, they may look scary because crochet patterns are written using many abbreviations and terms, which save space and make patterns easier to read. So the first thing you need to do is become familiar with the abbreviations and terms. Read more… Touring Flowbuilt, the First Custom Shoe Factory It’s part of a bigger push toward individualization, in footwear and beyond, enabled by technology and spurred by consumer preference and retailers’ efforts to respond to the shift to online shopping. Read more…
The Differences in Sewing Thread Almost any reputable sewing machine dealer will tell you to use only high-quality thread. Why would it make a difference? Read more… MAKE DO AND MEND: THE ART OF REPAIRING FABRIC It can play a positive role in reducing energy, raw material and water consumption. This artisanal practice may also be considered as a reaction against the throwaway culture that has become so insidiously prevalent. Read more…

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