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June 2, 2020

Innovative Trends in Outdoor Apparel
14 Eco-Friendly Shoes in Celebration of Earth Day: Allbirds, Adidas, Timberland & More Here's a look at 14 brands of footwear with sustainable models that you can support this Earth Day. Read more… SmartBra detects early-stage breast cancer with non-invasive technology The SmartBra uses technology from a company called IcosaMed that emits ultrasound waves to perform echography scans for potentially cancerous cells. Read more…
After Years Of Derision, Leggings Are Back With A Bang Our return to leggings is further proof that comfort is our number one wardrobe requirement right now. Especially now. May we never shame them again. Read more… Billions of tiny plastic fibres from clothes are covering the sea floor Billions of tiny plastic particles from clothes are finding their way from washing machines to the bottom of the seabed, scientists have confirmed. Read more…
This Social Enterprise Upcycles Fire Hoses Into Sustainable Fashion Accessories Elvis & Kresse turns decommissioned fire hoses into sustainably and ethically made luxury accessories, and donates half of its profits to support renewable energy and women’s empowerment projects, as well as firefighters in need. Read more… A journey into textile collections and the visionary women who collected them London's Two Temple Place takes us on a journey through textile collections and the women who collected them. Read more…
Red Carpets Will Never Be the Same After the Pandemic Is Over Moving forward, sustainability will become — even more so than it was before — the top priority for red carpet fashion. Read more… These 5 startups are poised to disrupt the fashion industry for the better Here are 5 startups that are innovators set to disrupt the industry and put us on a path towards truly sustainable fashion. Read more…
The world is paying a high price for cheap clothes It is reported that the global fashion industry generates a huge amount of waste - one full garbage truck of clothes is burned or sent to a landfill every second. Read more… 22 Dreamy White Wedding Looks to Make Up for the Canceled Spring 2021 Bridal Shows For women planning a wedding or getting engaged, these dresses should spark a few new ideas. For the rest of us, they’re a very welcome dreamy distraction. Read more…

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