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August 26, 2016

How Hand Painted Designs Contribute to Success
Tips For Repurposing The Fabrics Your Loved Ones Left Behind Be creative! Consider making throw pillows, bean bags, and teddy bears. You can also use pieces of fabric to make doll outfits, infant onesies, and plush Christmas ornaments. Read more… Andrea Myers’ Fabric Sculptures Play with Color, Dimension She creates collage-like sculptures, wall hangings and installations that explore the space between the two- and three-dimensional & reflect her deep interest in the process of manipulating “flat” materials, to create dynamic, multi-dimensional works of art. Read more…
Upholstery is getting livelier thanks to peppy fabrics and bold colors You can’t help but sit up and take notice of today’s boldly upholstered chairs. A chair is just a place to plop until it’s dressed in the new, brighter solid and patterned fabrics that are lifting the profile of upholstery. Read more… Goodbye needle & thread? ‘Self-healing’ liquid allows fabrics to repair themselves The days of patching up a torn pair of jeans with spare fabric may soon be over. Scientists are working on a special liquid that essentially allows everyday clothes to repair themselves. The trick lies in a self-healing, polyelectrolyte liquid that is currently being developed by researchers at Penn State University. Read more…
HOW INTERIOR DESIGN IS MAKING ITS POINT INTO THE FASHION WORLD The Fashion and Interior Design worlds have never been more in tune with each other. From the very beginning, fabric designers and fashion designers have been closely linked due to the pattern trends seen on the runway that would end up in homes 6 months later. Read more… A $35 Million Design Empire Built On The Humble Place Mat The place mat sits low on the totem pole of design objects, but for Sandy Chilewich, it's the basis of successful brand. She launched her company in 2000 with one product—a woven vinyl place mat—and has since spun that into a home textiles empire built on the assumption that the everyday things we use in our homes should be affordable, easy to maintain, and beautiful. Read more…


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