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December 4, 2016

Holiday Stain Guide
The last of the lacemakers: how tech is keeping the 100-year-old tradition alive MYB Textiles is the world's last lacemaker working with traditional looms and is adapting them to fit with the modern times Read more… Minature Roving robots roam your clothes...Why? Once the technology is developed further, suggested applications for it include interactive clothing/jewellery, tactile feedback systems, and changeable modular displays such as name tags. The Rovables were recently described at the User Interface Software and Technology Symposium, and can be seen in action in a video below. Read more…
Today We Carry Technology, Tomorrow We'll Wear It. As we head toward 2017, nanotechnology has made fibers smarter. Conductive yarns mean the fabrics that we wear and sit and sleep on can suddenly communicate with our devices. And 3D printing could change the way we think about, produce, wear, and even buy clothes. Wearable technology was never meant to stop at a smart watch or a fitness band. True wearable tech is only now getting stitched together. Read more… Learning to How Sew Sheer Fabrics If you are thinking of making anything in a delicate fabric you need to know this! Silk, satin, georgette, lace, chiffon...these are all beautiful but require some specific handling. These fabrics are often not cheap either so making errors can be costly, as well as just heartbreaking as a seamstress. Read more…
3 easy DIY repairs for broken zippers Save your clothes with these easy fixes for common zipper problems: A zipper that doesn't close correctly; A zipper with a slider that has come off; and, A zipper with the slider on one side. Read more… Quilting Tips: Accurate Measuring and Cutting Here are a few tips and ideas to help with accurate measuring and cutting fabrics for quilting. The tips have proven to be valuable insights to the quilters. It's amazing how often one simple tip can really improve accuracy. Read more…


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